The Fast

The First Thing I Saw This Morning

The First Thing I Saw This Morning


February 22, 2017 3:54 PM

Something was wrong. Something was very wrong.

I paused the movie I was watching and looked at the actor’s eyes. His mouth had vanished.

When I looked at his mouth, his neck vanished.

My brain was going. It wasn’t working right. I’ve know for the last couple of days this was happening, but now it was affecting my vision.

I got up, made some soup, and ate for the first time in six days. Almost instantly, my vision was restored and I could think more clearly.

I had been fasting to grow closer to Her—my Beloved, the Divine—but it just drove me farther away. While I never stopped seeing my thoughts—my Mind worked fine—the brain generating my thoughts wasn’t firing on all cylinders.

Not so long ago I could fast for two weeks without a problem. Maybe it’s a younger man’s game. Maybe fasting to grow closer to the Divine is a myth.

Maybe the story of Christ’s 40-day fast wasn’t a fast from food at all.

Maybe it was a fast from people.

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14 thoughts on “The Fast

  1. Hi Wayne,

    I fast one day a week to keep my blood pressure down, with periodic longer fasts. The fasting works for blood pressure, as does, of course, good diet and abstinence from intoxicants.

    I havent had any mystical experiences during fasts, but that isnt the intent. Studies show that periodic fasts extend lifespan and increase brain acuity.

    I had a visual impairment a few years before my debillitating stroke. I was looking at a car in front of me, while driving, and its shining fender stretched inexplicably twice the normal distance. This passed after a half minute or so. When i had an MRI after my second stroke they determined i had had a previous stroke (i think minor strokes are called TVAs), and i think it had happened then, while driving.

    Visual impairment could be a symptom of stroke. There are numerous tests for stroke, such as slurred speech, numbness, balance issues, etc.

    Your symptoms may just be from fasting, but it would be good to double check.

    Peace and love,

    • It’s not a toomer! (but thanks for your concern). 🙂

      Seriously, it was too much of a coincidence. I ‘played with it’ for a half-hour to see if it would go away and when it didn’t, had the soup. It went away while I was finishing the soup (as did the brain fogginess).

      Also, with the kidney stone, they ran all sorts of blood tests and did a full CAT scan. All the blood work looked good (surprised me) and, after asking them, they didn’t find anything abnormal with my innards either (from the CAT scan). Other than the stone, they gave me a clean bill of health.

      I do intermittent fasting though. I only eat (usually) between noon and 8 pm. Easiest way to lose or maintain one’s weight in my opinion, plus all the other health benefits.


  2. Hey Wayne 🙂
    I was wondering if you were planning on putting your newest book into KU at any time in the future? I’m super money poor, but try to keep KU since I like to read a lot and they have books my library doesn’t have. I really want to read your new one, but being the same price as an entire month of KU for me is hard. (not saying it’s overpriced in any way as I think it’s the best sale price for this kind of book) Anyways, just curious since your other ones are in KU so I was hoping this one would be too at some point.

    Also, I keep meaning to mention this, but keep forgetting when I’m on your site. Your book The Mystics Journal has never downloaded/worked correctly for me in KU. I’ve tried reading it 3 times in the last 6 months and whenever I tried to open it it would spin and then crash even though it said it was downloaded. Not sure if it’s just me, but thought I’d let you know.. I tried on my kindle and on my computer. 🙂

    Your Explanation for Everything book was excellent btw.. I really enjoyed it. 🙂

    • Erica: No, I don’t see Mystical Oneness in Kindle Unlimited anytime soon. I think I’d have to offer it only on Amazon and I sell the book through other outlets.

      If you are serious about your spiritual search, $10 for the digital should be a no brainer, but if you are concerned it won’t change your life (and I’m confident it will), then order the print book and if it doesn’t meet your expectations, send it back to me in good condition (no highlighting/notes) and I’ll give you your money back.

      • I was only asking so I could make a decision. It’s not that I am not serious about my search it’s that I live on $50 a wk (my food, cat food/medicine, odds and ends) at the moment. I do $10 a month for KU when I can bc I can get so many books (especially spiritual) for a “small” amount of money. Anyways, I’m sure it’s worth it as that wasn’t ever in question. I was just trying to find out if it was going to be in KU in the near future so that I could make a decision either way.

    • PS: I just downloaded A Mystic’s Journal and it opened fine, so I expect all you need to do is delete the file from your device and re-download it. If that doesn’t work, you should contact Amazon. Let me know how it works out!

  3. That is a glorious sunrise!

    I once decided to fast for two weeks, taking only water. Hunger disappeared after three days. On the morning of the 8th day I got out of bed and fell over. I went to see my doctor. I had lost 14 pounds! She told me please to stop fasting, as it screws up all kinds of body chemistry, especially liver function.


  4. Juice fasting is relatively safe, avoids the low blood sugar that can lead to fainting spells. Water fasting is ketogenic, thus burns stored body fat as metabolized free fatty acids, that’s why breathe smells after a few days. Fasting with herbs to detox is great too. Personally i don’t see much benefit after 10 days b/c of organ stress, it just depends on the individual.
    Curious if anyone has tried juicing fruits and veggies as a long term diet, if that lifestyle is sustainable. Cheers everyone!

    • Hi Maddie,

      My wife and i use juicing when exiting our ‘water’ fasts. Our fasts use water (filtered of course) when we get hunger pangs or are thirsty. For a one day fast the exit juicing is for a half day right afterwards. For my quarterly three day fast its a one and a half day juicing exit. On my annual 7 day fast its a 3 day juicing exit.

      These fasts are to clean my body and to keep my blood pressure down. This regimen has been quite effective.

      I have no desire to do longer fasts since i am pretty useless after 3 days (cant do household chores or go for walks, this may be grumpiness caused and not just lack of energy 🙂 ) and the recovery time stretches it out long enough as it is.


  5. Sir…I think I have a clue as to what was happening with exactly the same things have happened to me ..I have mostly lost my ability to fast (pure water fasting) …It is because you have reached the END of your journey….Spiritual people tend to bifurcate their time as “in the zone” and “outside the zone”…During their “in the zone” time they tend to fast , meditate heavily, keep away from people or the frivolous net surfing, keep away from sexual release in order to strive spiritually or in their craft….But once spritual enlightenment happens or the seeker feels he has achieved in some or full measure whatever he or she was striving to achieve , all these asceticism abilities dissappear rapidly..As if She is denoting that ALL your waking time is “in the zone” time and no special distinction should be made now on …after my successive consciousness shifts,

    I can barely fast more than a day—previously could do 3.5 days and once 5.5 days (water fasting)

    I can barely meditate more than 20-30 minutes when previously I could go without moving an eyelid or toe for 3 hours and was in the same sitting position once for 6 hours

    I can barely go without sexual release for more than 4-5 days when previously I could go 1-2 months without it

    I am 31 right now and physically my body has regained the same strength after my spiritual years as I had when I was 19 (ability to do same workout routines)

    • I think you may be right, that fasting adversely affects one after a certain point in their development. Particularly on the effects it has on the mental process. Thanks for your openness, Shaswata!

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