New Video: The Three Enlightenments

The Three Enlightenments Video

SILVER RIVER STATE PARK, OUTSIDE OCALA, FL–I’ve made and uploaded a new video today. Shot from inside a canoe as I drifted down the Silver River outside Ocala, FL. Another example of the one-take-push-record-talk-push-stop technique complete with all the expected unexpected interruptions of real life. Sadly, I didn’t capsize or knock the camera into the water as that would have sent the video soaring up the YouTube viewer ratings. Oh well, maybe next time.

Enjoy and have a wonderful Holiday!

The Intimacy of Oneness

Fallen Oaks

SILVER RIVER STATE PARK, OUTSIDE OCALA, FL–Before I woke up, one of the things that I thought I understood was the sense of Oneness. To the mind, when you drop all boundaries, you become one with everything. The logic goes something like this:

  • Boundaries only exist in the mind.
  • Thus all boundaries are artificial.
  • Without boundaries, everything is one.
  • Thus you are one with everything.
  • Thus you are everything.

To the students of non-dualism (buddhism, taoism, zen, yoga, et all), this makes perfect sense. There really is no table–the mind just categorizes some “awareness stuff” as “table” and some other awareness stuff as “not table.”

Oneness therefore makes perfect sense to the student and the thought of separation is considered as just an illusion.

This is all fine and dandy until the student puts his non-existent coffee cup too close to the non-existent table edge and the non-existent scalding coffee burns his non-existent groin off. And of course the searing pain he feels as he jumps up and down is all just non-existent pain too.

Once I woke up though, I started to feel what is meant by Oneness, and the feel is nothing like what they babble on and on about in the non-dual schools and forums.

After waking up, boundaries still exist–objects still have boundaries–but oddly, I seem to have lost all my boundaries. For instance, when I look at my hands, they seem to exist inside of me.

From the level of the Enlightenment of Oneness, your body seems to exist inside of you. In fact, everything feels like it exists inside you. Everything feels like it is you. And, because everything feels like it is you, it’s almost as if you don’t exist at all.

So forget thinking about what Oneness is–here’s how Oneness feels…
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The Divine Within: The Life Force

Picnic Table in the Fall

LAKE CATHERINE STATE PARK, AR–What is this “Divine Within” that I keep talking about? Why do I keep bringing it up? Why is it so hard to grasp? Is it real?

Imagine that you woke up from a deep sleep and you had complete amnesia. You couldn’t remember anything. No memories of your past, of your family, of your friends. You couldn’t remember your native language–you couldn’t talk or communicate. You could see objects, but you don’t know their names or even what they were used for. The amnesia runs so deep that you don’t even remember how to move your limbs. They just seem to move on their own.

You would be aware of the objects around you. You would be aware of sounds and smells and the sense of touch. You would be aware of breathing, but not why it was happening, or even that it was happening to your body.

With your complete amnesia, there is no personal story. No ego gorilla. There is only awareness of stuff around you.

You would be, in essence, pure Awareness.

With this awareness is a sense of being. A sense of an invisible, but alive, movement.

This is what I mean by your true nature, by the Divine Within, by your Life Force. Really, there is nothing mystical to it at all. It is just your sense of being.

From the Enlightenment of Oneness, it is “felt” as Life/Love living.

From the Enlightenment of Stillness, it is felt as Life/Love radiating.

From the Enlightenment of Passion, it is felt as Life/Love moving.

To the mind’s eye, this being, this Awareness, is seen as Light. From Oneness: Light within a Sea of Light. From Stillness: Light softly glowing. And from Passion: the Light of a brightly burning flame.

I stress this concept–this Life Force–because I want you to learn to feel it and to see it. I want you to become aware of your deeper, spiritual nature because the more you experience this felt sense of You, the easier it will be for you to see the thoughts, the stories, the drama, and the selfish emotions that block that feeling–that block your realization of your true nature.

I call my “flavor” of teaching, Passionate Enlightenment, because I want you to feel it. Not just consider it. I want you to live it, not just contemplate it. I want you to feel the passion of Life living unrestrained and unbound through you.

I want you to wake up and be free.

The Three Enlightenments: The Enlightenment of Oneness

Trolly Tracks

Oneness. A daffodil is seen, but there is only Living. A bird sings but there is only Singing. Though the mind says, “I am walking through the forest,” there is only Walking.

There are no trees in the forest, just Growing. There is no breeze, just Breeze-ing.

There is Breathing, Shining, Clouding, Chirping.

Seeing is as intimate as Touching–Hearing as intimate as Tasting.

All borders and boundaries drop away. There is only Oneness. You are gone, dropped away into the Oneness. The trees, the sky, the clouds, the rivers, turtles, frogs, and deer all drop away into the Oneness.

There is Seeing, but there are no things seen. There is Thinking, but no thoughts grasped. There is the Feel of sand between your toes, but no sand and no toes and no you.

Though the mind says, “Sparrow,” there is only Living.

The Three Enlightenments: An Introduction

South Lake. Near Bishop, CA

Though there are many aspects to enlightenment, my “center” seems to shift and flow primarily through these three states:

  • Passion (Love)
  • Stillness (Presence)
  • Oneness (Clarity)

The Enlightenment of Passion is Yang (Active), the Enlightenment of Stillness is Yin (Passive), and beyond both–arising from the merging of the two–is the Enlightenment of Oneness.

Update November 17, 2009: Download a guided meditation to help you experience The Three Enlightenments.

Tomorrow: The Enlightenment of Passion.

The Map of Life. Conclusion: The Tao


The former seeker–having negotiated the Lands of the Instinctual Body, of the Noisy Thoughts, of the Divine Soul, and the Serene Witness–can now travel freely. At once One and Separate, at once Whole and Empty, he is no longer anchored–no longer bound to any one land. At once Divine and Human, he is now free to wander wherever the Light and the Wind lead him.

There’s nothing special about him–anyone can cross the Bridge.

With determination and patience, any spiritual seeker can transverse the Void and find the absolute freedom of their True Nature.

The Map of Life. Part I: Spirit


“The nameless is the beginning of heaven and earth.”

“Look, it cannot be seen – it is beyond form.”

“Listen, it cannot be heard – it is beyond sound.”

“Grasp, it cannot be held – it is intangible.”

“Stand before it and there is no beginning.”

“Follow it and there is no end.”

– The Tao Te Ching

Note: This morning, while pondering why my identity seems to constantly flow back and forth between the Light and the Witness and Pure Consciousness, I had this powerful insight into Ego, Enlightenment, the Void and Spirit. This series presents a map that has been forming in my mind – a map that explains why the jump from Ego to Enlightenment has historically been so difficult. Bear with me, and all will soon become clear. – W


Fuzzy Fly on a Hard Rock

One of the most amazing things about this sense of Oneness is realizing with absolute certainty that what perceives the light and images that my eyes see, is the same thing that perceives the light and images that this fly sees. Realizing that what has been perceiving through my eyes my entire life, has been perceiving through every living creature since time began. I am that, the fly is that – you are that.

Why? Because if you look closely, you’ll see an infinite openness which is perceiving your thoughts (reading these words, seeing the photograph) – an infinite openness which has no boundaries. Perception is Source. Perception is Spirit. Perception is God.