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Miracles, Mystics, and the Divine

MT HOOD, OR—I’ve never been much of a believer in the biblical miracles, but—assuming they did happen—I wonder if they would have happened if a Mystic wasn’t involved: Would the flood have happened without Noah? Would the Red Sea have parted without

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The Fear Of Freedom

TILLAMOOK STATE FOREST, OR—The mind loves a good plan. Plans soothe and settle our fears. But plans, when followed, restrict our freedom. As I write this, I find myself sitting next to the Wilson River in the beautiful Tillamook state forest.

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Three As One

SHAVER LAKE, CA—When I start taking on students again, I think instead of trying to take them one step at a time—getting the Soul down, then Radiance, then Emptiness—we’ll work on all three aspect at the same time. Living as

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In Seclusion

SECLUSION, IN—As I head into seclusion, to open and to contemplate and to await answers to questions ill formed, I’d like to wish each of you a happy and peaceful and pleasant holiday and new year. Winter is here, and

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Topics Of Contemplation

LAFAYETTE, LA—As I mentioned in the previous post, there are a few things/topics/concepts that have been calling me, and in which I intend to dig deeper during my upcoming solitary retreat. Some of these are: What goes on in the

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How Deep Am I Willing To Go?

LONG BEACH, MS—You can tell a lot about someone by the highlights they make in books. Here are the ones I’ve highlighted from Meister Eckhart—Selected Writings from the chapter, The Talks of Instruction. When he says ‘God,’ I’m not thinking

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As Life Settles In

WICKHAM CP, FL—My main reason for considering modifying my nomadic ways from full-time to part-time, was because of concern for my aging parents. With Dad not driving and Mom in an odd cancer-limbo-sort-of state (no new growth but still being

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An Early Morning Dream

WICKHAM CP, FL—A dream this morning: I stand on the black asphalt of the parking lot. You stand next to me on the raised white sidewalk. I stand on the dark, you stand on the light. I stand down low,

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I Want. I Want. I Want.

SANDIA CASINO, ALBUQUERQUE, NM—One of the things I love about the nomad life is the freedom—the ability, when you grow tired or bored with where you’re at, to just pull up stakes and move on. I’ve spent the last six

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I Wish…

SOMEWHERE OUTSIDE SOCORRO, NM—What we know so far about the person or people who built the bombs that exploded at the Boston Marathon: They believed that their thoughts were more important than other people’s lives. People take their thoughts too

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