More Guys With Guns Trying To Intimidate

Where The Path Leads Is Uncertain

Where The Path Leads Is Uncertain


July 28, 2016 10:28 AM

The book is coming well. This new “focused version” is making it much easier to write. Or maybe it’s just the mountain.

Yesterday, I drove into town for some people time, then set up camp at this sweet spot I know, but last night—after dark—two guys set up their “camp” about 50 yards away and started firing their guns in what I guess was an attempt to drive me out. … Read more…

Excuses and Firing Your Customers

What Is and What Was

What Is and What Was

FLAGSTAFF, AZ—Sheesh. I never saw so many “righteous” excuses as I saw in the comments on yesterday’s post. Your comments inspired a blog post from me over on NonAbusers.

You’ve heard me say it a thousand times: Thoughts are your worst enemy. Excuses are just thoughts taken too seriously.

Seth Godin is famous for saying that sometimes you have to fire your customers. If your customers don’t see eye to eye with you, maybe it’s time to part ways.

About three years ago I took on about twenty students.

They. Made. My. Life. Miserable.

Seriously, it was exhausting. You’ve never heard more excuses on why they couldn’t do this, why they wanted to do that, how much more advanced they were than the others students and how living as a Soul was soooo beneath them and shouldn’t we just talk this through endlessly before we actually do anything?

I fired them all except for Michelle.

Why not Michelle? Because we were on the same page. Michelle was willing to “do the work” (another Seth Godin saying). She wouldn’t give me any excuses, she wouldn’t talk endlessly around it. If she had any questions, she’d ask simple and direct ones and then she’d do the work. Afterwords, she’d relate her findings and we’d repeat the cycle.

She grew rapidly and is a totally different person than when we first started. For my part, it was practically effortless.

You see, Michelle and I had the same philosophy (still do). She was transparent, she didn’t make excuses, and she walked the talk. Sound familiar? Many of you have praised me for those same qualities.

Michelle and I see eye-to-eye. We’re on the same page.

Rob said in the previous post’s comments that maybe I’ve come to a fork in the road. I believe he is right, but the fork isn’t between NonAbusers and you guys, no, not at all. is going to be my “work” career, much like I used to do freelance programming. The Vow of NonAbuse is for the masses. But here’s the thing: If you think you are above the masses because you are spiritual, then I’ve completely failed you in my message. It’s not OR’s, it’s AND’s. You’re divine AND you’re human. No matter what excuses you give me, I still can’t imagine a spiritual person not taking the Vow. Just imagine how hypocritical a priest, rabbi or imam would look if they refused to take the vow, and you’ll understand my surprise at all the resistance I got from you guys (yes, I hold you to those kind of standards).

No. is not the problem here—it is not the fork in the road. is just the catalyst. The fork is whether you guys are on board with me. If—like Michelle and Nathan—you’re on the same page with me. If you’re willing to be transparent. If you’re willing to rise above your fears.

If you’re willing to walk your talk.

That’s the fork I’m contemplating.

I love you guys.

But I may have to fire you.