The Joy

My Backyard


July 30, 2017 10:38 AM

As I took a break from writing—the first since I last wrote—I stepped outside and saw what looked like a small, thick stick on the ground mat outside my van.

Feeling so in touch with Her—because of the writing, because it felt like we were writing in collaboration—I stepped over to examine the stick more closely.

As the cricket flew off with a rapid click-click-click-click, I smiled in joy. Tears of gratitude filled my eyes. It was beautiful.

She is everywhere and in everything.

Here’s what I/We wrote this morning for Being God: A User’s Manual. Rough, direct-from-mind-and-heart-to-digital-paper-no-editing, draft.

Natural Laws

In an instant, You created Time and Matter and the Natural Laws to propel them.

You created the attractive forces for the Large and the Small so that Matter could coalesce and combine and evolve.

And You imbued them and filled them with Love.

And, following their nature—following these Natural Laws—they evolved.

The Manifest and the Unmanifest

But without any creatures to experience it, the Universe remained invisible.

Like computer code running without a user, the Universe remained in its Unmanifest form.

The Universe moved and expanded. It grew and evolved… but it remained unseen.

It was only when Awareness evolved in the Universe, that the Manifest realm formed—that Matter took on physical form.

Like a user sitting down in front of a computer screen, the results of the invisible code—the Natural Laws—were seen.

When Life evolved and became aware, the Universe became Manifest.

When You could see through the life forms that had evolved, You could see all that You had set into motion.

The Imbued

All is You.

The atoms formed from You.

The stars and planets formed from You.

Life formed from You.

And being You, You—as Clear, Loving, Intelligent Awareness—imbued them all.

Everything is alive.

Everything is You.

The Seen

As Matter evolved into life forms, You began to perceive through the senses of those life forms.

Before Matter could perceive, You perceived Nothing.

The atom—as You—is aware, but aware of Nothing.

The sun is aware, but aware of Nothing.

In Hinduism, this awareness of Nothing—this formless awareness—is called Nirvikalpa Samadhi. It is Clear, Loving, Intelligent Awareness without form.

When Life evolved, You could suddenly see. You could perceive through the senses of all the creatures You imbued.

And as You perceived, the Unmanifest became the Manifest.

You wrote the Code to create all This, but without a user to experience it, the Code just ran in the background. The Universe remained Unmanifest.

But once You could perceive—once Life became aware—like a user waking a computer from sleep, the results of the Code could be seen.

All This is here—all This is manifest—because You perceive it.

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One thought on “The Joy

  1. In the Lalitasahasranaama ……..the thousand names or aspects of God as HER the divine mother, she is called as the shetrajnya……..matter, manifest and unmanifest both.

    Also as param anu, the eternal atom.

    And the different wills, to do this and that.

    SHE is explained somewhat in the sahasranaama. One gets a glimpse of what she is, cannot even imagine more than the thousand aspects.It seems the thousand aspects r enough to awaken us. Those who say it r truly blessed.

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