The Glow


April 9, 2017 7:17 AM

As the movie finished, I clicked over to Amazon to see if anyone had reviewed The Serenity Technique. C. Larson had. And it was so beautiful, so insightful. Where Amazon asked Was this helpful? I clicked Yes and wished I could do more.

Filled with that odd glow of feeling appreciated, I went to sleep and fell into that vast, formless state—the place of Love and Awareness but no Time.

I awoke filled with insights and dumped them into the voice recorder on my phone. So many things—so many ideas to share—yet I (feel, know, sense) that I’m running out of time. The pressure, the desire, the futility. It’s disheartening.

With that residual feeling of dread, I pulled up The Serenity Technique on Amazon again.

No new reviews.

I felt the Contraction—the disappointment, the doubts, the pain.

And as I lay there in bed, in the Contraction, I applied The Serenity Technique and I saw the message slam down the pneumatic tube next to me:


And I gave the message its due and I let it sit there in all its anger and hostility and I moved it to the OUTGOING tube and pressed the button and watched it vanish down through the imaginary office floor in my imaginary mental world.

Why does that hurt? I asked myself. Why do I care? And I felt the love for myself, for my message, for my being and reveled once again how long it’s taken me to love me/myself (whatever that is) and I felt that same glow that I felt when I went to bed last night.

And, feeling that loving glow, I looked out through the side window at the beauty: the lake softly glowing with the pre-dawn sky; the water still and glassy. The bed was warm and comfortable—made all the better by the cool morning air and I expanded into it all—through the glowing Love I felt within and for myself. And I felt the Love out-there-in-here all wondrously connected and I thanked—gratefully thanked—all the readers who’ve NEVER reviewed or shared my work over the years for helping me into this beautiful place this peaceful and radiant morning.

And feeling that loving, connected glow, I climbed out of bed and typed this post.

I’m so happy.

It's Time To Wake Up

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9 thoughts on “The Glow

  1. Hey Wayne. I love your writing and it helps me a lot! I look forward to every post that lands in my mail because they help ground me through what have been some difficult challenges recently. I downloaded the Serenity Technique and have been fooling with my devices trying to get the reader app installed, hopefully today. I’m having surgery tomorrow and plan on reading ST while I am laid up and recovering next week. I will be happy to review, though I may wait until I am no longer on pain meds. 🙂 Who knows what is going on in the lives of the people who downloaded this writing? My story is a good example. I need to thank you more often because I would really, really miss your writing!

  2. Hi Wayne.
    I started reading your blog a couple of years ago and it serves as an anchor to peace for me. I seldom speak up because I lack confidence… but your words have seen me through dealing with the death of a parent and the ensuing chaos in my family, as well as seeing my husband through cancer treatments. I am slowly reading ‘Mystical Oneness’. i shall let you know when it wakes me up ! I am so so grateful for every word you write, and the deep honesty. bless you ! LOve, and more gratitude,

  3. Truly dearest Wayne,

    OK I haven’t read The Serenity Technique but now will, knowing that it will be some great stuff but also motivated just by the desire to just show you some love and appreciation. Honestly you have given me (suddenly I am at a loss for words). Well I thought I was going to say something about how you had put some heart into non-dualism and that is true but I think what I appreciate most is the amount of your personal humanity you have shared, while revealing the larger picture of mystical realization. And frankly I think it is far more difficult to share ones intimate personal self rather than just sharing an impervious non-self. In fact you demonstrate that the two are not mutually exclusive. The One Self we all share and that is more than beautiful but I am grateful that I can also love your humanity and you do make that easier by sharing it instead of pretending you don’t have one.

    Sorry but one more thing. I love your photography. I do have some art background but have never really followed any photographers and can scarcely name one besides Ansel Adams. But your photos really grab me. They actually remind me and give me the feelings I get in “enhanced” states wherein life and feeling pour through a living environment. Thanks and I look forward to each new photo you share.

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