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Wayne Wirs: 1961-2017

Wayne Wirs: 1961-2017


August 28, 2017 11:48 AM

Having accomplished in this incarnation all that I had set out to do (spiritual awakening in 2009 and writing Mystical Oneness last year), I left this planet on the morning of August 31, 2017 at one of my favorite camps along the Green River in Wyoming. … Read more…

BEING GOD: The book so far…

Not The Real Cover

Not The Real Cover


August 19, 2017 1:23 PM

Here is an excerpt (actually, everything I’ve written so far) from my latest book, Being God: A User’s Manual.

You can right-click on the link and then download it, or just click the link normally and read it online.

It’s best viewed full-screen with Two Page view activated (if your PDF reader has that option).

Feel free to print it, share it, link to it, etc.. It’s a gift. I hope you like it.

Part I is a first-draft. Part II is a rough draft (pre-first-draft, straight from mind to digital paper).

Part I: The Descent is complete (as far as I know), but Part II: The Fog still has more to come. Still to be written (when the book comes out): Part III: The Confusion; Part IV: The Ascent; Part V: Being God; and Part VI: The Practices. All are subject to change of course.

Here’s the excerpt:

Please forgive any typos, errors in grammar or punctuation, general stupidity or logic flaws. I tend to fly without a net.

Mystical Oneness Is Now In Paperback


December 19, 2016 3:20 PM

Mystical Oneness and the Nine Aspects of Being is now available in paperback.

It is currently (for the next 3-5 business days) only available at CreateSpace (Amazon’s print on demand service) until it is activated on Amazon’s main site.

If you order now, you should get it by Christmas if you choose the two-day shipping.

Get your copies here.

Please Disregard The Last Post


Turns out, people can’t post Amazon reviews on books that are set to pre-order (unless maybe you are a big publisher).

So… I moved up the publication date to the earliest day possible: December 1, 2016. You can still pre-order it before then… you’ll just get it a month earlier than I had planned.

I’ll keep the discounted pricing ($4.99 versus $9.99) in place until the end of the year, so it’s all good!

Merry Christmas!(?)

Available For Pre-Order For Half Off

Amazon Page

Amazon Page


November 26, 2016 10:32 AM

Mystical Oneness and the Nine Aspects of Being is now available on Amazon (click here to pre-order).

Though it won’t be delivered until the first of the year (Jan 1, 2017) Dec 1, 2016, those who pre-order it get it for half off (Pre-order now until Dec 31, 2016: $4.99. On Jan 1, 2017: $9.99).

I hope to have a print version ready by January 1 ($19.99), but no promises.

I also hope to have the ebook available (soon) on Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Kobo, and Google Play (same pricing).

If you have any spiritual friends who might be interested in Mystical Oneness and the Nine Aspects of Being, please let them know about this half-price offer.

Free Review Copies Available (Sort of)


November 16, 2016 11:15 AM

Until the end of November 24, 2016—Thanksgiving, about a week from now—I’m giving away review copies of Mystical Oneness and the Nine Aspects of Being.

Free (sort of).

Free as in no charge.

Sort of as in—unlike in the past (the wise have their scars)—I’ll be holding everyone who requests a copy accountable for actually posting a review. 🙂

Request your copy here.

The Book and the VA


November 13, 2016 4:54 PM

A few updates:

  • Review copies of the book should be ready soon. Hopefully within a week.
  • I’m scheduled to have my kidney stone zapped (the sonic wave thing) at the end of this month here in Cottonwood. Only two months after my emergency room visit! Basically nothing has changed in the way the government treats veterans in the last decade: Pass them from appointment to appointment to appointment (with a couple weeks in between each appointment) doing pretty much nothing until they run out of excuses and have to treat you. But it’s free, so there’s that.

I’m not complaining for myself so much, but when you see these young kids with missing arms and legs and burns and you hear their stories. Jesus. They don’t give a damn about politics or Washington or excuses. Words are easy. Actions are what they want. They’re hurting. Hurting miserably.

Breaks my heart.

The Realignment

A New Perspective

A New Perspective


May 16, 2016 7:32 PM

I’m satisfied.

Here are the realigned Nine Aspects of Being. You can access them via the About menu also.

The Shadow was too limiting and the Ego was too broad and the two problems—once seen—resolved themselves into the Inner and Outer Egos.

The Ascetic always bothered me also (though I wasn’t sure exactly why). To find your core self, you don’t just need to surrender to an intelligent TaoGod, but to the general Source/Tao also. You need to surrender everything you can to find your core self. Ergo the Ascetic becomes the higher, shared Trans-Enlightened Self Aspect.

And then, it all came together. Three tiers with three Aspects each: A shared foundation Aspect, a Heart Aspect, and a Mind Aspect.

It’s funny how She works. I’m so very grateful.