Walking the Path Alone

April 30, 2017 04:00 AM

Here’s the book I was working on:  My Dying Words: The Last Thoughts Of A Wandering Mystic

There comes a time when we must walk the Path alone. That time has come for me.

I’ll see you soon.

I love you. Be Happy. Find Peace.

— Wayne

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28 thoughts on “Walking the Path Alone

  1. Hi Wayne,

    I know you may be role playing with this ‘i am dying’ theme, but is this true, or is it another gimmick to sell books?


  2. Are you referring to the dying of the ego self? I have the idea you already went through that!! And yes, I agree with you, at this level of the ego self, in the end we walk alone…because ALL other egos are but illusions as well as ours was.And bodies are not companions at the absolute level, our spirits are, were and will always be. There is why they say: I need do nothing.
    Paradoxically, while still in the body, it works better for this system of bodies and the world, to cooperate and help each other in all aspects of daily living. Just smart for the system survival.And to offer the opportunity to learn to let the me self die.
    Thanks for all your teaching and sharing of the good side of this relative dimension.

  3. I survived the 10:25am mark. Exactly 7 days after I got this idea.

    But this is also my last update. I doubt you’ll ever hear from me again.

    Don’t buy the book if you don’t want to. Here is the last entry from it, for those who are curious but aren’t sure they want to commit their time or $8:

    I don’t know anymore if this book is just a thought experiment. I thought it was, but after this morning, I’m not so sure. Maybe I really do only have a few days left.

    Either way, don’t expect to hear from me for awhile. Maybe a week, maybe a month, maybe a year.

    Maybe forever.

    Lao Tzu, the author of the Tao Te Ching, stepped through the Great Wall of China and vanished from the face of the earth. We don’t know what happened to him. I always admired that. It showed his human side. It showed his self-love. “I’m done here. I’ve shared everything I want to share. I’ve dedicated my life to others, now it’s time to dedicate some time to my self (whatever that is).”

    Since my awakening nearly eight years ago, I’ve dedicated my time to you, my dear reader. Maybe I’ll die in three days. Maybe in three decades. Who knows? That’s not the least bit important to me. What is important to me though, is to spend some time—whatever time She’ll give me—nurturing my relationship with Her. I can’t grow closer to my Beloved, at least to the depth that I want to, and continue “teaching and reporting” as I’ve been doing over all these years.

    I’ve never been good at multitasking.

    So I guess this is it. I hope my experiences and sharing—all the ups and downs and insights and missteps—have helped you. I hope they’ve made your life better.

    I love you. I’ll miss you.


    Wayne Wirs
    Snowed in at Eagle Nest Lake State Park, NM
    April 28, 2017 9:45 AM.

  4. “Don’t be
    dismayed at good-byes.
    A farewell is necessary before
    you can meet

    And meeting
    again, after moments or
    lifetimes, is certain for
    those who are
    friends. "-

    I love you…

  5. Wayne, now that SEEMS like you want a new direction to get closer to the Beloved, how about considering the project of a kind of Monastery, Ashram, or something similar for a group of like minded people who desire the same. For the practice of Living in an Awakened environment, and share the resources??????? I have this dream for a long time but the opportunity/people have not crossed my path. I am sure a few that have it ALL together brains, Minds and a big experience of what is Real, could come together and make it happen. Inexpensive, peacefully and in beautiful Nature setting.
    Just sharing the dream.
    Traveling Light and journeying lightly. I wish you the same.

  6. Dear Wayne,

    I believe that the desire to die, or the fore-feeling of death, that you are going through is not about physical death, but instead about the final spiritual death experienced on the path to complete illumination, in which even the cosmic oneness with the universe is sacrificed, and everything dissolves into the white light of infinity… you come back from this, but knowing the deepest truth- that only You are, and nothing else has ever been. You burn in the fire of the Beloved, until there is nothing left and you become the Beloved.

