The Totality


August 21, 2017 12:02 PM

Mystics and photographers share a common interest: the Light is everything to them.

The Light.

I sat in the doorway of my van and watched the Light gradually soften and fade. I felt the inevitable.

Like Death, the eclipse seemed unstoppable. No matter who you were or how much power or money you held, nothing would stop this… this portent. This omen. This primal, instinctual foreboding.

Nothing could stop it.

The fly fisherman remained silent as the sky began to darken and the birds began to still. He packed up his rod and waded over to the bank to sit and watch.

Together, in silence, we stared skyward.

Then, suddenly, it was Night. A single star glittered off to the left while the ring of the Sun’s corona glistened and pulsated.

Silent. Dark. Small. Inevitable. Insignificant. Humble. Majestic. Words to describe feelings unnameable.

It was probably the most beautiful event I’ve ever witnessed. I wish the photograph did it justice, but it doesn’t.

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8 thoughts on “The Totality

  1. I am listening to the Heart Sutra while getting a 90% eclipse through the storm clouds. Quite a dramatic and changing day. Be well.

  2. Totality is indescribable. We were in Silverton Oregon watching the eclipse wax toward totality with our ISO eclipse glasses. About a minute before totality the sun still could not be viewed by the naked eye even though the eclipse glasses showed it to be the tiniest of slivers. But the light was dropping low and so was the temperature. 15 seconds before totality I watched a black shadow rush toward me across the entire western horizon and I turned around just as the sun blinked one last time and became a black hole in the sky. For the next minute and 45 seconds I watched the corona dance in a dark sky. Stars were suddenly visible and my brain scrambled to find any memory of a celestial event so dramatic. I howled and hollered like everybody else. Even when it was over I couldn’t stop my amazement. The sun was instantaneous in its disappearance and instantaneous in its reappearance.

  3. @All: Yeah, what Mark said.

    I’ve now seen a partial eclipse and a total eclipse. If you have the chance during the next one, you should make that chance a reality because the totality is 10x more awesome than the partial.

    Prior to this morning, I would have thought it was, “Eh, a little better” but, like Mark said above, it goes from a dark day, to night in a second. You won’t regret the trip/time off/cost for those two minutes of alignment.

  4. Agree-have seen partial eclipses before but totality and corona was literally awesome beyond what i imagined. My wife said it looked like a hole in the sky. Absoltely amazing here in Eureka Missouri.

  5. I was watching U on YouTube/Cheap RVing. I’ve never gone anywhere to leave a comment but am intrigued about Ur van build. I’m getting geared up to be a nomad and the recliner (I’ve got the exact one) is too Cool also, I’ve got a handmade sewing table that was made for my Grandma and thought “that’ll work too!” Ur white table with the sink reminds me so very much of it. God Bless and Safe Travels

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