Three Books and a Rejection

This Photo Has Nothing To Do With The Post

This Photo Has Nothing To Do With The Post


March 20, 2017 4:58 PM

Okay. I’m officially working on two different books while keeping The Mystic in the back of my mind—churning.

Book 1: One Second Serenity

Book 2: Through The Eyes Of A Mystic

Book 3: The Mystic

Through The Eyes Of A Mystic is going to be a collection of “The Moment”-like posts. Short observations of the moment as seen from a mystic’s worldview.

I think what attracts people to spirituality is often their projection of what it is like to be awake/enlightened, so this book will just be a collection of what it is like. The everyday world seen through a mystic’s eyes.

But… but I want the book to be an all-new, never-before published collection of these accounts, so I’m ‘collecting’ them as I go (without sharing them here). The book will consist of about 30-50 (100?) of them.

What follows was an early ‘cheat’—an idea I could take previous blog posts and use those, or (as the example below) old stories from my past. I’ve since rejected this idea, but I kind of like where the story was headed. Maybe I’ll finish it sometime and use it as an introduction somewhere.

Anyway, this should give you an idea of the writing style and tone without breaking my “Never Before Published” promise.

The Wirs Curse

When I was younger—right around the time of puberty—I sincerely believed God hated me. Which was kind of odd, since I didn’t believe in God. But maybe that’s why He hated me.

I wasn’t unlucky—it wasn’t that. I was a typical middle child, starved for attention, so I took a lot of risks like most middle kids are wont to do. As a middle child, you can’t really lose taking risks. Either you succeeded at some foolish endeavor and got attention and praise, or you got taken to the emergency room and got attention and nurturing. I remember one ER doctor looking at my chart and exclaiming, “Jeez! You’ve got enough tetanus to last you a lifetime.”

No, I wasn’t unlucky, it wasn’t that. God just hated me.

God was a He back then, unlike She is now. And He seemed to want to tell me something. To this day, I’m not sure what it was. Maybe He was just setting me up. Setting up some sort of divine comparison.

“Remember what your life used to be like? See how much different it is now? 180 degrees! The less there is of you and all that!”

The reason I say it was God messing with me and not just dumb (bad) luck, is that every weird, unexplainable, odd-defying, bizarre thing that happened to me had to do with Nature. Nothing man-made. Nothing social. Vultures and alligators and sharks and waterspouts and lightning? Yes. People? No. There was an incident with a rattlesnake (I didn’t faint!) that my brother wouldn’t stop teasing me about, but that wasn’t weird. I just happened to be at bat at the time, and thus the only one holding a weapon. No the rattlesnake was just dumb luck, but all the other stuff was weird.

I often think it had something to do with puberty. Of coming of age. Of trying to figure out who you are. There is a lot of disharmony during this time, lots of confusion. New and conflicting emotions. Guilt. Uncertainty and a woeful lack of confidence. It was almost as if God was taking advantage of the situation.

I remember the first Incident—the incident with the vultures. I was always fascinated by ants. I could watch them for hours. Why do they work so hard? What’s in it for them? How do they find their way back to the mound?

I was squatted down, watching, as about a dozen of them were dragging a dead caterpillar back to the nest when I felt/heard a Whoosh! as a buzzard swooped down and buzzed me.

As an adult, I would have said, “WTF?” but I didn’t know that phrase then. But I was seriously startled and surprised and just then another buzzard buzzed me, then another. They were soaring down out of formation overhead, swooping in, buzzing me, then flapping awkwardly to settle into a nearby, dead tree.

I didn’t hang around.

Yeah, I know. Some dead animal must have been laying nearby that I just didn’t happen to see or smell. Or—and this is the part that kind of freaked me out—maybe I was dead and this is all some dream in the afterlife. Oddly enough, that wouldn’t surprise me.

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7 thoughts on “Three Books and a Rejection

  1. An unrelated question, what stops an enlightened person from becoming charitable? what I mean is rather than traveling on the road (in your case for example), help an old or a disabled person who has no one to look after him/her?

    The question is raised to understand rather than disapprove!

    • I can’t talk about “an enlightened person” (as in ALL of them), but for myself, I help people as often as I feel the desire—probably far more than most people do.

      I’m guessing you haven’t read Mystical Oneness because the answer is right there: My Inner Ego Aspect has no desire to select a single individual person to give my life to. I feel what I am doing (writing/sharing) is more in line with the nature I was born with. I don’t identify with my Inner Ego anymore than I identify with my body, but I have an Inner Ego just as I have a body, and I have to live true to them.

      I hope you’ll read my book before asking anymore questions. You seem to have a rather idealistic view of what enlightenment is (based on this and other comments). It’s not just a mental game.

  2. Re: Through The Eyes Of A Mystic….” this should give you an idea of the writing style and tone…”

    Very nice, Wayne! Nonfiction/creative nonfiction is where your writing shines. I’d definitely want to read more of Through The Eyes Of A Mystic based on this sample. One potential plus of working on the different projects you mention is that whether an author works in creative nonfiction (I know, an awkward descriptor, but that’s what it’s called) or fiction, that author uses the same tools of the trade: setting, character development, theme, symbolism, plot/conflict/resolution, telling detail, tone, etc. I believe you mentioned you like Hemingway’s writing, and his writing is indeed wonderful to study just how he used the tools of his craft. Congrats on this!
    P.S. Just to restate what I’ve said elsewhere, I truly appreciate your sharing and transparency and find it more than helpful. Thank you.

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