    It is true that this stage can only be experienced in the deepest aloneness… I wish you the deepest peace… and I dearly hope that you will remain with us on the physical plane for a while at least 🙂

    With much love…

  7. Enjoy. Life changes things all the time. Since time isn’t a really big deal for the enlightened you might not even notice how long you’re away. Then again you just might find yourself wanting to hang out with people tomorrow.

    It seems like you’re trying to let go of another attachment. Good luck. If you’re thinking about it then it hasn’t happened yet.

    Have fun because it’s the best thing to have.

  8. Hi Wayne,

    I think it was in the jim carey movie ‘man in the moon’ that the author determined that the best way to maximize his fame was to fake his death. This a very amusing conclusion because our deaths really are fake (since our spirits live on).

    So, Wayne, enjoy your solitutude. I think you enjoy these conversations enough that you’ll be back sooner than you might think. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the banter with other seekers.

    Most of those whom you converse with through your blog are likely very old souls who have lived thousands of lives here on Earth and in other places. There is no harm in staying with us, or with going away. We will all meet again soon enough. This physical world is a bittersweet show, but it really isnt.

    See you around, my friend.


  9. Blessings and huge Love to you, dear Wayne, wherever you be on your journey. Thank you for everything.

  10. Thank you for all that you have done for us.Those who need your books will find their way to them. If your teachings are to help them,the universe will guide them to your writings. Every soul is on a unique journey and it is the beloved who is enjoying her creation through them. Go forward dear and enjoy your remaining time with the beloved. Enjoy your hard earned romance with her. You have done enough for others. Free yourself of all obligations and become a wandering soul like the millions of god realised souls who have walked on this earth since time immemorial.Your time has come to be one forever with your Tao/God/She/Beloved. Happy loving. Godspeed Dear Wayne.

  11. Dear Wayne I hope you what ever that is is well.
    I have always appreciated your work.
    Today a young man told me in his hearts of hearts he wants to travel in a van for a while. How amusing I shared with him stories of you.
    First real time someone was interested. And you may not even be here anymore. I am not sure but I do want to say thank you. You saved me many times.

  12. I wish you well, Wayne, whatever and wherever that means for you. Thanks for sharing your life with us so far.

  13. Dear Wayne ,
    Your blog and pictures (for me) are comparable to Richard Bach , a little more real maybe . Books also good, but blog is still the best . It’s a Gospel (!) – yes, indeed.
    I even bought “A Mystic’s Journal” but it lacks the pictures (very much).
    But i always felt you were not taking the best care of yourself . And that made me follow you less as it was too painful – to see a person giving the best of himself and not getting enough in return. (Other people’s attention also can be a burden , unless you are a born actor . )
    And perhaps that needed to change .
    You don’t need to disappear totally , just write once in a while. O just post photos . (But also maybe you have to disappear totally).
    If possible , leave your blog online . It is very good .
    I’d suggest you might undertake something practical (e.g like internet marketing or something, or maybe make a living from your pictures if that’s possible . I may be talking nonsense here but anyway, take it as wishing you well) .
    My heart is with you

  14. Dear Wayne, I write to wish you well and send you love and light.
    I came across your utube videos only two years ago, and was so curious about this man, rowing boats on lakes in the wilderness and who spoke with such compassion and a beautiful honesty. Your messages touched me and I have felt encouraged, that this was truth! I am on the path now and at moments of overwhelming gratitude and love I have thanked you in my prayers. I thank you again now.

  15. Hi Wayne. I’m new to your blog, a seeker as well.

    I don’t understand how anyone who professes to be enlightened can possibly die alone.

    Have a nice retreat.

  16. Only the ego can die alone, and that is what I suspect is happening with you right now Wayne.
    I wish you much success and happiness in this – welcome to the real journey – and I look forward to your return to blogging as your Original Self.

    • When you return, Wayne, perhaps you could consider expanding your website to allow the posting of threads by people, say those who like your work, on topics of interest, of which you could be the moderator. Just an idea, and likely too much work, but you might get other volunteers to help.

  17. Darn. Needed a photo fix.
    Luvluv your pics and seeing where you are on the planet.
    Now I see –
    you are away,
    never gone…

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