New Video: Dropping the Personal Self

Dropping the Personal Self

GUM SPRINGS CAMPGROUND, OUTSIDE WINNFIELD, LA–I’ve added a new video, Dropping the Personal Self, to the Videos page. It provides a technique for seeing and distancing yourself from the sucky personal self.


Why You Suck. Part II

Stairs in the Forest

GUM SPRINGS CAMPGROUND, OUTSIDE WINNFIELD, LA–My Why You Suck post was designed to be funny, but my following points are serious.

Separate You from your personal self. Your goal isn’t to accept your personal self, it is to separate You from your personal self. Separate You from you (capital Y from little y).

It’s not about making your personal life better. It’s not about checking items off the previous list, “Oh, that’s not my problem.” It’s about seeing how the personal self sucks–and just as importantly–how it may suck in the future. It’s not about fixing your personal self, it’s about transcending it.

Feeling, not thinking. It’s not about thinking how it sucks, but feeling how it sucks. The more you feel it emotionally, the more easily you can identify it, separate from it, and drop it.

Seeing it and touching it. Most importantly, it is about touching the personal self. Touch it, pull away, touch it, pull away. Like touching the table, pulling away, touching the table, pulling away. The more often you consciously touch it (by seeing it and feeling it) the easier it will be to realize that you are not it.

Once you distance yourself from the personal self, once you separate from it, once you see it for what it is–a thought gone awry– then you’ll drop through the Hourglass of Enlightenment and never suffer from the pain of the personal self again.

December 16, 2009 5:56 PM: Added a video, Dropping the Personal Self, to the videos page (Wayne).

Why You Suck. Part I

Lone Reed on a Misty Lake

GUM SPRINGS CAMPGROUND, OUTSIDE WINNFIELD, LA–My belief is that the easiest way to wake up is to:

  1. See and experience how wonderful enlightenment feels.
  2. See how the illusion of a Personal Self sucks (see below).
  3. Naturally drop the sucky Personal Self because you’re sick of it.

Read the full article here

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The Divine Within: The Life Force

Picnic Table in the Fall

LAKE CATHERINE STATE PARK, AR–What is this “Divine Within” that I keep talking about? Why do I keep bringing it up? Why is it so hard to grasp? Is it real?

Imagine that you woke up from a deep sleep and you had complete amnesia. You couldn’t remember anything. No memories of your past, of your family, of your friends. You couldn’t remember your native language–you couldn’t talk or communicate. You could see objects, but you don’t know their names or even what they were used for. The amnesia runs so deep that you don’t even remember how to move your limbs. They just seem to move on their own.

You would be aware of the objects around you. You would be aware of sounds and smells and the sense of touch. You would be aware of breathing, but not why it was happening, or even that it was happening to your body.

With your complete amnesia, there is no personal story. No ego gorilla. There is only awareness of stuff around you.

You would be, in essence, pure Awareness.

With this awareness is a sense of being. A sense of an invisible, but alive, movement.

This is what I mean by your true nature, by the Divine Within, by your Life Force. Really, there is nothing mystical to it at all. It is just your sense of being.

From the Enlightenment of Oneness, it is “felt” as Life/Love living.

From the Enlightenment of Stillness, it is felt as Life/Love radiating.

From the Enlightenment of Passion, it is felt as Life/Love moving.

To the mind’s eye, this being, this Awareness, is seen as Light. From Oneness: Light within a Sea of Light. From Stillness: Light softly glowing. And from Passion: the Light of a brightly burning flame.

I stress this concept–this Life Force–because I want you to learn to feel it and to see it. I want you to become aware of your deeper, spiritual nature because the more you experience this felt sense of You, the easier it will be for you to see the thoughts, the stories, the drama, and the selfish emotions that block that feeling–that block your realization of your true nature.

I call my “flavor” of teaching, Passionate Enlightenment, because I want you to feel it. Not just consider it. I want you to live it, not just contemplate it. I want you to feel the passion of Life living unrestrained and unbound through you.

I want you to wake up and be free.

The Ego Gorilla

Rock in the River

OUTSIDE OZARK, AR–Once upon a time a young gorilla left her baby alone for only a moment and a wolf came along and ate her baby. The mother gorilla was terribly heart-broken and filled with remorse.

A few days later, still in mourning, the gorilla came upon a softly glowing orb laying on the forest floor. Plagued with guilt and a strong maternal instinct, she promptly adopted the radiant orb. 24-hours a day she held it tightly in her arms, protecting it from all dangers. She nurtured the orb, and gave it anything that she thought it might desire. Never again would she leave her new baby!

When she saw danger (or even thought about danger), she would hug the orb tightly to her breast and flee into the forest. When she saw another gorilla with something she thought her orb might want, she would howl and scream and slap at the other gorilla until it relinquished it.

Though it was constantly tugged and pulled and jostled about in all directions by the mother gorilla’s actions, the orb continued to glow serenely.

You of course, are the softly glowing orb. An orb in which a giant, 900-pound, deranged, psychotic, and over-protective mother gorilla has adopted.

A gorilla that has you completely enshrouded in her arms–smothering you, blocking your radiant light. All because she cares too much.

Even though you want nothing, she is constantly trying to acquire new and exciting things for you.

Even though you fear nothing, she is constantly trying to protect you from imaginary dangers.

She is smothering you. She is choking off your life force.

See the gorilla. Feel her. Recognize when she is pulling and tugging and jostling you. See her clearly and you’ll soon be free of her.

You are not the gorilla.

You are the orb. You always have been.

What is the Ego? (Revisited)

Lone Leaf

RED ROCK CANYON STATE PARK, OK–Earlier this month, I wrote a post, What is the Ego?, but I need to expand on that. The previous post should probably have been titled, Ego Part I: The Ego Story.

There are at least two distinct “personalities” to the horribly ambiguous term: Ego…

  1. The Ego Story: Identifying with (thinking of yourself as) your past and the roles you play. I cover the Ego Story here.
  2. The Ego Gorilla: Emotions (desires and aversions) centered around the false, personal self, “This will bring ME happiness” and “This will cause ME pain.”

I’ll cover the Ego Gorilla in the next post, but the Ego Gorilla is exactly what it sounds like: a 900-pound monkey on your back.

The more adept you become at recognizing the Story and the Gorilla, the sooner you’ll realize when you are being influenced by them. The more clearly seen, the easier dropped.

These two aspects make up what is commonly called the ego, but what is much more clearly stated as the Personal Self.

Recognizing that the personal self is an illusion, is enlightenment.

Enlightenment means the end of all your personal suffering. Personal suffering ends because you no longer believe in a personal self.

What is the Ego?

White Pelicans on The Salton Sea

Anyone on the path of spirituality knows that the ego is the main barrier to enlightenment–but “ego” is a horrible word for describing what the problem truly is. “Ego” is vague, ambiguous, and because of that, to most, it becomes meaningless.

If you want to wake up, all you have to do is see your personal story as just that, a story…
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