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Towards The Misty Light

Towards The Misty Light

You have a tremendous talent for saying a great deal in such few words. This is amazing and incredibility deep material. Especially for us still using training wheels.
— Frank (from the testimonials page)

The old “About Me” page can be found here, but I feel this one is a bit more direct and less formal.

I was born May 3, 1961 and I live in a van. This is my last known location.

I have a duplex personality (cosmic consciousness) as a result of a spiritual awakening. I live and “teach” (share my experiences of) Mystical Oneness.

I was interviewed on Buddha at the Gas Pump on May 23, 2015.

Below, chronologically, are the key spiritual turning points in my life:

Satori On The Beach

Circa 1999. This was my first glimpse of what I would eventually call Emptiness (no boundaries). Having had the experience, it was no longer just theoretical—no longer just a belief. Documented in Fading Toward Enlightenment.

First LSD Vision

Circa 2000. My first (and only) powerful LSD vision which revealed the cycle of Life, Death, Oneness, and Rebirth. Also the first appearance of Her, though in the back of my mind I would often wonder if She was just a hallucination. This vision profoundly weakened my atheistic belief system. Documented in Fading Toward Enlightenment.

Telling Christine I Didn’t Want Family/Children…

and Christine summarily dumping me the next day. Circa 2004. This realization prompted me to largely give up dating—at least actively pursuing a lover. Freedom, in all its connotations, became more important to me than relationships. I no longer wanted to waste anyone’s time (including my own). Hinted at in Fading Toward Enlightenment.

Quitting Corporate America to Promote Fading Toward Enlightenment

Circa 2005. This was an “All-in” moment where I decided that I didn’t want any excuses for Fading Toward Enlightenment not to succeed. Though the implications weren’t real to me yet, I swore off working for corporate America for good.

Unexpected Past Life Remembered

Circa late 2006. Reliving a vivid past life memory—completely by accident—cemented a firm belief in me-as-a-Soul. Losing the fear of death made focusing on enlightenment far easier and made making the following ‘Enlightenment or Bust’ decision possible. Documented in The Implications of the Soul.

Decision to Find Enlightenment or Die Trying

Initiated June 2008. Having given up on marketing Fading Toward Enlightenment, I hit the road full time in an old RV with the secret intention of either finding enlightenment or to die trying. This was the start of my “Bank Balance as a Gas Gauge of Life Remaining” thought process. When the money ran out, I’d kill myself.

Suicide Acceptance

Around June 2009. With money almost gone and less than six months left of savings (and thus life), I gave up on finding enlightenment and focused instead on spiritually evolving as far as I could (in preparation for my next life) before I killed myself. The Radiant level was briefly experienced and I hurried to finish two books: One that I felt was important and one for posterity.


August 12 to September 17, 2009. The personal self was seen to be nothing more than a collection of thoughts and these thoughts (over the course of five weeks) were dis-identified with. Commonly called ‘enlightenment,’ I later came to calling this the Emptiness level. Started here with a frog, a month later the process finished with a dark night of the Soul.


Most of 2010. For most of the entire year after awakening, practically every time I tried to get my way or look out for my own self-interest (out of conditioning and a lack of guidance), Life would “punish” me. Conversely, when I’d surrender and allow, Life would line up and “reward” me. This unexpected and painful year-in-training helped me adapt to life after the Gateless Gate.

Realization That Synchronicity Implies A Divine Intelligence

November 6, 2010. With odds-defying synchronistic events happening daily, I could come up with only one viable explanation for them: There must be an all powerful, all knowing entity actively involved. This realization was when I officially became a Mystic and no longer your run-of-the-mill enlightened person (and certainly no longer an atheist).

The Emptiness/Fullness Paradox

August 11, 2012. When I stumbled across a definition of paradox defined as “between two truths,” I had the realization that Fullness (the Many) is an equally valid truth as Emptiness (the One). That in order for an awakened person to live in this world (“in this world but not of it”) one has to swim/live/exist between these two truths. This realization seemed to settle some unconscious inner conflict and had a profound effect on me. I felt I had finally found my place in the world (resolved the Separate-but-One conflict).

