Now I Know Why

PANCHO VILLA SP, NM—Well, I know why She sent me here. Right across the street from the park is a little auto repair place run by these two Mexican guys. Since I’ve decided to hold off on the van idea until I get a little more savings built up and a good head start on the book(s), I figured it was a good time to get the brakes done on my truck.

Total cost to have both brake rotors replaced, new bearing, new brake pads, and an oil change: $250—at least half what I’d pay in a non-border town.

I also had a pair of computer glasses made up in Mexico. Again, about half what I’d pay in a non-border town: $75 out the door.

So I figured by Her sending me down here, I saved at least $350, probably more.

She works in mysterious ways. The trick is to learn how to hear Her whispers—and the hardest part—how to listen to them.

I Don’t Know Why

PANCHO VILLA SP, NM—When my propane ran out after only five days, I knew it was time to move camp and find an electric site so that I could use my electric heater. They said on the news that it was colder here today than it was in Anchorage, Alaska.

As I left the park, I said a goodbye to Roger, a fellow nomad and photographer who I happened across yesterday. He said he knew me and follows my blog. He said he also knew Glenn and was wearing a hat that said, “Live Simply” and I thought Glenn should have some hats made up that said, “To Simplify”.

After washing a load of laundry and buying some supplies in Deming, I drove south to Columbus and set up camp at Pancho Villa State Park. I don’t know why, since there is nothing around here but the tiny border town of Columbus.

But She told me to come here and I listened.

After setting up camp, I drove the three miles to the border and walked across for some dinner and margaritas.

While eating, a Mexican family came into the largely empty restaurant and a young woman with the party occasionally made eye contact. She reminded me of Zoriaya, a Colombian woman I dated for a few years.

As I went up to pay the bill, she walked up to the exit and examined the guest register there. I knew she wanted me to talk to her… but I didn’t. I don’t know why.