How To Feel God

Living The Dream

July 7, 2017 9:07 AM

In my last post, I voiced a taboo—the taboo that all nondual practitioners realize:

You are God.

Some might use a different word—Source, Tao, Allah, Brahman, the Universe, the Light…—but they all amount to the same thing.

So how can you feel God/Tao/Source right now?

You can do what I’ve been doing for the last few months:

Focus your attention on the Clear, Loving Awareness.

  • The pristine Clarity of being.
  • The untainted Love that motivates all your thoughts and actions.
  • The constant Awareness that experiences everything.

Clear, Loving Awareness. That’s God. That’s Source. That’s You.

Clear, Loving Awareness is You-as-God untainted by ego or thoughts or history or interpretation.

Anything that isn’t the Clear, Loving Awareness is not You. Me, other, anger, lowercase love, past, future, drama, politics, beliefs, …, they are like a fog surrounding Your Clarity. Like a mist that You can back away from. That you can step back into Your Clear, Loving Awareness.

Stepping Back From The Dream

It's Time To Wake Up

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4 thoughts on “How To Feel God

  1. beautiful!! Love your campsite…and yes, stepping back from the dream…if I am the Dreamer of this dream, why don’t I change it as soon as I feel out of sorts? That is what I understand as i am God!! not matter what it is, people, places or things, as you say, by having the clear awareness of those aspects ONLY, and realizing they are all untrue and unreal, product of my ego mind, is where I can get the golden key and turn it around!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing your photos…my van is resting for the summer but I would love to be in the living in my van experience every minute…I have not found greater freedom style of living than that.
    Happy wandering my fellow van dweller….you know the secret and blessing in having this lifestyle of yours!!

  2. Me and my van have been accompanying my son over the last month as he walks the length of Scotland. It was good to have the time with him but I did find the interpersonal mental tensions and contractions difficult, although the outer ego exercises helped a lot. Am now back on my own again; me, van, tent and the Oneness book. Staying with it and taking my time.
    I find it best to use the techniques and practices and to focus my attention as suggested as soon as I wake up otherwise mind quickly gets very noisy.

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