The Second Biggest Barrier To Spiritual Growth

The Path Upward Is Rarely Straight

The Path Upward Is Rarely Straight


August 23, 2017 8:22 AM

One of the oh so very subtle properties of Consciousness is that we believe what we perceive. As I pointed out in Being God: A User’s Manual (the included Limitations chapter), this is a necessary function so You-as-God can experience life authentically.

But, inadvertently, it creates a serious barrier to all types of growth (not just spiritual growth). From My Dying Words:

It’s important to realize that a closed-mind—automatic resistance—is the second biggest barrier to spiritual development. Second only to the belief in the ego-story.

It’s not your fault. A closed-mind saves us from questioning everything. It makes us efficient. It helps us survive. But a closed-mind, when it comes to anything that is important to you, is a disaster waiting to happen.

A closed-mind will severely limit your ability to progress.

Believing what our brains tell us is very useful, but unquestioningly believing the damn things (and I am often guilty of this), is what leads to stopping growth in its tracks.

A closed mind leads to unexamined assumptions and unexamined assumptions are the bane of both intellectual, emotional, and spiritual development.

Being aware of this property of Consciousness—that You naturally believe what You perceive—will help counter the closed-minded barrier that we all run into on occasion. Being aware of this property will help You step back and ask, “Hmm… let me look into this a little deeper.”

And questioning assumptions, ultimately, leads to all sorts of wonderful developments.

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4 thoughts on “The Second Biggest Barrier To Spiritual Growth

  1. Throughout this entire post I said to myself like “Yes.. yes indeed, exactly what I mean!” – it’s really good to hear this from other people. Kinda confirms what I’m learning.

  2. How interesting, you’re in my state. I’ve been marching through the BatGap interviews and saw yours last night. I’ve thought of myself as a mystic for about 30 years, but rarely if ever come across others who identify that way. If you’re still in Idaho, Craters of the Moon is one my favorite places to sit and be the spirit. Someday after my kids are off to college I’ll get a camper and live your life. I’ve been thinking about it for years and it’s good to see a real life example. Blessings on your journey…..

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