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The Imbued

MT HOOD, OR—I’m still on Mt. Hood, busting my hump on this project, but the end is near and I’ll soon be on the road again. Spending all this time coding—being the Code—provided me with an insight this morning: You imbue

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The Shadow Falls

CAMP 3 (or 4), MT HOOD, OR—I’ve been feeling particularly dark lately. Though it would be easy to blame it all on work, I secretly believe it’s all Michelle’s fault. She’s wrestling with her Shadow, and as any Mystic/student relationship worth its salt

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How To Dramatically Increase Your Luck

CAMP 3 (or 4), MT HOOD, OR—I came down off my mountain to hang out with Randy the Mobile Kodger for the afternoon. When I told him I’d been thinking of using the term luck instead of synchronicity he spontaneously slid into his Southern Baptist Preacher

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Sometimes I Bite

MT HOOD, OR—My client hated what I had done for him with the forums. His words, “I thought I laid out exactly what I wanted in my email of 5 July 2014. I was surprised when it was completely different.” Now

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The Flood

MT HOOD, OR—I closed the laptop, closed the van, and drove up to Government Camp for a good meal and a well deserved beer. 100 billable hours. Three times what I normally put in in a billing cycle. But those

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The Value Of Thoughts

NE MT. HOOD SITE #2—When it comes to thoughts, I value mine at a good, solid 9. Does that surprise you after all my rants against thoughts? Well, it shouldn’t because that’s 9 on a scale of 100. But from what

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I’d Really Rather Not

NE MT. HOOD SITE #2—Inside me, the forest flourished. Off to the right, high in the trees, a bird chirped his song. Across to the left, bees hovered and alit on the large bush where I toss the dishwater, probably attracted

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I AM the Code

NE MT. HOOD—The last few days I’ve been writing computer code. When you write code, you become the code—or more accurately—the code becomes the All. Probably because of all this coding, the last few people I advised received a question like this: When you

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The Release Of Constrictions Unknown

NE MT. HOOD—The recent realization that I should be focusing my attention on helping others to awaken the Divine within, rather than on straight-up enlightenment, has left me with a deep felt sense of peace and direction. Though I’m not ready

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Mystic Michelle

MT HOOD, OR—I define a Mystic as someone who experiences the duplex personality. Capital ‘M’ because half that personality is the awakenend Divine within. God is not you, but She’s not not you either. I’m begining to realize that maybe my “purpose” is

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