Bird in a High Tree

Sumner Lake SP, NM—When I hear the birds sing in the morning, when I gaze out at the juniper trees and cacti living so peacefully in the desert, when I see the flowers all having turned toward the sun, I sometimes think, “What is this thing called Life?”

From a rational point of view, life makes no sense. Shouldn’t everything just be a bunch of sand and rocks? Isn’t that where random events lead?

From a mystic’s point of view, Life—the will that lies behind each organism, that drives each organism—is a powerful reminder of the Divine.

If You Doubt the Existence of God/Her…

Out My Window

Chewacla SP, Auburn, ALIn my last post, I mentioned how my friend Jim, after his house burned down, was contemplating going nomad—buying an RV and living in it full-time. About a week ago, he told me that the RV he had in mind is a Winnebago Via. He told me he was thinking of pulling a Jeep behind it.

Because it is so short for a class A (25 feet), the Winnebago Via isn’t a very common RV.

Just yesterday, a couple in a Winnebago Via—towing a Jeep—pulled into the campsite right next to mine (photo above, shot from my window).

The entire campground only has one other camper besides me. There are dozens of empty sites. Campers can pick any site they want.

A rare Winnebago Via. Towing a Jeep. Into an empty campground. And camping right next to me. What are the odds?

What Does All This Mean?

How do you explain these ongoing mysterious events—events that I have been blogging about practically weekly since my awakening over two years ago?

Is She trying to remove any doubts in my mind that She exists?

Is She trying to remove any doubts in your mind?

I’ve made a new blog category, Evidence, to start tagging these little mysteries and miracles. Click the link to get them all in one place.

And—because Synchronicity implies God/Her—you should probably check out posts marked Synchronicity too (if you’ve still got doubts).

Just more evidence. Evidence that the less there is of you, the more there is of Her.

Sometimes She Bites

Out My Window

Chewacla SP, Auburn, AL—I’ve often said, “The less there is of me, the more there is of Her.” Often, for people who are physically near me, they pick up on Her energy (I know how pompous that sounds, but it is what it is). For some, She hugs them and they reap Her benefits—my mother, one of my former students—but for others, sometimes She’s a little more… forceful.

Sometimes She bites.

More below the break (What does “more below the break” mean?).

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The Three Owls

Three Owls

I am writing this before I turn on my Internet, before I get inundated with the daily emails, before I lose the feel for what has happened. I’m going to do the absolute minimal of editing to get it out there. I don’t want it to lose the power behind it.

For the last three months, I have been experimenting with the Law of Attraction/the Secret/the Power of the Mind/Wish Fulfillment/….

I feel if it works for anyone, it should work for me—one who has so little to get in the way of the Universe (though I hate that term). I’ll go into more details in future posts, but this entry seems to be the conclusion to those experiments.

My mother has (had?) the same rare form of cancer as Steve Jobs had, a cancer so rare that there is no agreed upon course of treatment. After her surgery, after it had shifted and metastasized to her liver, she was prescribed a two-pill form of chemotherapy. One for brain cancer, one for colon cancer. She has neither, but there you go.

On Monday, my mother had a barium CAT scan done to see how the treatment was working.

On Tuesday, they did another CAT scan (non-barium this time) because “something was wrong” with the first CAT scan.

On Wednesday—yesterday—her doctor told my mother that the CAT scans revealed no sign of cancer, that the tumors—which were obvious on a CAT scan taken four months ago—were no longer visible. They took two scans because they were so surprised. They put her on three more months of the therapy (just because it isn’t visible doesn’t mean it isn’t still there), but all in all, it seems like a miracle and by the doctor’s surprise, it seems he’d agree.

This morning—12 hours after I heard the above news—I awoke to the sound of an owl. Sitting alone on a branch outside my camper, he hooted. I went outside and looked up at him, feeling that this was some sort of sign, some mysterious message, some arcane confirmation of the mysteries that lie behind all Form, some further confirmation that She exists, and is involved and cares.

A few minutes later, another owl flew over and sat on the branch next to him. A few minutes later, a third.

