The Implications of the Siddhis (Video)


The siddhis are the gateway to the Heart Opening… to Divine Love.

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7 thoughts on “The Implications of the Siddhis (Video)

  1. Hi Wayne:
    Just wanted to let you know that altho I/a someone have been enjoying your blog and videos very much, this particular explanation of the siddhis was most helpful. Went thru a siddhis phase 8 months after the “bigE” (I call it), lasting about 2-3 years. Found it to be a spiritually “interesting” and exhausting time, to say the least! I was relieved when this phase decreased because – in retrospect – it seems to have allowed me to appreciate the presence of Her/God in the intrinsic ordinariness of our linear time here.

    I must tell you after reading spiritual tomes for ten years, your blessedly short and pointed explanations are most refreshing. Thanks for the transparency.

    • “I was relieved when this phase decreased ”

      There’s an interesting pattern that I’ve seen repeated over and over: The siddhis become so common that they become “ordinary awareness.” They become a natural and expected part of life. Almost like a new sense organ has awoken. As I often tell people, I’m surprised when things don’t work out (and I’ve heard this often from advanced spiritual practitioners).


  2. Wayne I love your blogs but consider this the world is as you see it but as you see it it’s not really here

    • “it’s not really here”

      No? Where is it then? 🙂

      I see the manifest is just as real as the unmanifest. I see the relative truth as equally real as the absolute truth. The separation as equally real as the unity. The individual just as real as the Divine. I call this “The Tier of Peace” in my book b/c it’s about finding peace with paradox (if that is what you were implying). 🙂

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