How to Use the Light

Osprey In the Branches

(WOO WOO WARNING: This post is too “New-Agey” for my rational mind—but I’m stuck with the damn thing. Feel free to skip this post if you’re still attached to an analytical brain.)

PALM BAY, FL—Last Tuesday, early in the morning, I squeezed my mother’s hand and gave her a kiss as they wheeled her into the operating room for a five and a half hour surgery… More below the break (huh?).

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How to Radiate the Light

Footsteps in the Sand in the Morning

GAINESVILLE, FLShe’s trying to get out.

She wants to get out.

But the Light shines through the Heart, not the Head.

From surrender—not control.

She waxes when you wane.

She grows when you diminish.

How To See The Light

Tree Branches in the Sky

GAINESVILLE, FL–Whenever I take a photo, I try to capture Her (the Light).

How can you see the Light? The easiest way is to look closely at Nature. Focus your attention on Her curves, Her movements, Her swaying and whispers. If if sounds like I’m describing a woman then you’ll understand why I call God, “Her.”

Do this enough and you’ll soon see Her everywhere.

Do this enough and you’ll never feel alone again.