Love and Light and Li

Love and Light and Li

Love and Light and Li


April 18, 2017 8:51 AM

In a coffee shop, I ponder. On my laptop, the outline of Love and Enlightenment. The Introduction needs to capture the reader’s attention. It needs to show why the reader should open this book and continue. It needs to show the benefits.

“Love is all around you,” I want to tell them. Yet from where I sit in this empty shop, I can’t see anyone. Only man-made objects.

Then my eyes fall on the light shining directly through the glass door to my right and indirectly through the windows to my front.

And the Light falls on the floor and hugs the baseboard and serving counter. And the Light rests Her hand on the curved wooden chair backs and caresses them.

And I feel Love.

Li. Natural perfection. Even in man-made objects. Man-made objects touched by the Light. Touched by the Love.

You are surrounded by Love.


In the Chinese language this is called li, and the character for li means the markings in jade. It also means the grain in wood and the fiber in muscle. We could say, too, that clouds have li, marble has li, the human body has li. We all recognize it, and the artist copies it whether he is a landscape painter, a portrait painter, an abstract painter, or a non-objective painter. They all are trying to express the essence of li. The interesting thing is, that although we all know what it is, there is no way of defining it.
— Alan Watts

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3 thoughts on “Love and Light and Li

  1. Beautiful post, thanks for sharing this Wayne!
    Reminds me of the Bjork song – ♪All is full of love♪

    When consciousness creates, becomes aware of itself – love! 😀

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