Mystics: The Rebels Of Spirituality


January 12, 2017 9:45 AM

Historically, mystics have always had rather short life expectancies. They tended to die young because they were constantly saying stupid things that pissed people off.

Stupid things that somehow made a lot of sense.

So traditionally, the established authorities liked to kill mystics off before they became too big of a problem. Burn ’em, stone ’em, or crucify ’em, I don’t care! Just get rid of them!

Today’s version of this “Kill the Mystic!” mentality is to troll them online.

  • You’re not awake!
  • You’re fooling yourself!
  • I hope you love your mangina! (one of my personal favorites)
  • You don’t know everything (or can’t walk through walls or shrink to the size of an atom, or…) therefore you’re not enlightened! (some fundamental nondualists believe some really weird things)

Anyway, because mystics don’t toe the traditional nondual line of “you are pure awareness”, they tend to receive a lot of flack. It’s worse if you are transparent about your life as both Francis Bennett and Lori Ann Lothian are going through now (and probably have been for quite some time).

To me, the flack is a sign I’m on the right track. If I were to say, “You are pure awareness,” then I wouldn’t get much flack. But if I say, “If you do everything for love, then everything you do will make you happy” and that pisses off some people (“You’re seeking a benefit! That’s unspiritual! That’s not selfless, it’s selfish!”) then I know I’m onto something. Then I know I’ve said something stupid enough that it just might change things up—well, after they kill me.

Synchronicity implies God.

Enlightenment is a skill.

Living requires separation.

Mystics (damn them). They say stupid things that make a lot of sense.

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4 thoughts on “Mystics: The Rebels Of Spirituality

  1. Great points, nondualists’ hypocrisy makes me chuckle a bit, they seem to deny reality just as it is.
    Why is selfishness unspiritual? No one has a rational explanation for that one, most just go by their programming, either from the church, new age movement or some ideology.
    Since we manifest in this reality as “physical”, this implies a separate “self” seeking….. hence the “journey”. We all have this desire to understand our true self, and this requires cultivating awareness… isn’t this the very essence of spirituality?

    “I hope you love your mangina!” – Never heard that one, lol, thx for the laugh!
    Keep waking us up Wayne, love ur stories. Peace 🙂

  2. Hi Wayne,
    i just want to thank you for the book “Mystical Oneness”. To me, you are a cure and my favorite doctor as well as a real spiritual guide. Maybe those non-dual fundamentalist didnt own their shadow yet? Hence their reactions….
    Have a good day

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