The Futility Of Trying To Prove God

Deaf Ears

Deaf Ears


May 20, 2016 11:38 AM

Wayne:  We’ve decided to remain at our Willard Springs location for the next 10 or so days. You know you’re welcome to visit/stay with us.

Associating with atheists/agnostics might do for you what a whetstone does for a knife.

Not a very appealing prospect, huh? Drive 20 miles out of my way for a futile endeavor? To try to prove the Divine is real? … Read more…

The Atheist’s Assumption

A Simple Matter of Framing the Subject

A Simple Matter of Framing the Subject


December 21, 2015 3:37 PM

Though I have never believed in the God of the Bible or Torah or Koran, I—though it wasn’t always so—now see the Divine’s presence in literally everything.

As a former atheist, I feel I’m somewhat of an expert on the attitude of many atheists. This attitude can best be summed up thusly:

Only a fool believes in something where there is no evidence to support it.

I still largely agree with that statement (though fool, to the “new me,” is too strong a word). But the atheist makes a tragically invalid assumption based on that statement. … Read more…

The Eater of Worlds

The Field and the Vista

The Field and the Vista


July 13, 2015 10:51 AM

I sat on a berm overlooking a lush, green ski tract with the Rocky Mountains forming a beautiful and natural panoramic backdrop. As I thought about something Jerry Freeman and I had just discussed a few moments earlier, a tall, purple flower tottered across the field of grass in front of me, then shrank and disappeared down a tiny hole—carried along, presumably, by some small and unseen rodent.

In my entire life, I had never seen anything like that. … Read more…

The Trouble With Miracles

Idaho Falls

Idaho Falls

IDAHO FALLS, ID—Yesterday, my mother collapsed and was taken to the hospital. The initial tests showed she had a white blood count of 1 (where 10 is normal) and they suspected she had some sort of blood infection.

Last night, I/She/We lay in bed and did the healing thing. Today, they couldn’t find anything wrong with her. Her white blood count was normal at 10.

Were the initial blood tests incorrect? What caused my mother to collapse? Why couldn’t they find anything wrong with her later? Did the healing thing I did actually work or was it just a coincidence?

I have no answers to any of these questions. There are no definitive answers, and that is the trouble with miracles—they are often ambiguous.

I truly don’t know how I feel about these “healings” (another example and another example and another example and a failed example), but since they have all involved my family, I’ll keep doing the healing thing no matter how uncertain I am.

But here is the thing, if (as I so often say) the less there is of you, the more there is of Her is in fact true (and who can doubt this by now), then the more you weaken your ego (via Eternal/Radiance/Emptiness practices) then the more likely “miracles” will become a part of your life.

And when times are desperate, who couldn’t use a little Divine intervention? Practice, practice, practice.

Note: My brother is with Mom, and he has requested that the doctors run another blood test to verify she is OK. I still haven’t heard back from them, but, in the interest of transparency (and I may be offline tomorrow), I wanted to post this “as I know it at the moment.”

No-Self And Miraculous Healing

Missing Handle. Missing Bone Lump.

Missing Handle. Missing Bone Lump.

REDINGER LAKE, CA—In the interest of transparency. From my journal entry yesterday (minor edits to add appropriate links):

April 10, 2014 at 12:30 PM

Not sure I’m ready to document this on the website… Too many unknowns, too many unbelievable experiences in such a short time period:

Have been reading One Mind—basically about the evidence of TaoGodHer—and was thinking, “Of all these fantastic abilities that it talks about as evidence, which of these powers would I like to have?”

I know the argument against attachment to siddhis, but still, which one?

Healing. No question. Even though it would destroy my love of solitude, it would be the one that could both do the most hands-on good for others and be miraculous enough to convince others of Her existence.

About an hour after I had uploaded a blog post about the book One Mind, I shut the van door on my bath towel and it jammed the door. As I was pulling repeatedly on the handle, the handle broke off and I fell to the ground and sprained my back. One of those it’s-going-to-be-a-month-of-pain-type of back sprains.

An hour later, sitting in pain but oddly at peace, looking out over the lake and forest and thinking of TaoGodHer/One Mind as the life force inside all those trees—seeing the life force rising up inside the trees—I suddenly looked inside this body and found the same thing. No Self, just TaoGodHer and a thin shell-like structure (my body) containing/separating it from the rest of Her.

No self at all. As I write this the next day, 24 hours later, I still can’t find the transcendent self that has been “me” for the last four and a half years.