Never in my entire life have I seen even a single great horned owl.

Today I saw three.

I don’t know how else to explain this. I know I’ve said it on this blog a million times before, but at times like these, it really hits home. That these bizarre but wonderful events are just further proof that: the less there is of you, the more there is of Her.

More (Personal) Supporting Evidence of the Soul

Wall Flowers

I have a slight, four inch long indentation in my skull, just at the hairline above my left eye. It isn’t visible, but you can feel where is seems like the edge of a 2×4 whacked me sometime in the past.

Though I spent far more time in the emergency room than most children, not once was it for a head injury.

Today, I was reading about a study on reincarnation and how often blemishes or birthmarks coincide with people’s past life memories of injuries.

I found that interesting because one of my first past life memories (recalled as I was testing out this mediation (quarter of the way down the page)) was as a Norwegian 15th century ship builder, and being killed when a timber on the bow sprung loose and crushed my skull. The beam smashed me in the head in the identical place as my (current) head dent.

I never made that connection before.

Food for thought.

More Evidence of the Soul


Amsterdam reader Lode sent me a link to the following documentary, The Day I Died.

What makes the videos important is that the majority of the experiences were verified by the physicians and staff (ie: descriptions of the surgical tools, conversations by the staff, where some dentures were placed…) while the patients were having their NDEs (near death experiences).

I particularly liked the description of the Light (this segment around 3:45) by one woman who, while “dead,” asked her deceased uncle if the Light was God, and he replied that no, the Light is what happens when God breathes.

That piece resonated with me because it is a perfect description of what the Radiant Level feels like—like God breathing through you.

Enjoy—and think about what being a Soul implies.

(Also see: Why I’m Not Afraid To Die: Evidence of the Soul)

That Wonderful Nauseous (Nauseating?) Feeling

Empty Outdoor Cafe

DENVER, CO—I woke up at 4am this morning with that nauseous (nauseating?) feeling (feeling of nausea?) that I often get when I’m doing something “wrong.” I couldn’t figure it out since I’ve decided not to decide on, well, anything. I’ve decided I’m only going to do what only feels right, or toss the die (thanks Tom), or do nothing at all.

So why was I feeling nauseous?

After I got up, I went down to my car, and discovered that I had another flat tire. Thank God/Her that it went flat last night at the hotel and not way the hell up there in the Rockies where I was yesterday, because this morning I couldn’t get the tire off the wheel studs no matter how much I banged it with a hammer. I ended up having to call a tow truck.

Maybe there’s something more to these ill feelings than I suspected. Before I woke up, I had never seriously believed in psychic abilities (which is one of the benefits of the Radiant Level), but this, at least to me, is pretty compelling evidence.

PS: When your flat tire won’t come off the wheel studs, don’t sweat it. Just put on some heavy shoes, sit down in front of the tire and kick the bejesus out of the edge of the rim with the heel of your foot until it pops off (that’s what they did at the tire shop).

The Taos Incident

Windmill on the Plains

BLOOMFIELD, NM—One of the dangers of an online diary/blog, is that when you say something outlandish like, “which confirmed my theory that She wanted me to check out Taos” (Synchronicity #2 on April 6th’s post) and you are implying that something very much like what most people would call God is talking directly to you, well, you just leave yourself wide open for humiliation, failure and online ridicule. Fortunately I could care less about those things.

Here’s what did and didn’t happen in Taos earlier today (below the break) (huh?).

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Seven Synchronicities

Two Park Benches

LAKE GUNTERSVILLE SP, AL—Practically every day, whenever I’m in public, I’ll catch people doing a double-take at me. It usually goes something like this: Recognition then Confusion then Curiosity then the Leaning In then the Parting of the Mouth (as if they are going to say something) then the Change of Mind then a Pulling Away and finally four or five sidelong glances. It’s really kind of funny.

After yesterday’s synchronistic events (below), I should probably start encouraging them to talk.

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Evidence of God (Her)

Bird Print

I’ve said before that synchronicity implies God/Her/An Intelligent Universe. A powerful example of “being guided” below the break (huh?).

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