Andersonville, Doug, and Past Lives


Yesterday on my way up to see my high school buddy Doug, he mentioned that I should stop in Andersonville – the Civil War prison camp – where one Captain Henry Wirz was tried and hanged for war crimes. I was curious to see if he was a relative.

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Nokomis Beach


Waves, barely six inches high, rolled in upon the sugary white sand as I sat waiting for the light. A family with three dogs played in the surf a hundred yards down the beach, the dogs happily running back and forth though the water. A couple walk by, and as usual, the tripod catches their attention. Even though I’m obviously not taking their picture, their manner takes on an air of self-consciousness. A young woman strolls by, smiles and shoots me the peace sign. I wave back.

Later, as I’m putting away my equipment another woman approaches me and asks me about my camera. She’s confused on which camera to buy, and is rattling off a bunch of specs. She says she doesn’t want to do a lot of digital processing, wants to get it right straight out of the camera. She says that to her, the purity of the process is the whole point. I shake my head and say that for me, the whole point of taking a picture is to take a great picture. I forget to give her my card.

I climb on my bike and ride back through the darkness.

Oscar Scherer State Park


This is a shot of my campsite at Oscar Scherer State Park on the west coast of Florida. I lived here as a child for about 2 and a half years. Lots of adventures and great memories. More than any other place I’ve lived, I have always felt this was “home.” Seemed like a good place to stop on my way north.

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