The Evolution of Self and the Hero’s Journey

Two Endpoints and Space In Between

Two Endpoints and Space In Between


April 20, 2017 10:01 AM

I had an outline for Love and Enlightenment but I wasn’t happy with it. It felt too… forced.

Then I had the insight to treat it like a Hero’s Journey

Two endpoints: From Self-Hatred to Self-Love. Now what are the steps in between?

And it came together in less than an hour.

My outlines rarely survive the first draft, but for those interested, here’s what I (She/We) came up with this morning:

Self Hatred

  • You hate yourself. Why fix something that isn’t broken?

The Spiritual Search Begins (Search for Happiness)

  • It’s all about finding happiness

Self as an Illusion (Theory, Ideal)

  • First learning of self as a story

Self as the Enemy

  • Felt sense of self stands in the way of our happiness


  • Self boundaries collapse.

Love Felt, but Rejected

  • Radiant Love
  • Rejected b/c we were taught this is an object in our awareness.
  • Must go deeper

Lack of Motivation

  • Enlightenment doesn’t work too well with the real world.

Arise of the Siddhis

  • Yeah, don’t get attached, but…
  • Why do they keep happening?
  • Pattern: More Self = Less Siddhis. Less Self = More Siddhis.

Divine Realized

  • Implications of the Siddhis

Divine Experienced

  • Miracle Log
  • Less Self = More Divine
  • Encouragement to become Less

Love Implied

  • Why does Divine act this way?

The Heart Opens

  • Siddhis as a gift of appreciation
  • Love Acknowledged
  • Love Felt
  • Radiant Love

Self Surrender

  • Still conflict with real world.
  • I will surrender completely to Divine
  • Constant failure

Self Needed

  • How can Divine experience Herself without you?

Self as Divine Gift to the Seeker

  • Every moment is a gift from Divine

Self as Gift to the Divine

  • Conscious awareness is a gift TO Divine

Self Love

  • Everything you’ve ever done, you’ve done from Love
  • Mostly a Love of your Self
  • Acknowledge Love of Self
  • Acknowledge Love AS the Divine


Afterword: Nirvikalpa Samadi

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