Tiny Wirs (Edward James Wirs)

E.J. “Tiny” Wirs. August 5, 1934-June 21, 2017

June 22, 2017 12:41 PM

An hour into the summer solstice, my father detached from his well worn and beat-up body, hovered over it a few minutes, then took that wonderful tunnel ride into the Light.

Right this minute, as you read this, I’m certain that he’s hanging out in the Soul Realm, telling a rapt audience of old high-school buddies about all the adventures he had here in this silly, manifest world.

Two things Dad loved to do: Throw himself into the good fight… and share those tales of adventure with whomever happened to be around.

Dad—Tiny to everyone else—could best be described as a cross between John Wayne and Blackbeard the Pirate. He was loud, tough, and larger than life. He loved a good fight—loved the competition of physical conflict—yet he didn’t have a mean bone in his body. It wouldn’t surprise me if the ad exec behind Dos Equis’ “The Most Interesting Man In The World” campaign had gone diving with Dad and been inspired by his stories.

He’d been a football player, a fighter pilot in the Air Force, a blackbelt in jujitsu, a treasure hunter, a diving instructor, a dive shop owner, a boat captain, and an adventurer. He’d broken his nose so many times he could hardly breathe out of it. The only person on this planet who could tell him what to do was Mom. He was tough, strong, and direct, yet he was also gregarious and warm and kind-hearted. Everybody knew Tiny… and everyone loved him.

I never knew Dad to be afraid. I don’t even know that he ever felt fear. I once saw him face down an angry man pointing a loaded speargun at him. I was scared to death, but just his mere presence convinced the guy to hand it over (it was illegal to spearfish on the reefs in that part of the Florida Keys). Six feet five and 300 lbs., Dad was naturally confident and sure of himself. His confidence radiated off his body like the Northern Lights on fire. As far as I know, Dad never even knew what the word doubt meant.

He was the personification of Yang. He may not have known what the word meant, but he lived it. All male. All direct. All straight-forward, can-do, will-do, either-get-out-of-my-way-or-get-bowled-over Yang.

But he was a friendly guy. A gregarious guy. A smart, bring-your-problem-to-Tiny-and-he’d-help-you-solve-it kind of guy. A guy you wanted as your friend. Everybody who knew Tiny, loved Tiny.

Probably the greatest mistake of his life was beating cancer. If he’d had known how removing half of one of his lungs would sap him of his élan vital—his life force, his energy—I doubt he’d have done it. His life might have been about a decade shorter, but he’d have lived it as he did everything else: authentically. He would have lived it that no-BS direct way which was so uniquely his way. Tiny’s way.

Dad “died” in his sleep June 21, 2017. He was the greatest man I’ve ever known.

He’ll be back though. I’m sure of it. Ten years from now he’ll be playing football with his school chums and fighting that good fight for a good cause. You simply can’t keep a guy like Dad down.

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21 thoughts on “Tiny Wirs (Edward James Wirs)

  1. I”m so sorry for your loss Wayne. I lost my dad while I was still using and continued to use for 4 more years. He struggled with being a father but he always made sure we had food, shelter and some of the nicer things life.
    I would of liked to have met Tiny. Perhaps I may still.
    The color of light you choose surround you as move though this process.

  2. Sounds like a hell of a guy; would have been interesting to have known him. Sorry for your loss, Wayne; thank you for sharing your memories of your dad.

  3. Wayne
    What a beautiful tribute and terrific insight to a wonderful man your Father.
    Peace and blessings to you.

  4. what a way to go!! in his sleep. That is my biggest illusion of passing…when all is done,complete, and ready for the one way ticket!!
    For the ones behind is time for either grief or celebration…I am sure you will take the second option…celebration of having such a rich character for a father Wayne.
    I enjoy your coming back to blog and share your every day life as a human and Divine entity.
    If you are like me, a 100% Mystic when life is calm and 100% human when the challenges, surprises and misfortunes happen…all in the basket of this so called life. More and more I do not know what is all about because I can be in he greatest tranquility and Divine space and booom, something happens to turn my world upside down and I revert to being afraid, panicky and feeling I am responsible to solve whatever has been thrown at me. In other words the little me comes back into action, of trying to control, change and solve situations. The good news for this me is that I turn around quicker to the awareness that I AM and to the conclusion that no matter what it is, it will pass and is part of this dream/illusion world of humans. IT CAN TAKE MINUTES, HOURS OR A FEW DAYS but no more than that to go back to peace and tranquility and for that I am grateful.
    Thanks to all who share and walk the Path of Truth as we understand It.

  5. To my dear Wirs Family ….
    I was so thankful to be reunited with Ed and Nancy several years ago. Although we have spent only a short time together,just hearing some of the stories from Ed,”Tiny”, helped me to fill in the gap of the many years my brothers,Frank,Joe & Ed & my father spent together with their families.
    I pray that Nancy remains strong & that her sons take good care of her .
    Ed will be missed & there is now doubt of that. He is free now of all that pain & limitation & God is blessing him & his family
    All my love,
    Margaret Mary Wirs Aydelotte

  6. What a beautiful memory of a life force and man. So very sorry for your loss. It’s always hard to lose the people we love, even as their spirit flies free.


  7. Wayne,
    Your description of your dad made me think that he was a man like Hemingway. A free spirit following his own path just like his son. Love you you and your family.

  8. Sounds like your dad was a real hero . I am glad I was not standing “on his path”, especially in those school days. God bless him, and you, and everyone in this tiny madhouse world.

  9. Wayne and family,
    I struggle to write this without an empathetic reaction ….. and your father was larger than life role model, which explains alot…….., it is human to feel the void, mourn the loss, and it is divine to bless his being, and his “mark on the world”. Thank you Tiny for sharing yourself and family with the world. Thank you Wayne for sharing yourself with the world. Love is the source. -Kevin

  10. thank you Wayne..for the beautiful summing up of this life of “your dad”, Tiny.
    Many caring thoughts for all your family & your self. It takes time ….

  11. My condolences, Wayne. When my Dad passed a decade ago at a similar age, the loss still affects me to this day. Our lives are so short and precious. This bittersweet experience makes me love life that much more. I am sure it does for you, too, Wayne.

    As for me, i would like to pass over while awake, to consciously experience it.


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