What Is Enlightenment?

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8 thoughts on “What Is Enlightenment?

  1. Note: I have no desire to argue with fundamental nondualists (written over four years ago), so comments posted with the tone, “No! This is what enlightenment is!” and then go on to copy/paste some dead person’s words or their guru’s words will not be approved.

    I’m all about living one’s awakening, so if your lived experiences are different than mine, by all means post your experiences so we can have a discussion, but only a fool argues with those guys in black ties who knock on your door and claim they know the truth. 🙂

  2. Enlightenment can be two way experience – One you mentioned – on demand unity of things around and yourself – Oneness. Second is Nothingness – Feeling that there is nothing, no you , no others. Ofcourse it is also unity but felt from like opposite end. It feels like emptiness , not being anything. Nothingness type awakened ones don’t generally speak or teach much, because of inherent emptiness of the experience. Oneness experience leads to automatic intimacy, may love and sharing attitude for the whole world. While Nothingness experience leads to feeling of kind of death and non-doingness. Both are unity only.

    • Yes, if you focus on the personal, awakening feels like fullness/oneness. If you focus on the impersonal, awakening feels like nothingness/emptiness. I cover this in the book, but something I want to stress: If you focus too much on nothingness, it is very easy to fall into the trap of nihilism (and you really don’t want that). 🙂

  3. Non Dual All Pervading Eternal Subtle Presence is beyond all communications. But still, if our 5 senses could comprehend something objectively , it will be a great help. The result of such a successful effort is what is being explained by Sri Wayne . Let me take this opportunity to appreciate His spiritual receptivity & wisdom.

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