Photography and Spirituality

When I Awoke This Morning

When I Awoke This Morning

April 27, 2017 3:55 PM

From the upcoming book…

Photography and Spirituality

I awoke this morning, as I have every morning for almost exactly 56 years.

I awoke on my left side, my face six inches from Serenity’s side window. The glass was covered with water droplets from the rain and the world was sideways.

The foreground—well, the left-ground from my sideways perspective—was filled with grass not yet green. A few low wooden posts, with cable strung between them, marked the edges of my site. Two rocks had been placed between the two posts where cable was not. One light, one the color of the grass. The lake lay still in the mid-ground with the low mountain/hills just past. The sky was filled with clouds, hesitantly uncertain if they were done with the raining thing they sometimes feel compelled to do.

The light was soft and, with the cloud cover, diffused. Without my glasses—and with the raindrops on the window—there was nice blur to the scene before me. I was filled with appreciation.

I was so happy.

I reached behind me for my phone and took a photo. I tried to upload it to my blog from this coffeeshop I’m now typing in, but I met Resistance so I’ll do it later. When you’re dying, you don’t waste your time with Resistance.

In photography, sometimes you focus on the details. Sometimes on people. Sometimes on the tiny. Other times you’ll focus on the vast. And others, on the lines and the patterns and the colors. In many ways, photography is a lot like Life.

But the key for a great photograph—to capture the essence of the moment—is to focus on the Beauty and the Light.

And in this way, photography is just like the spiritual search.

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3 thoughts on “Photography and Spirituality

  1. Beautifull!

    Was especially touched with:
    When you’re dying, you don’t waste your time with Resistance.

    I saw that I’m always dying….no time for stupid stuff.


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