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A Man On The Fence

Near REDINGER LAKE, CA—He had stopped by the dam three times that day, admiring the lake, but noticeably curious about the man sitting in an easy chair in a van. Finally, as daylight faded, he set up his tent and

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Real World Resurrection

REDINGER LAKE, CA—I’ve said it a million times, but Easter seems an appropriate time to say it again: The less there is of you, the more there is of Her. Her being TaoGodHer of course. Now put the chocolate bunny down nice and easy, drop

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No-Self And Miraculous Healing

REDINGER LAKE, CA—In the interest of transparency. From my journal entry yesterday (minor edits to add appropriate links): April 10, 2014 at 12:30 PM Not sure I’m ready to document this on the website… Too many unknowns, too many unbelievable

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Evidence Of The Divine

REDINGER LAKE, CA—In the morning, the sky lightens and the wind picks up and the sound of the waves lapping on the shore wakes me. Near the dam, a flock of small birds sweep and soar over the water’s surface,

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Negative Reinforcement

FRESNO, CA—When it comes to spiritual development, I’m a big fan of negative reinforcement. If it sucks, you’ll tend to avoid it. So un-Buddhist of me I know, but it works (I’m not a Buddhist). In this forum post, I

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SHAVER LAKE, CA—Thursday, while in Fresno, I looked up the weather for Shaver Lake and saw rain on Saturday and snow on Monday. Still not sure where to go though, I flipped my coin and She said to head back

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Feeling and Sharing Divine Love

FRESNO, CA—With the weather expected to be a mix of rain and even snow for a couple days around Lake Shaver, I decided to head down to Fresno. With libraries, movie theaters, coffee shops, hardware stores, cheap supplies and all

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Three As One

SHAVER LAKE, CA—When I start taking on students again, I think instead of trying to take them one step at a time—getting the Soul down, then Radiance, then Emptiness—we’ll work on all three aspect at the same time. Living as

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Less You, More Love

On the Lake, LAKE ISABELLA, CA—The audio kicked out—the servers on Adyashanti’s online course on Redemptive Love maybe having been overloaded—and, living in acceptance, I closed the laptop and opened the cargo door of my van. I sat in the

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Am I Enlightened?

On the Lake, LAKE ISABELLA, CA Am I enlightened? I think Ram Dass put it best when asked that question: Usually whenever I’m asked that question I immediately answer, “No,” so as to be humble. But I look around and

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