Anyway, I figured this was a good time to practice the healing. I lay down in bed and an odd and surprising thought came to me. The pain in my back reminded me of Dad’s back pain, so rather than trying to cure my own, I lay there visualizing taking in his pain into my own—into this living emptiness that I find inside this shell/body. I did the same with Mom’s partially blocked artery, taking it into myself. Not trying to heal myself (there isn’t any “myself”) just taking in their pain and disease.

Today, a few big surprises. Though my back is a tiny bit stiff, there is practically no pain. Furthermore, that odd 3/4 inch bone-like lump that was on my right wrist only yesterday, the one that looked like an extra wrist bone, is gone. It is just not there anymore. That in itself is a miracle as I always suspected it to be bone cancer. Additionally, the pain in my ankle from when I twisted/cracked it down in Mexico two months ago is practically gone.

As I said, I’m not ready to go public with these things yet. I want to see if both the no-self and the healing are of more a permanent nature.

Update (me blogging now)…

  1. This feeling/experience of no-self is different from Radiance in that the Shell/Portal of Radiance feels like “you.” In this case there is no “me”—the shell thing just feels like a hollow “crust” of this body. See this and this for more on my earlier thoughts on the transcendent-self and no-self.
  2. Currently, the no-self and transcendent-self flip in and out, so—as of now—the no-self isn’t a permanent state.
  3. I don’t know if the healing practice had any effect on my parents. There is no phone coverage here and for whatever reason, I didn’t email Mom about it. Figured she’d tell me if they noticed anything when she reads this.
  4. No noticeable pain in my back or ankle anymore (48 hours later).
  5. That mysterious wrist bone lump is gone. I wish I had a before photo. I had pointed it out to my mother when I was last down in Florida (it was smaller then), so hopefully she remembers it.

A few things that seem important:

  1. I was in the no-self state during the healing experiment.
  2. I wasn’t trying to heal myself but others.
  3. The thought of bringing their pain/disease/illness into my own body (not healing it but pulling it out of their bodies and into mine) surprised me.
  4. I didn’t/don’t care if pulling in their pain/disease/illness affected me. The feeling was there was no “me” for the pain/disease/illness to attach itself to.

Status Update April 12, 2014 8:55 AM:

For an update on my parents’ conditions, see this comment.

Evidence Of The Divine

Dam at Redinger Lake

Dam at Redinger Lake

REDINGER LAKE, CA—In the morning, the sky lightens and the wind picks up and the sound of the waves lapping on the shore wakes me. Near the dam, a flock of small birds sweep and soar over the water’s surface, capturing their breakfast. I look out at the forest and take in the beauty and wonder of the natural perfection of it all.

The other day, She said, “This is the makings of the Divine.”

I have thought about that statement a lot since then.

I’m reading a book, One Mind, and while I’m not finished with it, it provides some of the most powerful evidence of TaoGodHer (what the author calls One Mind) that I have ever come across.

To prove his theory of the One Mind, he presents overwhelming evidence in the form of studies, reports, and news stories on such topics as Near Death Experiences, Remote Viewing, Reincarnation, ESP among Primitive Cultures, Savants, Separated Identical Twins, Synchronicity, Distance Healing…. Not just woo-woo claims, but documented evidence and research. Events that are made possible by a connection to a higher, all-knowing, all-powerful intelligence.

Taken individually, you’d be justified in being skeptical, but taken as a whole—a huge amount of evidence from a wide range of sources—well, if you’ve ever had doubts about what I call TaoGodHer before, I suspect this book will put an end to them.

I recommend One Mind to everyone to whom my message resonates: That we are both separate but one with some greater, vaster intelligence.

Powerful stuff.

The Coin Flip

Islands In The Stream

Islands In The Stream

On the Kern River, LAKE ISABELLA, CA—One of the things I forgot to mention in the How I Roll post in reference to flipping a coin is why the coin flip is sacred.

I am a mystic because synchronicity has become an everyday occurrence to me—it has become an expected part of my day to day experience.

Now I am also a very rational man, and I can come up with no other explanation for these everyday, odds defying, improbable coincidences except that there must be an omnipotent, omniscient, all caring being that is involved with my life.

Simple as that. It’s a very rational conclusion:

Synchronicity implies God.

But not only is synchronicity evidence of TaoGodHer, but it also means that She is directly involved in my life:

Synchronicity implies direct communication from God.

Now I’m not special, not in the least. Practically all spiritual seekers will tell you that the more spiritual they become, the more often synchronistic events occur in their lives. This suggests a pattern or even a natural law. It is evidence that something miraculous is going on. In other words:

The less there is of you (by becoming more spiritual), the more there is of TaoGodHer (as evidenced by the increase in synchronicity).

What does this have to do with flipping a coin?

If you recognize that TaoGodHer is already involved with your life, then you can use the simple flipping of a coin as a direct method to ask Her for advice.

