Writer’s Ennui

Procrastinating as the Sun Sets

Procrastinating as the Sun Sets


January 2, 2016 5:15 PM

The last few days I’ve been forcing myself (a very non-Ascetic attitude) to work on probably the hardest part of the book: The evidence of reincarnation for the Soul section.

love writing, but what I’m doing now isn’t writing in a creative way—it is summarizing long, complicated, deeply researched case histories into short, easy to understand paragraphs…

and it’s miserable.

Seriously, miserable. … Read more…

The Home Office

A Short Commute to Work

A Short Commute to Work


November 30, 2015 3:15 PM

After spending a few days hanging around the edges of Phoenix, I felt the urge to move on—the outskirts of most cities these days tend to look just like the outskirts of every other city.

I headed east and south with my eye on Patagonia, an artsy town I’m told, which gets bonus points for having public land (free camping options) nearby. But I’m in no hurry. I’ve just set up camp this afternoon on some state trust land (having picked up a permit from the land office while in Phoenix). It seems pleasant enough, so I may stay a day or two or four. … Read more…

Soul Research

Desert Night

Desert Night


November 21, 2015 1:30 PM

For the last few days I’ve been working on the book in the mornings—researching and collecting evidence of the Soul—then driving in the afternoons, searching for that perfect camping spot.

I’ve been disappointed that Arizona seems to have recently taken to enforcing their no trespassing laws on state lands—lands that in the past I would often camp on. So now I’m forced into “explorer-mode” at a time where I’d like to go to ground and get some writing done. Ideally this “ground” would be close enough to a town where I can work in its coffee shops (which I find conducive to writing), but so far, the only places I’ve found lately were in Lone Pine and Ridgecrest—towns that for some reason I felt compelled to move on from (OK, Lone Pine was getting downright cold at night). … Read more…

An 80/20 Path to Inner Peace

The Mountains Aglow

The Mountains Aglow


November 18, 2015 12:55 PM

We may not believe everything we read or hear, but if the source of what we are “hearing” comes from our mind, don’t we almost always believe it? … Read more…

Life Changing Levels Part I: The Soul

A Whole Lot of Nowhere

A Whole Lot of Nowhere


November 11, 2015 12:07 PM

Lest you think I’m not getting anything done on the book…


  • You can see the updated Map and an overview of the levels via the About Menu above (or just click here).
  • This is a first draft, so please forgive the grammar/punctuation, etc.
  • The other three life-changing levels (Mystic, Witness, TaoGod(I)) will soon follow.

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The Importance of the Soul

The Light Behind The Trees

The Light Behind The Trees


October 21, 2015 3:29 PM

Most spiritual seekers completely skip the Soul level. Those on the Path of the Sage (Mind, I AM) often see it as just another illusionary layer to be discarded (So why bother picking it up?). Those on the Path of the Mystic (Heart, I LOVE), often think they have a soul, but rarely do they identify with it (think of themselves as a Soul).

Both types of spiritual seekers—in “skipping” the Soul level—are making a terrible mistake. Not only will ignoring the Soul stunt the spiritual growth for both the Sage and the Mystic, but for the Mystic it will make it much more difficult to “hear” TaoGodHer’s whispers.

First though, how exactly do we strengthen our Soul identity?Read more…

This Morning’s Insights

Dream-worthy Clouds

Dream-worthy Clouds


September 7, 2015 9:02 AM

This morning, I awoke with the following insights:

  • Collapsing the ego barrier (enlightenment) isn’t the goal. Inner peace and Happiness are. Enlightenment is just an ego desire (we think enlightenment will bring us inner peace and happiness so our ego makes enlightenment a goal).
  • My overall advice to spiritual seekers is to re-distribute your identity dollars into the higher levels of the Map. This will make accessing those levels easier on a day-to-day basis, as well as pulling your identity “center” higher. Bonus Material: Spending more time in the higher levels will dramatically weaken the ego barrier.
  • Michelle is able to access the higher levels practically at will. Less so when overwhelmed. The same applies to me. The biggest practical difference between Michelle and I isn’t the collapse of the ego barrier, but that I get “overwhelmed” less often because my identity is more heavily invested in the higher levels (I don’t take the lower levels very seriously—they are less “me” than the higher levels are). But—I guess—I don’t take the lower levels very seriously because of the collapse of the ego barrier(?) (may be a circular argument but may also be a powerful, circular technique: Strengthening the higher, weakens the lower, which weakens the ego barrier, which strengthens the higher…).
  • A big thing that makes my outlook on life different from most is that I look at death like it is an upcoming vacation. I see death as kind of a respite from the daily grind (yeah, tough life I live). A temporary vacation, knowing full well that I’ll have to come back to work (re-incarnate) sometime after. (Readers: Don’t go freaking out on me now. I enjoy this life and feel I have a very clear purpose (work) to do. Because of that purpose, I want to get as much of this work done before the vacation.)

