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The Art of Waiting

LA BARGE, WY—A river flows gently by my door and a nice breeze passes through the van. At 7000 feet, the foliage is already changing, turning red and gold according to their secret timetable. The trees are far wiser about

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Muse Interrupted. Moose Interrupted.

TETON NF, WY—The weekend campers had all left, so I had my choice of all the free campsites along the Snake River that I could ever want… but I also had an idea. Being too creative can be a curse in its

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Existential Angst

ALONG THE SNAKE RIVER, ID—As all the assumptions you’ve made over the years about yourself start to be seen as just stories—as they start to fall away—a deep feeling of existential angst can overcome you. What is the meaning of

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The Healing Thing

IDAHO FALLS, ID—In reference to the previous post, reader Rimas asked how I do the healing thing I do. I’m a little hesitant to describe it only because it’s a bit too “woo woo” for my tastes, but in the interest

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The Trouble With Miracles

IDAHO FALLS, ID—Yesterday, my mother collapsed and was taken to the hospital. The initial tests showed she had a white blood count of 1 (where 10 is normal) and they suspected she had some sort of blood infection. Last night, I/She/We lay

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An Example of Cosmic Consciousness

BIRCH CREEK CAMPGROUND, ID— As the you-thing weakens, Cosmic Consciousness becomes stronger and starts to guide your actions while at the same time feeding you information. It is subtle, not necessarily like a separate entity, but more like an intimate part of

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Just Imagine…

A deeper consciousness of oneself A deeper attunement to nature A deeper relationship with the transcendent (the numinous, the divine, the spiritual) Increased creativity An increased sense of freedom These are not my words (though they could be). I found

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Why Uploading Your Consciousness Won’t Work

CLEARWATER NF, ID—For years I’ve been hearing people talk about the near future where you will be able to upload your consciousness into a computer and live forever as a sort of “ghost” in the machine. A lot of people

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All Over The Place

CLARKSTON, WA—One of the major advantages to van dwelling (versus typical RV- or trailer-based nomading) is that you know ahead of time that you will find a place to crash for the night no matter where you find yourself—no pre-planning is required,

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WALLA WALLA, WA—In an email, Rob asked what it’s like to fall in love with TaoGodHer: In one of your posts you say, “walking, just walking—just a movement, a current, a tide—all happening within God Herself and I fell in love

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