Miracles, Mystics, and the Divine

The Sun and the Tree

The Sun and the Tree

MT HOOD, OR—I’ve never been much of a believer in the biblical miracles, but—assuming they did happen—I wonder if they would have happened if a Mystic wasn’t involved:

  • Would the flood have happened without Noah?
  • Would the Red Sea have parted without Moses?
  • Would one of the two thieves crucified on the hill have been resurrected had Jesus not existed?

Maybe TaoGodHer needs Mystics as a sort of a conduit or catalyst for Her will to manifest.

If that’s the case, I think the world could use a few more Mystics—Mystics much more clear or empty than I currently am.

Because the world we live in today could certainly use a few more miracles.

The Fear Of Freedom

A Wayside in the Woods

A Wayside in the Woods

TILLAMOOK STATE FOREST, OR—The mind loves a good plan. Plans soothe and settle our fears. But plans, when followed, restrict our freedom.

As I write this, I find myself sitting next to the Wilson River in the beautiful Tillamook state forest. The woods are lush and green and florishing with new life and a small waterfall next to the van creates a soothing and natural white noise. The air is cool and clean and fresh and smells wonderful. According to my most recent planI shouldn’t even be here.

And yet I do find myself here—here in this unexpected and beautiful place. There is no way—with what I knew an hour ago, let alone last week—that I could have planned this.

The original plan was to head up the coast to Astoria, and then follow the Columbia River east and north up to Canada. But this morning, while sitting in a coffee shop in Tillamook and putting the finishing touches on some code, I realized I’d seen enough of coastal Oregon for awhile, so what should I do? Should I follow the original plan because of stubbornness or ego or mind? Or should I let go of all that mental crap and just wander wherever I’m drawn?

When you have a home and a 9-5 job and kids and a dog and a cat, you need to do some serious planning to manage your free time. You’ve got a lot of stuff and a lot of commitments and a limited window of opportunity.

When you live in a typical RV or travel trailer, your restrictions are far less but you still (nearly always) need to plan your next destination—either a campground or a known camper-friendly area. You’ve got a lot less stuff than the typical homeowner, but still enough stuff and a big enough rig that you can’t just camp anywhere.

But when you live in a van, you don’t have to plan squat. If you can drive there, you can camp there.

As appealing as freedom is to the heart, the mind doesn’t like it. Freedom means the unknown and the unknown it too scary for the mind. Minds like plans and security and facts.

Many people say they want freedom—many people say they want enlightenment—but the simple fact is, our mind doesn’t want us to be free, it doesn’t want us to be enlightened. Our mind wants us to be safe and secure. It wants to know what’s going on. In the case of the ego, the mind clings to the story of “you” and wants a happy ending. The mind wants the known. It wants a plan. It wants to control things and the only way it can control things is if it can plan for a predictable future.

Freedom—whether physical or spiritual—simply doesn’t work that way. Freedom doesn’t work with a plan because freedom doesn’t work in the future.

Freedom only works in the Present, and the Present isn’t something you can plan—it’s not something you can control. The Present is vague and mysterious right up until the very moment it happens. It isn’t something solid. It isn’t something you can know ahead of time.

There is a medieval tome of wisdom and spiritual freedom that is NOT called The Rock of Certainty.

No. Freedom—spiritual or otherwise—is neither solid nor certain.

That beautiful ancient tome is titled, The Cloud of Unknowing.

Three As One

At the Top of Moro Rock

At the Top of Moro Rock

SHAVER LAKE, CA—When I start taking on students again, I think instead of trying to take them one step at a time—getting the Soul down, then Radiance, then Emptiness—we’ll work on all three aspect at the same time.

Living as a Soul—recognizing this life is but a moment in your entire Soul-based life—addresses many mortal issues. It works in the physical plane.

Opening to Radiance—feeling the Love and Light flow through you—works in the emotional plane.

Expanding to Emptiness—removing all mental self boundaries—works with the mental plane.

Practicing all together—physical, emotional, mental—may make the progress of students much smoother and less frustrating.

I’ll probably use a special, private section of the forums to provide instructions and to host the students’ online journals. I’m not ready to start yet, but maybe soon.

In Seclusion

Self Portrait

Self Portrait

SECLUSION, IN—As I head into seclusion, to open and to contemplate and to await answers to questions ill formed, I’d like to wish each of you a happy and peaceful and pleasant holiday and new year.

Winter is here, and for many, it is a season of stress: holidays and snows and winds and freezing temperatures and pressures from both family and peers.

