Solitude For Inspiration

The Abandoned

The Abandoned


March 15, 2017 12:50 PM

Two weeks ago I purchased an annual camping pass for New Mexico state parks, but for the last couple of days I’ve been camped out alone on national forest land.

I find that solitude—particularly in nature—acts like a catalyst for inspiration. The stillness, the vastness, the peacefulness, … the energy—it stimulates the creative process. Through nature, Her whispers are more clearly heard and appreciated. Patterns arise and ideas clarify.

I enjoy having the hubbub of people around when I write—whether software, a book, or a blog post—but it is in solitude that Cosmic Consciousness comes through most easily.

I’m out here—miles from anyone—because I’m refining The Mystic‘s storyline. I’ve received some great feedback on it lately, and I’m playing with various ways to implement some of the ideas. Should there be more drama, more adventure or would that take away from the message? Should the Mystic be perfect—the ideal—or should he be more human? Who are the villains and why? What do they want? What does the Mystic want? Is the story too complex? Too simplistic? Is it believable?

I came out here with lots of unanswered questions—lots of decisions to make. It was confusing and I was a bit overwhelmed.

Now things are starting to fall into place—not everything, I want the story to have a life of its own—but the direction and the storyline are more clear.

Less noise, more clarity. Less me, more Her. Less trying, more creating.

Isn’t that the way it often is? That less is more?

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One thought on “Solitude For Inspiration

  1. Well I have finally taken the opportunity to read your 9 aspects book Wayne. As you advised I read it through in its entireity and I now start at the beginning again, this time doing the readings and practices on a daily basis.
    It’s all a bit daunting at this point, first reading gave me an overview which my mind of course struggles in trying to grasp, and of course me me me wants to have it all nailed. Yet I see the wisdom of your advice and one step at a time it will be. Thank you Wayne

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