Why LSD Doesn’t Affect The Enlightened (Much)

Imagine Seeing This Scene On Acid

Imagine Seeing This Scene On Acid


January 14, 2017 2:15 PM

I can’t believe I forgot to mention my LSD experiences—or more accurately, the lack thereof—in the book.

  • LSD doesn’t affect me anymore (at most, I get the equivalent of a two-beer buzz).
  • Ram Dass’ guru wasn’t affected by it

Why? Because one common affect of LSD is to cause two normally separate networks of the brain—the networks responsible for the personal and the impersonal—to operate in harmony. “In here” and “out there” merge and the experience of oneness is perceived directly. (Note: I suspect many people experience hallucinations on LSD because this merging causes them to perceive their subconscious (deep “in here”) with the world “out there.”)

And the ability to unite these two networks is exactly what enlightenment is.

Since the enlightened can already perform this “skill,” LSD doesn’t affect them much. For example, if LSD gave you the ability to fly like a bird (do not try this at home) and you already had the ability to fly like a bird, then LSD wouldn’t affect you either.

It is simply more evidence supporting my somewhat controversial definition of enlightenment:

Enlightenment is the ability to unite the personal and the impersonal on demand.

Mystics. They say stupid things that piss people off but somehow make a lot of sense.

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4 thoughts on “Why LSD Doesn’t Affect The Enlightened (Much)

  1. Namaste Wayne
    I have been trying the technique you outline in your book regarding this topic and your experience with the frog without much result… kindly please share any suggestions ? thank you

    • It’s going to take some time. Weaken the ego first by practicing the lower Aspects. This will help tremendously (less resistance). Make sure you have “imbuing” down also, otherwise you won’t bring both parts of the brain online fast enough. Practice, practice, practice. Don’t expect overnight success. Don’t rush it. There’s no hurry.

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