When Worldviews Diverge

June 16, 2017 9:20 AM

I needed to go deeper. I still feel this need. I’m grateful for all the notes of support from you. I’m okay.

Here’s what I’ve discovered so far. Here’s what I’m working on. Here’s how you can do the same if you’re so inclined.

What is your worldview?

Who or what are you? Define yourself as clearly as you can.

What is your relationship to Source? Where did all this come from? What are Its qualities? How do you fit in with It?

What is your relationship to Other? What is all this stuff around you? How is it related to you? How do you fit in with it?

Gut Check: What do you really believe?

Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions.
― Mahatma Gandhi

Are your day-to-day, automatic (non-deliberated) thoughts and actions in harmony with your worldview? If you are like me, they probably aren’t as in-synch as you’d like.

What is your real worldview?

Compare your automatic thoughts and actions to your “ideal” worldview. Where are they different?

For example, if your original worldview says you are a soul, do you act like you are a soul? If not, then your real worldview is that you are a human.

The differences between my idealized worldview and my actualized worldview are what I am working on.

In other words, I am working on my deep-rooted, hard-to-change, practically unconscious beliefs (beliefs are the source/motivators of our reactive/automatic words and actions).

I’m still at it. I don’t know how long I’ll be, but I’m well and motivated and happy and remarkably clear. I hope this post helps those of you in a similar situation.

I love you.



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10 thoughts on “When Worldviews Diverge

  1. Nice to hear from you Wayne, I am glad to know you are out there somewhere. I have been contemplating the impermanent nature of my Bhakti practice as well as my desire for a persistent awakening of the heart. I have had difficulty recalling the sacred heart when I am embedded in the mundane. I became convinced that I had to be content to stumble into the grace of the open heart (where the love of the divine mother pours in like a waterfall accompanied with the feeling that you are about to explode with love for everything and everyone). Only recently did I perceive a causal PRE-condition in my own experience of divine love. I can best describe this precondition as “poorness of spirit”. After the fact, I recognize this precondition is what is described in the Beatitudes as “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” When I earnestly and intentionally become aware of the state of absolute desolation and grief, which resides deep in my heart, then invoke the divine mother’s love, the sacred heart opens.

  2. This is leshavidya. “Lesha” = faint residue; “avidya” = ignorance. Shankara wrote about it in his commentary on the Brahma Sutras.

    Without some residue, however faint, of the illusion that there is a little “me,” there cannot be a knower of Brahman. Without some residue of illusion, there cannot be an awakened human being, walking on human legs and seeing through human eyes who lives the infinite, unbounded, universal Reality.

    The idea that, on an individual level, one somehow, eventually becomes perfectly “finished” is actually itself an obstacle to an ever-ongoing process. The unfolding never ends.

    It is a beautiful paradox: The Reality, as soon as one awakens to it, is infinite and complete. AND it continues to expand endlessly. Both at the same time. ALWAYS the same, infinite and complete Reality, and simultaneously ALWAYS expanding, always growing, always becoming bigger and bigger, somehow, impossibly, without ever changing at all.

    Those lingering, hard-to-change, practically unconscious beliefs are the subjective experience of leshavidya. One by one, as they are brought to light and dissolved, the lived Reality gets bigger. And ALWAYS, as one lingering, deep-rooted, hard-to-change, practically unconscious belief dissolves, the next one arises to the surface to be dissolved, in its natural sequence, into the ever-expanding wholeness.

    Those deep-rooted, hard-to-change, practically unconscious beliefs are inexhaustible as long as life continues to be lived, though they become more and more subtle as they burn down.

    Far from being merely the toxic remains of a great, accidental failing of discernment, they are part and parcel of the structure and process of awakening itself. Like the fusion reaction inside the sun, which produces tremendous power from a tiny amount of fuel, each cycle of unification generates huge, ongoing expansion, wave after wave after wave.

    It is already finished, nothing left to do. And it is never finished, always more to
    be done.

    I love you too, Wayne.

  3. Thank you for checking in and letting us know you are well and thriving. It’s appreciated! May your journey be blessed.

  4. Hi friend 🙂 I’m so glad to hear from you again !
    Your words always brings joy and peace to me, because they help me so much, to remember.
    However, only thing that I’m thinking about lately, is to give it all up… Just to forget about “IS” and step into the past, but when I’m looking back, I see nothing. Absolutely nothing, but the collection of the memory pictures. Replacement of one those pictures, that’s all it takes to change my image of myself. This realization feels me with emptiness and fear.
    And here you are now, giving me a questions, that I need to answer and remember things that I forgot.
    Thank you friend 🙂

  5. Hi Wayne,

    The older i get (now sixty), the more meaning my past feelings at various times in my life have. My nostalgia is acute. I have lived a vivid and beautiful life. The feelings triggered by different reminders bring back recall of an original beautiful experience earlier. Moments that have, and continue to, slip by. Like a wonderful ongoing sip of wine. Unending love. The divine mother loves so.


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