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Real World Resurrection

REDINGER LAKE, CA—I’ve said it a million times, but Easter seems an appropriate time to say it again: The less there is of you, the more there is of Her. Her being TaoGodHer of course. Now put the chocolate bunny down nice and easy, drop

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Evidence Of The Divine

REDINGER LAKE, CA—In the morning, the sky lightens and the wind picks up and the sound of the waves lapping on the shore wakes me. Near the dam, a flock of small birds sweep and soar over the water’s surface,

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Less You, More Love

On the Lake, LAKE ISABELLA, CA—The audio kicked out—the servers on Adyashanti’s online course on Redemptive Love maybe having been overloaded—and, living in acceptance, I closed the laptop and opened the cargo door of my van. I sat in the

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Am I Enlightened?

On the Lake, LAKE ISABELLA, CA Am I enlightened? I think Ram Dass put it best when asked that question: Usually whenever I’m asked that question I immediately answer, “No,” so as to be humble. But I look around and

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Three of Three

On the Kern River, LAKE ISABELLA, CA The Physical In Quantum Theory, there are three aspects of being: The Quantum Potential: An unmanifest, vast, invisible sea of potential which can produce… The Quantum Wave: A threshold state as a wave

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Sweet Insights Whispered Seductively

LONE PINE, CA—I awoke as the sky began to lighten to the east, rubbed my face, stretched out the kinks, and wondered if today was the day to move on. I lay there and I waited and listened and I

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The Secret To Inner Peace

West of DEATH VALLEY NP, CA—A little after noon, I crested the mountains to the west of Death Valley, pulled off on a little dirt road inaccessible to most cars, parked, kicked back in my Lazy Boy, took in the

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The “Just Be” Barrier

BOULDER CITY, NV—The last few days my thoughts have been strong and I’m not ashamed to admit that I hate that. By “strong,” I mean they create a strong feeling of contraction, of separation from TaoGodHer—of separation from my Lover.

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Wayne’s No-No-Self

OWL CREEK PARK, TEMPLE, TX—JimH linked to a couple videos of Tony Parsons in the comments of the previous post on No-Self, and as I was watching them, I was reminded of what I see as weaknesses in most nondual

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Adyashanti’s No-Self

OWL CREEK PARK, TEMPLE, TX—Most of the sabbatical topics mentioned in the previous post are either self-explanatory or have links to an explanation of them. All except Adyashanti’s concept of No-Self. Briefly here’s what he went through (taken from my

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