The Smart and the Wise

Two of a Kind

On the Path to spiritual enlightenment, there are two types of seekers: The Smart and the Wise.

It is very easy to tell them apart.

From reading about the Path, the Smart live in their minds, and what they say and what they do are often in conflict.

From walking the Path, the Wise live in the World, and thus their words and actions are harmonious.

Relationships, Mystical Oneness and Traditional Nonduality

Arrow in the Alley

EUGENE, OR—Reader Emily posted this comment/question a few days ago:

Enjoying your posts and hearing about your journey as always, Wayne. Not sure if you’ve already addressed this before; but how would you “live as a soul” if you were married and had children to take care of? I’m interested to hear your ‘take’ on that. 😉

My reply below the break (huh?).

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The Mystical Nature of Caring

My New and Old T-Shirt

SALT LAKE CITY, UT—During a walk yesterday, I serendipitously discovered a simple way to help the less fortunate while at the same time helping yourself. More below the break (huh?).

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The Source of the Enlightened

Dock on Guntersville Lake, AL

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK—Drifting westward, I’ve stopped in Oklahoma City to get some work done.

More and more I’m questioning how it is that others who claim enlightenment aren’t more mystical. When their personal self fell away, what do they claim motivates them from day to day? When they look for their source, how can they NOT find Divinity?

Mystical Oneness for the Religiously Inclined

The Green Door

CHATTANOOGA, TN—I received a Wisdom for Alms request the other day from a reader with a Christian background. In answering his inquiry about making the Leap of Faith (the transition from Mortal to Soul), I realized that my message (Mystical Oneness) may be more acceptable to the religious than I first suspected.

My reply to his inquiry below the break (huh?).

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Evidence of God (Her)

Bird Print

I’ve said before that synchronicity implies God/Her/An Intelligent Universe. A powerful example of “being guided” below the break (huh?).

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Why All You Are Is Love

Duck on an Early Morning Lake

Love is the Core Archetype.

It is the center of Everything.

It is Everything.

How do I know?

Because every creature acts from Love.

Love is their primary motivator.

Love is your primary motivator.

Not Fear.


We fear losing what we love.

We care because we love.

We get angry because we don’t receive what we love.

We hate what threatens what we love.

We envy those who have what we love.

We are selfish because we love ourselves.

But when we drop the Illusion

(of our identity and our story),

we love everything…

because it turns out,

everything is Us.

When you drop the Illusion,

you won’t have to try to love…

you’ll realize that love is all that is left.

When you let go of your self,

when you let go of your Soul,

when you let go of the Light,

you’ll realize that all you are…

is the Light,

and that all the Light is,

is Love.

The Realm of the Mystic

Soaring To Sunrise

PALM BAY, FL—I often feel as if I live in a realm between worlds:

  • I am guided by a wisdom that my mind can neither comprehend nor explain (the Radiant Level).
  • This life seems but a small, minor “task” in a much larger plan (the Soul Level).
  • I still feel an obligation—though greatly diminished—to participate in the day-to-day world of Man (the Mortal Level).
  • All the while these “worlds” seem to revolve within me (Oneness).

At first it felt quite confusing; eventually though, it became perfectly natural and “connected.”

The Little supplements the Big.

The Big nourishes the Little.

Life flows into Life…

And all is well.

How to Use the Light

Osprey In the Branches

(WOO WOO WARNING: This post is too “New-Agey” for my rational mind—but I’m stuck with the damn thing. Feel free to skip this post if you’re still attached to an analytical brain.)

PALM BAY, FL—Last Tuesday, early in the morning, I squeezed my mother’s hand and gave her a kiss as they wheeled her into the operating room for a five and a half hour surgery… More below the break (huh?).

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The Steps to Mystical Oneness

Sunset over the Everglades

PALM BAY, FL–In most traditional teachings of enlightenment, there is a giant wall (the gateless gate) which determines if you are awake or not: You either believe in your self (unenlightened) or you don’t (enlightened).

Like an on/off switch, it’s all or nothing. It’s either on (enlightened) or it’s off (unenlightened), there isn’t any in-between.

The Path of Mystical Oneness is different. You take steps. You drop A and pick up B. Later, you drop B and pick up C. Later still, you drop C and your done (enlightenment). But ‘C’ is a lot easier to drop by itself than A and B and C combined. A whole lot easier.

A brief overview of these steps below the break (huh?).
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