Focusing On a Subject

Holding It Together

Holding It Together

FLAGSTAFF, AZ—In photography, before you even raise the camera to your eye, it’s important to recognize what will be the subject of the photo. What will you focus on—and just as importantly—what will you leave out of the shot.

In creating a new project, it is important to know what functionality to include and what to do without. What is the subject that you should focus on to bring your project to life?

In spirituality, there are a million people trying to sell you (get you to focus on) a million products and services (subjects), so it is crucial to weed these distractions out if you ever wish to achieve inner harmony.

The only subject that you need to focus on in order to find inner peace is this: Your identity.

Who or what exactly are you?

Note: If you have an answer to this question then I’m afraid you need to keep looking.

The Fleeting Nature of Practically Everything

My Office In The Woods

My Office In The Woods

FLAGSTAFF, AZ—With three clicks of the mouse, four hours of work disappeared. Sadly, this was not my intention.

Phase I of this idea I’m working on will generate income from the sales of some Zazzle items (along with donations), so I spent the morning designing the products I intend to sell (shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, and possibly charms/jewelry).

After finishing three products, I realized I had made a tiny mistake, so I deleted the products, which—unbeknownst to me—also deleted the designs that I was using for the products.

Poof! Four hours of work instantly vaporized into the ether.

I sat and looked at the screen, at all the white space where my designs used to be, closed the laptop, took a deep breath and gazed outside.

The Eternal quality tells us (contrary to the way it sounds) that practically everything is temporary. Every plant and tree and bird I was looking at outside would soon be gone. My rig would be gone, my possessions, my body.

The Eternal quality says, “You own nothing. There’s no use trying to hold onto anything. Everything, except you-as-Awareness, vanishes.”

I opened back up the laptop, and started clicking and dragging once again.

Why Uploading Your Consciousness Won’t Work

The Selway River

The Selway River

CLEARWATER NF, ID—For years I’ve been hearing people talk about the near future where you will be able to upload your consciousness into a computer and live forever as a sort of “ghost” in the machine.

A lot of people believe this will actually work—uploading your consciousness to a hard drive—but these people also believe that they are their thoughts (which, sadly, is practically everyone).

The Mystic knows that uploading your consciousness into a machine won’t work. Why? Because he knows we are not our thoughts, he knows we are the observer of our thoughts.

Not convinced? Try this little thought experiment:

Imagine the day has finally arrived where we have perfected the technology to upload your consciousness into a computer. Millions of people, while on their deathbeds, have been plugged in, uploaded, and are now living long, healthy, computer-based lives. Down to the last cyber-one of them, they exclaim, “This is great! We live forever!”

“Wonderful,” you say, “Sign me up.”

Immediately after you fork over the $500,000 for the Forever-Me-Me-Me service (to be implemented at the moment of your death), some smart-assed Mystic taps you on the shoulder and says, “Why wait? Why take the chance you could be killed in a car crash on a remote road, too far from a Forever-Me-Me-Me center, and miss your window of opportunity? Why not upload now?”

Good idea, you say, and so you plug yourself in, have yourself uploaded, and the machine comes to life thinking it is you. “It worked!,” the machine-you exclaims, “This is great! I’m going to live forever!”

But there’s a teeny, tiny problem: The machine thinks it is you—that worked as expected—but you are still stuck in your body, looking at the machine which thinks it is you.

“LOL,” the machine says. “It sucks to be you! But don’t worry, I’ll live forever.”

You are not your thoughts. You won’t get “transferred” into the machine even if the machine does have all your thoughts and memories.

The machine is just a cybernetic clone, a copy, a soul-less hard drive. You are much more than that.

You are that which experiences your thoughts.