I hope you find some time in this busy season for a little introspection. Some time to sit quietly and be still and to contemplate the things that are important in your life. I hope you find new ways to nurture that which is important and to resolve to stop pursuing that which is frivolous and futile.

And as you sit quietly, as you grow still in contemplation of these things, I hope you remember one thing most of all:

God moves through the heart and not through the head. Open your heart and be still and be patient and soon you’ll hear Her whispers.

I’ll be out of touch for anywhere from two weeks to two months. In that time—other than from family—I won’t be answering emails or comments to posts or much of anything (though I will read all of these).

If you want to be informed upon my return (and you aren’t already subscribed), simply follow this blog by email or RSS or copy http://waynewirs.com into your News Reader, and when I upload new posts, you’ll be sure to see them.

Have a happy and peaceful and joyous holiday season.


Topics Of Contemplation

Coffee Shop Table

Coffee Shop Table

LAFAYETTE, LA—As I mentioned in the previous post, there are a few things/topics/concepts that have been calling me, and in which I intend to dig deeper during my upcoming solitary retreat.

Some of these are:

  • What goes on in the head is not important.
  • Adyashanti’s concept of No-Self (vs enlightenment/transcendent Self) and do I even want this. Is it worth giving up God/Her? Note: My description of some of his terminology was incorrect. He basically has three levels of spiritual development: Ego (the personal self), Transcendence (what most call “enlightenment” and where I am at (no ego/personal self, but still a Self/Witness/Unity/God)), and lastly No-Self (even the Witness/God falls away).
  • Meister Eckhart’s complete surrender to God.
  • Meaning to these travels. Is there something I should be doing in these towns I travel to?
  • Clarification of my message. What do I stand for?

Though it may seem like I’m going to try to figure these things out with analysis and logic, that isn’t what I intend. I intend to focus on a topic, expand (release my self boundaries), surrender my will (“I want/I don’t want”) and sit quietly while listening for Her whispers/guidance/insights.

That’s why the solitude is so important: Less distractions mean more focus; quiet surroundings amplify Her whispers; and natural settings increase the intimacy/connection between us (Her and I).

What can I say? I know it’s weird but this is what works for me.

How Deep Am I Willing To Go?

The Fisherman In The Fog

The Fisherman In The Fog

LONG BEACH, MS—You can tell a lot about someone by the highlights they make in books. Here are the ones I’ve highlighted from Meister Eckhart—Selected Writings from the chapter, The Talks of Instruction.

When he says ‘God,’ I’m not thinking of the god of the Bible, the Torah, or the Koran, I’m thinking of Her—the Intelligence that can awaken and move through any individual once they rid themselves of the ego—an Intelligence that is the source and life force of everything. Not a possession, not something you own or use or channel, but an Intelligence and will that fills the space that was previously filled with self-centered thoughts and ideas and concerns.

As you can see, Meister Eckhart dove 100% into his God. As you can also see by the passages I’ve highlighted, I am questioning and considering just how deep I’m willing to dive.

When we go out of ourselves through obedience and strip ourselves of what is ours, then God must enter into us; for when someone wills nothing for themselves, then God must will on their behalf just as He does for Himself.

We should not think that holiness is based on what we do but rather on what we are, for it is not our works which sanctify us but we who sanctify our works.

We should not content ourselves with a God of thoughts for, when the thoughts come to an end, so too shall God. Rather, we should have a living God who is beyond the thoughts of all people and all creatures.

‘You should be like those who at all times watch and wait for their Lord’ (Luke 12: 36). Truly, such vigilant people are alert and on the watch for their Lord for whom they wait; they look to see if He is not by chance concealed in what befalls them, however strange it may be to them.

For those who want to achieve this, one of two things must always happen: either they must learn to grasp and to hold God in what they do, or they must stop doing things altogether.

We must learn to possess God in all things, while remaining free in all that we do and wherever we are.

‘Lord, what is it that you wish me to do?’ (Acts 9: 6).

Truly, without giving up our will in all things, we can achieve nothing at all for God.

You should give your all to God, and then worry no more about what He may do with what is His.

Now if my tongue is coated with bitterness, then however sweet the wine may be in itself, it must always be made bitter by that through which it must pass in order to come to me.

Nothing we may do can ever be so appropriate as fully trusting in God.

Whoever wishes to begin a new life or work should turn to their God, desiring with all their strength and devotion that He should send them the best thing of all, that which is most precious to Him and worthy, while they themselves desire and intend nothing of self but only the most precious will of God and that alone. They should then accept what God sends them as being directly from Him, holding it to be the very best thing of all, and they should be wholly content with it.

God does not destroy anything that is good, but rather He perfects it. God does not destroy nature, but perfects it.

