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The Times Are A-Changin’

CONGRESS, AZ—For the last few days I’ve been contemplating taking this, or another blog, in a new direction. Then this morning, reader Jud sent me this link from Scott Kiloby’s site about “premature awakening.” At first I thought Jud was being critical

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The Leaves On The Stream

SEDONA, AZ—I watch the leaves—yellow and gold and red and brown—drift along the stream in the desert outside Sedona. Occasionally, a curved leaf falls upon the water and it slides up-current, blown by the wind, dodging in and out of

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Humble. Compassionate. Kind. Loving.

FLAGSTAFF, AZ—To wake up, you must transcend the ego. One in a million can do this by accident, but for the rest of us, we must weaken the ego first. As I inferred over on this NonAbusers blog post today, weakening the

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The Experience of Cosmic Consciousness

FLAGSTAFF, AZ—I didn’t want to post the previous article, The Rabbit Hole, simply because it was an example of thinking your spirituality rather than living it and I had just gotten off my rant against that very subject. But… When Cosmic Consciousness wakes up within you, you

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The Rabbit Hole

FLAGSTAFF, AZ—You’ve often heard me dissing thoughts. One of the biggest thoughts we have is about the personal self—your past, your story, your roles. Here’s a simple Emptiness practice that can lead you down the rabbit hole, reveal your personal self and land

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Eroding The Ego

FLAGSTAFF, AZ—Though it is getting colder, I’m still in Flagstaff awaiting a couple of things: Some NonAbusers shirts and my vehicle registration. An odd feature of the nomadic life is that, while mail magically appears out of thin air for most, for

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A New Day

FLAGSTAFF, AZ—It is a new day and, like the end of any unhealthy relationship, I’m filled with that odd mixture of both melancholy and relief. As I posted on the NonAbusers blog, sometimes we have to hurt others in the short term,

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Please Unsubscribe

FLAGSTAFF, AZ—IMPORTANT NOTE: This message is intended for the spiritual seekers on this blog. For all others, please see my previous post. When I talked about firing my customers, I had every intention of pulling a Krishnamurti and ending this blog. I was

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Excuses and Firing Your Customers

FLAGSTAFF, AZ—Sheesh. I never saw so many “righteous” excuses as I saw in the comments on yesterday’s post. Your comments inspired a blog post from me over on NonAbusers. You’ve heard me say it a thousand times: Thoughts are your worst enemy. Excuses are

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FLAGSTAFF, AZ—Every time I see the word, nihilism, I think of the movie, The Big Lebowski, and every time I think of The Big Lebowski I think of what a perfect movie it is for any serious student of any nondual teaching because The Big Lebowski is

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