You Believe What You Perceive

Shimmering Aspens

Shimmering Aspens


July 27, 2017 9:36 AM

Have you ever noticed this? That you believe what your mind tells you?

You see a squirrel and you believe the squirrel is real and sitting on that branch and chittering away at you. You see the tree and believe it’s also real. You feel the mosquito bite and believe that a distinctly separate creature is drawing your blood.

You perceive your thoughts, and you believe them. You believe they are true.

Your mind tells you that you are a human, and you believe it.

We never seem to question the obvious. We just assume our mind is telling us the truth.

In your dreams, your mind says, “It’s a giant squid dragging me into its nasty, snapping toothy-mouth thing!”

And you believe it. You believe the giant squid is real. Isn’t that odd? But it’s true.

This believing what we perceive is the nature of You-as-God. It is the nature of Consciousness. It is Your nature.

You believe what You perceive.

When You are looking out the eyes of a squirrel, You believe You are a squirrel. When You are experiencing the life of a tree, You believe You are a tree.

When You are experiencing the life of yourname, You believe You are yourname.

You believe what You perceive. It is Your nature.

This is a core insight of Being God: A User’s Manual (still in outline mode).

I hope this gives You one of those aha! moments. I hope it gives You a new perspective. I hope it helps You wake up.

Because You believe what You perceive.

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11 thoughts on “You Believe What You Perceive

  1. Yes! That is the nature of mind, imagination and magic. Without which, physical existence would lose all meaning and relevance. That’s why we’re all born with very active inquisitive minds/ imaginations, it enriches the experience for this perceived reality.

    When we mature and awaken, we naturally silence the mind to perceive everything else that is beyond this physicality; into multidimensional/ psychic perceptions, and spirit.

    I perceive life as a circular continuum, but you may use any metaphor that suits your beliefs and perceptions. This god matrix is really quite glorious! <3

  2. Yes I believe the obvious- what I perceive. But then If I don’t check my thoughts I believe my opinions also. Our whole language encourages this. We describe opinions as points of view- perceptions. And of course we believe what we perceive. I’m still unlearning!

  3. but how does understanding that we believe what we perceive change our life ? Is not that a thought too ? is there anything that changes our life or it is predestined and we have to play along with the divine sport? please make a post on free will too Wayne……does it exist or no , do human efforts really count?

  4. thank u, i read the post on free will.

    The answer that there is a threshold has given me hope. But i request u to make a more elaborate post on it because many say we r like the clowns who take a bow, the real doer is someone else.I want to understand that as I am seeking answers and I want to know what the threshold is in detail.

    Thanks again.

  5. You believe what you percieve… is called MIND…….product of CONSCIOUSNESS……Consciousness has only one nature……SatChitAnanda

    • I respect Hinduism, Kiran, (as I do Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Taoism, …). I just don’t agree with them on all points. I’m a mystic, but I’m a rational mystic and that means that experience and logic and evidence, for me, is far more valuable than hearsay (ie: some great sage said or the bible says).


  6. The world is as you see it, but as you see it, it’s not really here.
    Our collective agreement that its real, is what creates it, the mind is delighted.
    Your eternal self, awareness, sees a movie.

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