Fear, Control and Radiance

A Dying Lake

CLAYTON, NM—As I drift westward—watching for Her signs, listening for Her whispers—sometimes old conditioning tries to tempt me to pick up the reins and wrest control away from Her.

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What Gives Light Must Endure Burning

Rocky In the Ocean in the Sun

What Gives Light Must Endure Burning. The first time I heard this phrase was last week when I cracked open a chinese fortune cookie. The second time I heard it was just this morning in a daily email from The Nonduality Highlights (a quote credited to Victor Frankl).

Does She want me to write about this subject? (Synchronicity implies an omnipotent Intelligence—an Intelligence which I call Her or She). Or does She want me to burn even more?

Both, I’m sure. You can always burn more.

What Gives Light Must Endure Burning. It’s a wonderful phrase and it supports one of my favorite sayings, “The difference between a smart man and a wise man is the wise man has scars.”

My problem with most “nondual purists” (see Today’s Dusty and Dry Nondual Teachers) is that most of them don’t carry the scars from having gone through the Burning. They are all intellect and no emotion. All mind and no heart.

Look at the difference between my focus and theirs:

I write of Surrender and of the Light and of the Beauty and the Flow and the Oneness and the Balance and the Feel (and of course of Her, always of Her).

Practically all they write about is self inquiry: “Notice this, notice that, notice what is doing the noticing….” They talk as if enlightenment is all in your head.

How sad.

What Gives Light Must Endure Burning. The Light comes from burning away the intellect (see My Frog Master). From burning away the repressed emotions (see my Dark Night of the Soul). From burning away the resistance to Her (see pretty much all of 2010).

The Light comes from Surrender, from letting go and dropping into the Void. It comes from burning yourself up until you are Nothing and She is Everything.

The Light will never come from fantasizing you don’t exist.


It comes from burning…

Burning until you are Nothing, and She is Everything.

How I See the Light


PALM BAY, FL—A few days ago, as I was driving my mother to a doctor’s appointment, I commented on the profound stillness residing within an indigent-looking man, a man who was crossing the street in front of us. My mother asked what it is that I see within people, if I see auras or something.

This morning, I received an email from a reader, kim, asking for pointers on visualizing the Light during my guided meditations.

I interpreted these two incidents as Her way of telling me it’s time to explain how I “see the Light.”

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Being the Light – or – How To Practice Selflessness

Lavender Colored Flowers

Practicing being the Light is actually quite simple:

  • Step 1: Pick a selfless hero (ie: Christ, Buddha, Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, etc.)
  • Step 2: Act like them.
  • Step 3: Notice that when you aren’t acting like them, you are acting selfishly.
  • Step 4: Return to Step 2.

Letting Go of Control

Leaves of Grass

To progress spiritually, you’ve got to let go.

When you let go of the Mortal, you become the Soul.

When you let go of the Soul, you become the Light.

When you let go of the Light, you become the Oneness.

Each time you let go, you feel more expansive, happier, freer.

Happy, Calm, Free, Bliss, Joy, Love, Openness—these are the feelings of surrender, of letting go.

Tense, Afraid, Worry, Doubt, Anger, Stress, Tightness—these are the feelings of control.

Is control worth it?

Is getting what you want worth the mire?

Is holding what you have worth the bondage?

It is oppressive to contract into the Human.

It is liberating to expand into the Light.

Why resist the Truth?

Is control worth it?

Try it. Try it for a day.

Just say, “OK,” to whatever Life serves up.

When your mind shouts, “I hate washing these dishes,” step out of your thoughts and feel Her loving caress in the soap and the water.

Let go of control, let go of your mind, and learn the joy of surrender.

See for yourself the Light within everything.

Let go of control and feel Her awaken within you.

How to Love Everyone

Pink Bug on a Green Leaf

Babies and toddlers love everyone.

So do people who disregard their thoughts.

Why is that?

Babies and toddlers don’t have much of a past,

and people who pay no heed to their thoughts, disregard their past.

Both live in the present.

They see the beauty of the present.

Without thoughts, what’s not to love? Who’s not to love?

Hatreds and Fears and Worries and Doubts all come from taking thoughts too seriously…

From taking thoughts as reality.

Why All You Are Is Love

Duck on an Early Morning Lake

Love is the Core Archetype.

It is the center of Everything.

It is Everything.

How do I know?

Because every creature acts from Love.

Love is their primary motivator.

Love is your primary motivator.

Not Fear.


We fear losing what we love.

We care because we love.

We get angry because we don’t receive what we love.

We hate what threatens what we love.

We envy those who have what we love.

We are selfish because we love ourselves.

But when we drop the Illusion

(of our identity and our story),

we love everything…

because it turns out,

everything is Us.

When you drop the Illusion,

you won’t have to try to love…

you’ll realize that love is all that is left.

When you let go of your self,

when you let go of your Soul,

when you let go of the Light,

you’ll realize that all you are…

is the Light,

and that all the Light is,

is Love.

Evidence of the Light

Girl Reading Book

PALM BAY, FL—The other day I received a very short comment to a recent article. The comment was, “Shakti?

I have never studied Hinduism, but it’s wonderful when I receive comments from students of other disciplines that support the experiences that I’m either going through or have been through.

The fact that other disciplines have encountered the same experiences as I report here, should serve as powerful evidence to those who have not yet experienced them—evidence to the reality of these phenomenon (as unbelievable as these things may sound).

Shakti, by the way, is a very accurate description of what I often call Her. Pretty cool, huh?