Evidence of the Light

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PALM BAY, FL—The other day I received a very short comment to a recent article. The comment was, “Shakti?

I have never studied Hinduism, but it’s wonderful when I receive comments from students of other disciplines that support the experiences that I’m either going through or have been through.

The fact that other disciplines have encountered the same experiences as I report here, should serve as powerful evidence to those who have not yet experienced them—evidence to the reality of these phenomenon (as unbelievable as these things may sound).

Shakti, by the way, is a very accurate description of what I often call Her. Pretty cool, huh?

Why I’m Not Afraid To Die: Evidence of the Soul

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PALM BAY, FL–In the preface to The Benefits of Mystical Oneness , I mention taking a “leap of faith” as the first step on the mystical path to enlightenment. This “leap” is where the spiritual seeker stops thinking of herself as a mortal human being, and starts living as if she is an eternal soul.

Once she makes the leap (not just thinking about being a soul, but actually living as if she were one), she–quite simply–loses the fear of death. Without this fear, her spiritual growth accelerates exponentially–and her life changes dramatically.

So how do we do this? How do we convince ourselves that we are a Soul?

You’ve heard and read stories of people who have claimed to have “gone beyond” and returned. Maybe you’ve had some visions yourself. The problem is, most of us aren’t naive–many of us are naturally skeptical. We’ll often dismiss these stories–even our own memories–as fantasy or delusion.

In order to make such a dramatic change to our core identity, what we need is evidence that the Soul is real. Evidence. Verifiable accounts and studies by the scientific community.

Below is but a tiny piece of a massive amount of evidence in support of the human soul. I hope, after reading it, that it helps convince you that we are not merely human beings, but eternal Souls who cannot die. I hope with this evidence, that the jump from the edge of the cliff down into the Abyss–the first step toward Mystical Oneness–becomes just a little bit easier to make.

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The Implications of Synchronicity

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PALM BAY, FL–Lately, I have been thinking about the implications of the many synchronic events that have happened in my life (recent examples).

In The Implications of the Soul (free download), I point out that reincarnation implies that we never need to fear death again. Past life memories imply that we come back (reincarnate) pretty much as we are now–different bodies and cultures, but basically the same “person.”

But what are the implications of synchronicity?

What I have found, is that a close look at synchronicity can change your life… Really.

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