A Mystic’s Journal

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Originally published as a series,”A Mystic’s Journal” is the complete, un-edited text from the online diary of Wayne Wirs. In his diary, Wirs documents in real-time his struggles with (and resolution of) the Mystic’s Dilemma—the Catch-22 that all mystics face in seeking union with the Divine while by necessity living in a world of separation.

Wirs is the founder of the nondual teachings of Mystical Oneness, a semi-homeless nomad, wandering van dweller, author, photographer, rational mystic, and disenchanted guru.

There is no “stage persona” found here. With no hidden agenda and with death looming, Wirs had nothing to lose in being completely honest and open. Rarely will you find a book on the lived experience of spiritual enlightenment as raw, authentic and transparent as “A Mystic’s Journal.”

What others have said about Wayne Wirs and his online journals:

…For me, you are kind of a “Paul Brunton” or Indiana Jones of spirituality digging into Humankind to reveal the treasure: the essence of a human being. — Richard

…I haven’t found anything better, anywhere; this site is truly unique, and unquestionably authentic. Thank you. — John P

…Man, you have a gift with words. Each blog post is like a little chapter of a greater novel. — Goran

…Wayne, keep on sucking, because you are the only honest, open-hearted one of this whole bunch. — Dave

…Sometimes just thinking of you out there is enough for me to remember that i’m on a journey with an end and that it’s possible and that you’ve done it and are doing it and that i can do it too. — Stephen

…Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! Life stripped to its fundamentals. — Phillip

…Wow oh wow oh wow. — Carol M

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