The Duplex Personality

November 21, 2012. Not knowing what to call the She/We/I experience, I was surprised to stumble across (in the book Cosmic Consciousness) a large list of historically enlightened figures who also had a relationship with some inner/outer God/Beloved. This alleviated any nagging doubts that She was just a figment of my imagination. With the dying off of these doubts, Her presence strengthened dramatically and She became an everyday and normal aspect of my life.


Fall 2014. Released NonAbusers.org which was met favorably by only 1% of my readers. I experienced extreme disappointment and disenchantment that my message of walking the talk—living your spirituality—had been falling on deaf ears all this time. Realizing how attached I was to the end results and my emotional reaction to this “failure,” I basically gave up and closed down this blog. I started a new online diary, A Mystic’s Journal with the intention of surrendering totally to the Divine while spending my remaining days writing a book on Mystical Oneness.

Resolution and Integration of the Mystic’s Dilemma

June 2015. After struggling with complete surrender for eight months, I finally resolved and integrated the Mystic’s Dilemma (the individual/Divine conflict). This struggle was documented in real-time on my site, A Mystic’s Journal and is now a book of the same name. With the issue resolved and integrated, and the felt “me-experience” as one of  semi-Divinity, I re-awakened my original blog, WayneWirs.com, to continue documenting my life’s experiences.


October 2015. After a month-long identity reboot as the result of resolving the Mystic’s Dilemma, a new feeling of stable, all inclusive, “wholeness” came about—what I then called I, the Eternal. This me-thing experience—as my heart opened dramatically—eventually evolved into what I would finally come to call TaoGod(I). The primary feeling of TaoGod(I) is an overwhelming feeling of Love—unconditional, capital-L Love.

A Map of Mystical Oneness

October 2015. About this same time, while writing a book on Mystical Oneness, I designed a map of all the levels I have gone through in my spiritual development—levels that in essence describe a path to enlightenment (the Witness) and beyond.

The Nine Aspects of Being

January 2016. Over the course of writing my opus on everything I know about Mystical Oneness, patterns started to emerge and I realized that my path to enlightenment (and beyond) may not be the most effective method for everyone. I broke the “levels” down into Nine Aspects of Being and further patterns started to emerge. This new “map” allows the spiritual seeker to look up problem areas and work on the corresponding Aspect associated with it. This method allows a more on-demand “menu-based” approach to awakening while still supporting the integrated opening of both the Heart and Mind.

Mystical Oneness and the Nine Aspects of Being

December 2016. The publication of Mystical Oneness and the Nine Aspects of Being. This book represents practically everything I know about enlightenment and the mystical realms beyond. Publishing this manuscript and making it available to the spiritual seekers of the world has relieved me of my last “death bed” regret (not that I’m dying, but it’s a good practice). The concern that I might die by some unforeseen accident without getting my message “out there” was the primary motivation for completing this work. I’m now free and relieved of this burden which is a wonderful feeling.

It's Time To Wake Up

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15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I believe there is a very simple and clear visual representation of the enlightenment experience. It is a representation only!
    On a large sheet of paper draw a circle. Inside this circle write the words – mountains, clouds, buildings, cars, people, animals. Now draw a smaller circle inside the big one. In this smaller circle write the words – thoughts, feelings, memories, emotions, pleasure, pain and desires.
    This is the way that most people see the world.The big circle is the world at large and everything that it contains. The small circle is the person and everything that is inside of him/her – stuff that is personal, subjective, special and private. We want and need to protect and preserve the personal/subjective world from the larger, objective and impersonal world.
    Now erase the line forming the smaller circle. Leave the words intact and just erase the line. Now you have just one big circle and everything that was in it before is still there.
    YOU and everything that you consider to be interior and private is now simply another part of the world at large. Your thoughts and memories are every bit as natural and necessary to the world-at-large (the entire universe) as say the sun rising in the morning or an afternoon rain shower.
    Conversely, the sun rising in the morning and the afternoon rain shower are deeply personal and meaningful events in YOUR life.
    There is no REAL difference between what happens inside of you and what happens outside of you.
    YOU (the real You)are everything. And the world-at-large (the entire universe)is merely the part of you that exists outside of your skin.
    I believe this simple diagram helps to explain the paradox often mentioned among the enlightened that absolutely nothing changes in their lives – and yet EVERYTHING changes. And it all changes in the most surprising and wonderful way.
    Best Regards —Phil

