Is It All Just A Dream?

A Dream AND Reality

July 14, 2017 10:44 AM

Many nondualists think that it is. That all THIS—the entire Universe—is just You-as-Pure-Awareness dreaming. None of THIS is real. It’s all illusion. It’s all Maya. Nothing need be taken seriously because nothing is real (except You (you egotistical bastard)).

About a week ago I received an email from a reader who was trying to resolve his experience of the Divine with the advice from his Dzogchen and Vedanta teachers. His teachers were telling him the Divine is “just a projection of the mind.”

The flaw here—as I stated in a similar post years ago—is that just because you can only be sure of You-as-Consciousness does not mean that there is no other (physical Reality).

That’s a huge error in logic: “I can’t be sure of the world so the world can’t be real.”

Something that fits the evidence more accurately—the implications of the siddhis, the drive of all life, the boundary-less nature of consciousness—is that You-as-God do indeed dream the Universe into existence, BUT—being God/Her—your dream becomes physical Reality… and you view Your dream through ALL manifest form (why be limited by just yourname thing, you egotistical fool?).

You—as the Divine—see the world through the eyes of that squirrel. You “see” the world through the senses of that blade of grass (and that rock and all the atoms and quarks and every other manifest thing).

Your experience is naturally limited by the senses of these forms and you believe what you perceive. The squirrel believes its experiences. The yourname believes its experiences. The rock believes its experiences (formless awareness—nirvikalpa samadhi).

Here’s the beauty of this You-as-God dreaming and being physical reality: Every interaction you have with “others” is an interaction with Yourself. Every time you hurt another being, you will/are hurting yourself. You—as Clear, Loving, Awareness—will/are experiencing the pain (or pleasure) yourname is inflicting upon that being.

A lifeless dream where nothing is important or real or meaningful? Or a dream where everything is real and important and meaningful?

Ultimately, they are both beliefs. One just has more evidence behind it… and is filled with Love and Beauty and the Divine.

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14 thoughts on “Is It All Just A Dream?

  1. Good job explaining this paradoxical concept Wayne. Sounds cliche but still holds true – life is what you make it. Consciousness slows down and condenses into a physical expression (what we perceive to be reality).

    Every single “thing” is an expression of the divine whole. There’s no paradox or duality at this highest macro level of consciousness, but expressed thru individual perception (i, my, me) division is bound to be. Separation/ amnesia is apparently necessary for the expansion of the collective conscious/ unconscious. Otherwise what’s the point of this grand experiment we call “life”?

  2. It’s nice to have a blissful afternoon nap. But this reality tends to eventually catch up requiring a meal, a bill payment, a bathroom visit or picking up the kids. The complexity of Earth’s life forms is evidence of divine intelligent design. If one can connect with that divine intelligence, what a gas! Still, after you do, you’ll still gave to tend to the chores of this realm whilst here.

  3. Thanks so much Wayne for going against the non-dual grain. Not many (who have some non-dual experience) are willing to call out what seems to me to be a rather astonishing arrogance in the assumption that they not only have it all sorted out, but can tell everybody else that they are hallucinating fools (who of course don’t exist). Perhaps logic is unable to rightly describe all these issues but there does seem to be a bit of bending the facts to fit the theory. If all that exists as you is pristine awareness, then why is the experience of you as you a complete illusion? Wouldn’t every aspect of your being be completely filled and ultimately indistinguishable from pristine awareness? And if in fact you don’t exist, then how can you be accused of making the mistake of thinking you do exist? And what prevents pristine awareness from being able to experience itself in detailed manifestation? I will admit my arrogance as I can be arrogant since I exist but I am surprised at those who don’t think they exist and yet are still self-righteous in their all-knowing. Reality seems more inclusive and is never well described as nothing but (fill in the blank). And sorry for such a long diatribe.

    • Thanks Jack. Yeah, I’m not trying to be divisive with traditional “it’s all a dream” nondualists, just expressing my bewilderment and hopefully, as you mention, a different perspective on the implications of nonduality. Great questions.

  4. Why is there a universe? Why is there the illusion of individual selves? Why did I become separated from God in the first place, to rediscover the underlying Oneness only upon awakening?

    Because God was lonely.

    There is nothing but God, and God cannot be divided. So God created the ILLUSION of division so there could be the possibility of God interacting with God through myriad souls, myriad selves, each of whom is nothing but God, all of whom arose out of the illusion that there is anything separate from God.

    It’s GOD’S illusion, intentional, purposeful. Not an accident, not a mistake, not an error. It is perfect, and it is divine. ALL of it.

    • Hard to tell, but I think we’re saying the same thing Jerry. Where we MAY be differing is that all THIS is ONLY an illusion and that “God cannot be divided” (I think She can divide Herself up all She wants—I don’t see Her as having any limitations).

      The danger comes from thinking that this is ONLY an illusion as that leads to apathy, meaninglessness and nihilism. “God was lonely,” I agree, but WHY was She lonely? Because She loved Herself… and that Love is what so many “it’s all a dream” nondualists seem to miss.

    • I don’t see it as much as a projection as a project. The Universe and all that is manifest, I see, is like a big Lego world She created, assembled (ie: natural laws) and imbued with Her consciousness (the “illusion”). It’s an illusion AND it’s real. 🙂

  5. Note to readers: This post is like a highly condensed explanation of my worldview. In the book I’m considering writing, this subject would probably take up multiple chapters, so this post obviously has left a lot out.

  6. Hi, Wayne.

    I’m in full agreement with you on all counts. Words, of course, have their limitations, and most words will miss the mark in one way or another. That’s one of the reasons I enjoy an exchange like this. It helps shed light on a truth from different directions, to give a clearer sense of something that can never be adequately described or explained.

  7. Regarding “God can divide herself all she wants” …

    Maya is precisely the means by which God does this. The purpose of maya, ultimately, is to make it possible for God to interact with Herself from multiple viewpoints, through multiple selves and souls.

  8. Beautiful post.
    Helped to allay a lot of my questions.
    i don’t know about Maya and don’t know about God being lonely .My small mind does not understand many things that I read.
    But what i understood was that every time one inflicted pain on others one hurt himself as he is pure awareness, only love and purity.One mutilated IT.
    That answered some of my doubts as to why i feel immense pain when i am angry, egoistic,or simply combative , feeling i am in the right.Suddenly everything made sense.

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