Waiting In Limbo

The Clouds Always Part

The Clouds Always Part


January 19, 2017 5:02 PM

I’ve been in limbo for the last couple of weeks. Adrift and waiting for some sort of clarity are contrary to my core nature—my Inner Ego Aspect. I like projects and creating and a sense of direction and purpose.

But none of these are clear right now.

So I wait.

A deeper part of me (whatever that is), knows that clarity and direction will soon become known.

I await a call from the urologist.

I await a sense of creative purpose.

I await a nomadic route.

I await a marketing plan that feels authentic.

I fled to Ajo today to find some sun… and to await some directions. To find some solitude and silence. To await Her whispers.

Who can wait quietly while the mud settles?
Who can remain still until the moment of action?
Observers of the Tao do not seek fulfillment.
Not seeking fulfillment, they are not swayed by desire for change.

Tao Te Ching

Yeah, I know. I’ve got some work to do on those last two lines.

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8 thoughts on “Waiting In Limbo

  1. Hi Wayne,

    i am currently reading Michael Newton’s ’Destiny of Souls’, the followup to ‘Journey of Souls’. Wonderful stuff. So, my suggestion for something to do is read a book. Shakespeare is incredible, for instance.


    • When I wait, I just do a lot of walking in nature. Sooner or later She starts talking. 🙂

      I don’t know if I read Destiny of Souls. I referenced his Journey of Souls in my book quite a bit (for the Soul Aspect of course).

    • Absolutely. Without desire we’d sit on our butts and be eaten by vermin (think Ramana Maharshi). We’d need caretakers. Without desire, everything dies.

      Which is why I often say that the Witness Aspect doesn’t play well with the manifest world.

      Theories are fine, but if they don’t work in the manifest world, then they are either flawed or (as in the case of most nondual teachings today) limited… they don’t go far enough. There is an entire tier, the Tier of Peace, above “enlightenment” in my map of consciousness which helps one integrate their awaking.

  2. Wayne,

    When April rolls around and the weather improves in Portland, come and visit. I’ve got a big old house right downtown with lots of extra rooms. My wife and I would love to have you visit for a couple days. I’ll book a couple of private sessions and room and board on me 🙂

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