But here’s the key: When you flip the coin, always keep in the front of your mind that what you are really doing is asking Her to show you the way.

Flipping a coin with this in mind is like having a two-way conversation with God Herself.

That’s why the coin flip is sacred.

And that’s why I always follow Her advice.

How The Guru Knows What To Say

Dying To Be Reborn

Dying To Be Reborn

APALACHICOLA NATIONAL FOREST, FL—It’s a common spiritual belief that authentic gurus are able to say exactly what you need to hear without your asking—as if they can somehow read your mind.

Though I’m not a guru, I am all about transparency so let me relate exactly how it works from my perspective.

Yesterday, Michelle had posted a kind of vague, general happenings post to me (this is how we interact—she journals, and I comment if I’ve got any guidance). To her post, I couldn’t think of anything to say so I wasn’t going to reply, but She (capital “S”) did have something, so I simply typed what She told me to:

You’re at that stage that the more you resist Her, the more you’ll suffer. Conversely, the less there is of you, the more easily you’ll hear Her whispers and (if you follow them) life will flow more smoothly (the lesson of the Pelican).

Even if Her whispers point you in a direction opposite of what your mind shouts, follow Her whispers. What goes on in your head is not important.

Practice this for awhile—don’t make it a rule set in stone, but just experiment with it, play with it—and see if it doesn’t help with smoothing out Life’s troubles.

To which Michelle replied how this was not only useful but had been actually happening with a whole lot of things going on in her life, none of which I was aware of (remember, I wasn’t going to reply originally since I had nothing). Her last sentence to me was this:

Also, it’s funny how your advice matches up to where I am and where I need to be going so often.

That’s the insider’s view. That’s how it works with me (and I suspect it’s similar with most authentic spiritual leaders/teachers/gurus/guides): An Intelligence far greater than my mind has access to whispers (not an intuition or vision, but more like a sudden flash of knowledge or wisdom—a certainty—that just appears out of nowhere) and I simply pass it on.

Anyone can have this kind of access to the Divine—it’s really not complex at all. You simply have to stop taking what goes on in your mind so seriously (since most of what goes on in your head is about you).

And the less there is of you, the more there is of Her.

Baby Showers and the Mother-Son Connection

Morning Dew on Yellow Petals

Morning Dew on Yellow Petals

WICKHAM CP, FL—I ran into my mother at the old condo a few moments ago. I was there to take some measurements of a couple dressers that I’ll be using in the van, and she was there sorting through some of the stuff we hadn’t moved yet.

She said she had something to tell me and though I knew it had something to do with The Night of the Burning Trailer, we hadn’t seen or talked to each other for about a week so it could have been about anything.

She said the other night she couldn’t sleep, that her mind was filled with thoughts of textiles of all things (fabrics) and she couldn’t figure out why (she didn’t know I was contemplating covering the van walls with fabric).

She had also been trying to decide whether to head down to my niece’s baby shower next week (three hours away). Suddenly, still not able to sleep, she heard a shout, “Don’t go!”

The next morning, she checked my blog and thought my trailer had burned down and was shocked to see that I couldn’t sleep that night either.

Tough evening all around.

When she told me this, I pointed out that this was more evidence—powerful evidence—that She/God’s real, that maybe the mother-son connection is giving her greater access to Her and that the synchronicites of the fabrics and the sleepless night were Her way of reinforcing Her message (don’t go!)

Mom said it wasn’t really a voice, that it was hard to describe exactly what it was. I know what she means, that it’s almost like a new sense, like the sense of smell or taste, and since there’s nothing to compare it to there are simply no words to describe it. That maybe Mom was learning to hear Her whispers too.

I assured her that I didn’t feel anything bad happening at the baby shower, but that if she did go, she’d probably have a car accident either on the way there or on the way back.

It’s hard to have that kind of faith in the Mysterious, but I’m sure my niece will understand.

The Neurosurgeon and the Soul

Sunset over Bluewater Lake

BLUEWATER LAKE SP, NM—Some of the most convincing evidence of the Soul are from former non-believers who’ve undergone profound spiritual transformations.

I know, I’ve been there. I was an atheist who experienced an unexpected past life memory that shook me to the core. This led to some serious research which convinced me that the Soul is as real as the body.

There is zero evidence that we blink-out at death. Anyone who believes that “death is the end” is just as foolish and gullible as a religious fundamentalist.

Let me say that again: There is zero evidence that we just blink out at death.

There is ample evidence on the other hand, that our lives continue onward after our bodies cease to function.

Here’s the article from a neurosurgeon who had a life-changing experience during a seven day coma.

Just more evidence of the Soul.