Tumbling Down the Mountain

Sights on the Road to Moab

PALM BAY, FL–Enlightenment is like a mountain top. In your search for it, you have to climb and climb, dropping excess baggage as you attain higher altitudes. Once you reach the peak, you are “carrying” nothing. What isn’t talked about much though, is that in order to function in the “world of illusion” (the “normal” world), you have to come back down the mountain. For the last year, I have been tumbling and falling down it, getting scraped and bruised as I went. Poetic maybe, but it really makes a lot of sense. More below the break (huh?).

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Fallen Flowers

Yesterday, I was talking about how, without the ego barrier separating “you” from Her, there is a profound, yet inscrutable “communication” between the two poles (of You-that-was-on-the-inside and Her-that-was-on-the-outside).

As I was finishing up yesterday’s blog, there was a knock on my door.

Long story short, the local Oregon Food Bank sent over a driver, and he brought along his mechanic friend to check out my truck for donation, simply because the donation sounded, in their words, “too good to be true.” In poking around at it, they got it to run (a bad battery cable connection). Because it was just an inspection, they didn’t have the donation paperwork, so they said they’d take care of it tomorrow.

Suddenly I had a working truck that didn’t cost anything to fix and would be perfect for getting me and my stuff back to Florida.

What would you have done? What I did is below the break (huh?).

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Listening To Her

The Chipmunk and the Bird House

EUGENE, OR–As I’ve mentioned often, making personal decisions has become surprisingly difficult for me since awakening. I don’t have problems solving problems (software design, trouble-shooting, etc.), but, because there is no “me” left (as weird as that sounds), there seems to be no basis for making decisions about my life or direction–nothing to rest the decision on.

Recently though, I think I’ve found a solution: Listen for Her/Us/TheUniverse to “tell” me. I’m not talking about psychosis or schizophrenia, but listening to powerful intuition, emotional feedback, and synchronicity. More below the break  (huh?).

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