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Feeling and Sharing Divine Love

FRESNO, CA—With the weather expected to be a mix of rain and even snow for a couple days around Lake Shaver, I decided to head down to Fresno. With libraries, movie theaters, coffee shops, hardware stores, cheap supplies and all

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How She/We/I Shoot Photos

PISGAH NF, NW of MILLS RIVER, NC—It’s funny how letting go, how not trying to control, often leads to surprising (and pleasurable) results. Case in point: the photo above. I love this photo. I don’t know exactly why, but I

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SOMEWHERE OUTSIDE SOCORRO, NM—By a synchronistic coincidence, I received an email on the same day as the email from yesterday’s post. Synchronistic because while yesterday’s was about distancing yourself from, well, yourself, this one was about feeling too distant from

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Radiant Advice

Since this fits so well with my last post about Radiance, here’s something I shared with Michelle (my “student”), who, in surrendering to the Light, is regularly experiencing the wonders of the Radiant level. From my journal: Date: February 3, 2013

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The Lesson

Turning Leaves

CABALLO LAKE SP, NM—I’ve received a lot of emails since getting stuck in the sand the other day, asking if there was some meaningful connection—a connection to my life, to the trials of the millions affected by Hurricane Sandy (see “Transpersonal Emotions”), or to the good-ol’ “Mercury in retrograde” astrological omen.

My answer below the break (huh?).

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Whatever is Exposed To The Light

Canoe on Eagle Nest Lake

Eagle Nest SP, NM

Everything is shown up by being exposed to the Light, and whatever is exposed to the Light itself becomes Light.

—St. Paul

Can you surrender to Her? Can you release all resistance and open to Her? Can you allow the Light to shine through?

What are you without your thoughts?

For thousands of years, Mystics have proclaimed this simple truth:

You are nothing and the Light is Everything.

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The Light, the Sun, and the Moon

2012 Annular Eclipse near Las Vegas NM

Coyote Creek SP, NM

From within or from behind,
a light shines through us upon things,
and makes us aware that we are nothing,
but the Light is all.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Love is God

Flower and Bristles

The Religious: “God is Love.” (“I want to know Him, but He is separate from me.”)

The Radiant: “Love is God.” (“I feel Her. She moves through me.”)

“God is Love.”

“Love is God.”

Do you see the difference?

No one needs to teach you about God. No dogma is required. No reading, or research, or middle-men are necessary.

You have always known Her.

Anyone who has ever loved… knows the true nature of God.

PS: After writing this, I cracked open a fortune cookie: “When seeking the Light, ignore the reflections and go directly to the Source.”

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Wallpaper: The Less There Is of You-The More There Is of Her

The Less There Is Of You - The More There Is Of Her.

A wallpaper from the Radiant Level.

Click here to download the full size image for your computer wallpaper.

Right click. Save as Desktop/Wallpaper. Stretch to Fit.

Feel free to share with others.

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The Mantra of Radiance

The Light Behind

The Mantra of Radiance:

Surrender. Open. Flowing. Love. Light. (me). Surrender. Open. Flowing. Love. Light. (me). Surrender. Open. Flowing. Love. Light. (me). Surrender. Open. Flowing. Love. Light. (me). Surrender. Open. Flowing. Love. Light. (me).

The mystic, in surrendering control of anything, loses nearly everything.

He dissolves into Radiance.

The level of Radiance is the level of Flowing Love. The mystic surrenders his fight to be, to resist, to control. He surrenders all he has and all he was.

He gives up.

From the deepest part of his heart, he bows his head, opens his arms and surrenders: “I care nothing about my fate. Thy will be done.

If his surrender is sincere enough, She’ll hear. If he opens to Her completely, She’ll stir.

As he fades, She grows. As he ebbs, She flows.

The less there is of him, the more there is of Her.

Through the thin outline of his shattered self, She stirs. She grows. She radiates.

In his complete surrender to Her will, She shines forth and flows.

Like a river bursting through a crumbling dam—love and joy and gratitude pour outward.

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