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See What He Sees

FLAGSTAFF, AZ—When I got serious about taking photos, I did what a lot of serious photography students do: I found a photographer whose work I loved and blatantly tried to copy his style. My hero was Harry Callahan (no, not that Harry Callahan). But

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Focusing On a Subject

FLAGSTAFF, AZ—In photography, before you even raise the camera to your eye, it’s important to recognize what will be the subject of the photo. What will you focus on—and just as importantly—what will you leave out of the shot. In creating a new project,

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24: The Burka

FLAGSTAFF, AZ—[Kiefer Sutherland voice over]: The following takes place between five AM and six AM on the morning of October 10th. Events happen in real time. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Darkness. Aliveness. Glimmer of Light. Swirling. Churning. Confusion… where am

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The Fleeting Nature of Practically Everything

FLAGSTAFF, AZ—With three clicks of the mouse, four hours of work disappeared. Sadly, this was not my intention. Phase I of this idea I’m working on will generate income from the sales of some Zazzle items (along with donations), so I spent the morning

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Progress and Motivation and Spiritual Growth

FLAGSTAFF, AZ—Progress is slow on the new website I’m designing. I’ve spent the last two days buried deep in technical pages while researching various open-source packages. And while not a line of code has been written, I’ve still learned a

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The Unknowable Nature Of Self

PROVO, UT—Even if this idea of mine takes off (and why wouldn’t it?), I’ll still be blogging about Mystical Oneness and helping those I can. The following is from a Google+ conversation between Michelle and I on how undefinable the sense of “you” becomes at the

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The Dual Lives of Modern Enlightened Teachers

LA BARGE, WY—Years ago, I wrote a post, Why Don’t Enlightenment Teachers Blog?. In it, I (not so subtly) implied that the blissed-out state that most teachers present on stage is not abiding—they don’t take it into their day-to-day lives continuously. The other

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The Art of Waiting

LA BARGE, WY—A river flows gently by my door and a nice breeze passes through the van. At 7000 feet, the foliage is already changing, turning red and gold according to their secret timetable. The trees are far wiser about

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Muse Interrupted. Moose Interrupted.

TETON NF, WY—The weekend campers had all left, so I had my choice of all the free campsites along the Snake River that I could ever want… but I also had an idea. Being too creative can be a curse in its

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Existential Angst

ALONG THE SNAKE RIVER, ID—As all the assumptions you’ve made over the years about yourself start to be seen as just stories—as they start to fall away—a deep feeling of existential angst can overcome you. What is the meaning of

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