  2. Wayne,

    I have read Fading Toward Enlightenment and am working my way through your historic posts. Am I correct in concluding that you had no personal “teacher” or spiritual guru? You came to enlightenment under your own volition (ala Eckhart Tolle and Byron Katie)?


  3. Nice bio Wayne, I think I joined you around “Unexpected Past Life Remembered”. Can you add the years as well for each step? Would be good to correlate to my own experience 🙂

  4. Hi Wayne,
    I salute your openess and your straight forward way of comunication and I apreciate your sharing of a special journey by your own and even if at time it must have been a little lonly, nevetheless you find the power to persevere and finally complete your Journey from form to Nothingness and Manyness.
    I am just happy to disover yeat another Great Soul that have made the Journey and I wish you well and may the Kamikaze blow in your seils on your new earthly jouney as a Wandering Holly Man- A Modern Sadhu!
    The world need more people like you and I hope sincerely that your Journey may inspire also others and maby you may figure in the end some form of Comunal Sharing in the form of an Ashram…
    I feel that the Cyber Ashram that you keep here is good, but the realt thing to be with you in Sat Sang can’t be exchanged with an Internet Sat Sang.
    I hope and pray for you that the Providence may have enstolen for you a form of a more eficient form of True Spiritual Apostolate for the New Milenium!

    A spiritual Comunist

  5. I greatly appreciate your clarity and honesty in writing about your Enlightenment and the day-to-day thoughts about Life and experience.
    I am having similar experiences, and do not have a ‘teacher’ but have books, Byron Katie and Eckart as you have also.
    Your sharing eases my questions about my own experience as I am not around anyone who is like me, or going through anything like me! It is wonderful to hear your questions and answers, as they are mine as well.
    Weird–but I just bought a Meister Eckhart tome after wanting to read him for years. I love my photography also and see God everywhere and in all things too. Synchronicities abound in my life, and I am grateful-endlessly grateful!

  6. I can appreciate your awareness, and the courage to put it to words. That process would be like staring into the mirror for too long at myself. Maturity would be required, and that is something I missed along the way.
    It has been said that during the stages of development, if one has experienced trauma, that the brain simply stops maturing. It’s true, I’m stuck in the brain of a 17 year old, and I like it. I have survived the life of a tumbleweed, not by choice, but by mere survival.
    I presented myself as a goddess to be worshiped, to discover that I was followed by soulless individuals seeking hope. As I’ve matured, I stopped. I stopped everything, and became fearful of…fear. My path has always kept me connected to the light, the earth, and took it for granted that so many spend a lifetime searching for theirs. I am tired of stillness and I’m ready to move again, to live in that light and to be.
    Maybe, one day our paths will cross again.

  7. Nice one Wayne. Enjoyed all your videos, very revealing and informative about enlightenment. Suddenly I realize I’m NOT enlightened. Best Des London England

  8. I am on the same belief than Pierre Teilhard de Chardin who said, quote: “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”
    IMHO we not need to follow the teaching of any guru because the wisdom of our old Soul can guide us on the right patch in this life and further more make as aware of the purpose of our journey.
    Connecting with nature and meditate is the way to listen to our Soul,”the voice within”

  9. Enlightenment is about a change of body-mind disposition. It’s a change of perspective. And with that change comes a change of action, a change of demeanour, a change of relating. One is no longer contracting away from LIFE. There is no longer a sense of me and a sense of you. There is no feeling of separation. That Oneness, That Intimacy is all there is. Its the difference seen by looking at an Open Hand compared to a clenched fist. One is no longer the clenched fist, over and against other clenched fists. One is True embracement.

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