The answer is that there is one work which is right and proper for us to do, and that is the eradication of self.

Whoever desires to be given everything, must first give everything away.

But what is God’s intention in this, since He is so keen that it should be so? It is that He wishes to be our sole possession.

And you can tell how far you are in God, or not, by the extent to which you have peace or not… since lack of peace comes from the creature and not from God.

As Life Settles In

A Soft Light on Toadstools

A Soft Light on Toadstools

WICKHAM CP, FL—My main reason for considering modifying my nomadic ways from full-time to part-time, was because of concern for my aging parents. With Dad not driving and Mom in an odd cancer-limbo-sort-of state (no new growth but still being treated once a month with an experimental medication), I felt I needed to be physically more accessible to them than when I was roaming about half-way across the country.

Though things are still a bit hectic here—we’re prepping to get the folks moved into my sister’s old place—things have relaxed a bit since the trauma of Tracy’s death and all the emotional turmoil surrounding it.

In other words, I expect life for my parents to return to its normal groove once they get moved into their new place. Indeed, I’ve been quite surprised how self-sufficient and energetic my mother is—she’s really quite the little dynamo.

Where I originally thought I’d be ‘locked into’ central Florida most of the time looking after the folks, now—with things calming down and a clearer understanding of the situation—I’m looking at the Florida condo (my parents’ soon to be vacated place) as more of a ‘reusable rest stop’ than a permanent home. I’m starting to think of it as a place I’ll ‘camp in’ while I take extended road trips throughout the year.

So my current plan is:

  • Get the folks moved into their new place.
  • Put the trailer in storage and set up camp in their old place.
  • Buy a van (Nissan NV?) and outfit it as a stealth camper.
  • Start taking 1-4 month road trips.

At least that’s the current plan. But then you know how that goes.

An Early Morning Dream

The Dark and the Light

The Dark and the Light

WICKHAM CP, FL—A dream this morning:

I stand on the black asphalt of the parking lot. You stand next to me on the raised white sidewalk. I stand on the dark, you stand on the light. I stand down low, you stand on high. My position in the parking lot is more dangerous, yours upon the sidewalk is safer.

I say God is here and now and can be known directly. You say God is above and mysterious and unknowable. I say there are no rules, you say there are many.

I point to the dark, lowly asphalt then to the raised, light sidewalk and I say, “Our positions are supported by the earth. Our skin is warmed by the sun. Our bodies are nourished by the air. What difference the details, when what we share is far more important?”

It’s easy to argue the obvious differences while ignoring the greater implications.

It’s also foolish.

I Want. I Want. I Want.

Pool Umbrella

Pool Umbrella

SANDIA CASINO, ALBUQUERQUE, NM—One of the things I love about the nomad life is the freedom—the ability, when you grow tired or bored with where you’re at, to just pull up stakes and move on.

I’ve spent the last six weeks in solitude. Now I’m right smack in the middle of civilization.

Such a different and desperate attitude most people in cities have (I want. I want. I want.) In The Carefree Diet (got two great reviews—still looking for more), I talk about how simply seeing an image of a slice of chocolate cake leads to cravings—leads to desire (I want. I want. I want.). Cities are filled with advertisements, not just for food, but for baubles and riches and luxury and comfort… all of which has the same effect on us (I want. I want. I want.).

I’m not trying to be critical. It’s something that just struck me as I drove into the city. It’s perfectly natural to pursue pleasure, to want the desirable, to yearn for the unattainable. It’s just silly to do it blindly, to unconsciously assume the bauble will bring lasting pleasure.

As She/We/I said awhile ago, “There is only one thing in this entire Universe which is permanent, and whatever it is you are clinging to, that ain’t it.”

Oddly enough, recognizing that the object of your desire isn’t going to be around for very long… well that just makes your time with it so much sweeter.

Anyway, I figure I’ll spend a week here and catch up on some movies, eat something other than tamales, write some code in the many coffee shops, and maybe go for a swim or two or three in the casino’s pool. From there, who knows?

I know… it’s a rough life.


I Wish…

Self Portrait

SOMEWHERE OUTSIDE SOCORRO, NM—What we know so far about the person or people who built the bombs that exploded at the Boston Marathon:

  • They believed that their thoughts were more important than other people’s lives.

People take their thoughts too seriously. They confuse their thoughts with Reality. They are willing to kill because of their thoughts.

I wish they could see how foolish it is to believe everything that their mind puts out.

I wish they’d learn to question the false assumption that their thoughts accurately describe Reality.

I wish they could see the difference between concepts and Truth.

I wish they’d learn to see clearly.