The Totality


August 21, 2017 12:02 PM

Mystics and photographers share a common interest: the Light is everything to them.

The Light.

I sat in the doorway of my van and watched the Light gradually soften and fade. I felt the inevitable. … Read more…

The Still Man Returns

Rocks on Rocks on Rocks

HERON LAKE SP, NM—Yesterday, as Randy was opening the email of my blog post The Still Man, who should unexpectedly appear at his door?

Come on…, you’ve been following this blog long enough. You know how things work around here. You know exactly who mysteriously showed up, uninvited and unannounced: the Still Man.

No one called him. No one told him about the article. He doesn’t even have a functioning computer. He just stopped by at the exact moment that Randy was reading about him.

He mysteriously stopped by at that perfect moment, and because of this, he was able to read my blog post (to which—of course—he didn’t react one way or the other).

And something I neglected to relate previously: The reason Randy originally mentioned the Still Man to me was because earlier that day Randy had been on the phone with a friend who had mentioned the Still Man, and at that moment, the Still Man unexpectedly showed up just to say “Hi” and to let him know that he was camped just up the road.

These incidents help support my theory (perhaps you’ve heard it before):

The less there is of you (the Still Man in this case), the more there is of Her.

And when there is less of you, then you are guided by Her.

Synchronicity is evidence. Evidence that there is something intelligent (I call it Her) working behind the scenes—not always dramatically, but operating there nonetheless.

The Still Man

The Tree and the Cloud at Dusk

HERON LAKE SP, NM—In the early morning, three fishermen arrived at my camp, their tires softly crunching on the gravel road. Down by the lake, they silently unloaded their equipment, set up their chairs, and cast their lines out into the waters. In stillness, they waited.

A chipmunk poked around at the base of a bush. An osprey soared overhead as I pushed away my thoughts, released my boundaries, and lost my Self in Her.

Last evening, Randy asked me to join him to meet a fellow camper. Randy, though he had met him himself, had heard mixed opinions about the man. Some said he was slow, some said he was odd. Others said he was some sort of prophet.

Randy wanted my opinion of him—wanted to know the truth of him.

We drove to his site, but he wasn’t there. His friend kind of smiled, pointed to his bike and said if his bike’s here, then he’s around here somewhere—wandering around as he was wont to do.

Sitting alone at a picnic table, overlooking the lake, we came across a lean, still, man gazing peacefully out over the water, silhouetted by the setting sun. I was immediately struck by his quietness, by his stillness, by his fittingness with the serene scene behind him.

Randy had met him a few times before, so the greeting was easy and unforced. We sat and chatted idly and the sky was lit with a brilliant orange as the sun slowly set behind the clouds and the mountains.

The man asked no questions, yet was open and responsive and friendly to all asked of him. From within his being radiated a profound stillness, a stillness seemingly reflected in the surrounding trees and lake and sky.

Gently I introduced some topics, relating them to my own experiences, yet to each—from the quiet mind, to synchronicity, to an Intelligence behind it all—he had no opinion nor profound words. He would just nod—not in agreement—just in showing he’d heard what I’d said, with no opinions on the subjects either way.

Whenever he would finish talking, he’d turn his head back to the lake and watch the setting sun and the conversation would die down into silence.

As I would watch new questions arise in my mind, as I’d push them away to enjoy the stillness, I realized this man had an utter lack of curiosity—a lack of inquisitiveness which gave him a naturally quiet mind and almost animal-like acceptance of the present moment.

It was later that I realized that it was this man’s lack of curiosity—his naturally still and accepting mind—which led others to believe him both a dullard and prophet… a sort of quiet Forrest Gump.

His still nature and accepting attitude is what practically every spiritual seeker seeks, yet it is their attachement to the noise and curiosities in their minds which prevent them from finding it. Noise and curiousities which this humble, still man seemed to naturally lack.

He was a simple, still and quiet man. I both admired and envied him.

And yet, in either his or my own ignorance, I felt a little melancholy for him.

The Secret to Happiness

Tree on a Plain

OASIS SP, NM—If you can find happiness in solitude, then you can find happiness anywhere.

In solitude, there are few distractions—only the noise of the mind.

In solitude, the attachment to the noise of the mind—not the noise itself—is readily seen as the barrier to happiness.

As my Frog Master taught me, the key piece of wisdom here is to recognize that the source of happiness—the living stillness that lies below the mind—never leaves you.

She never leaves you.

It is just that when you focus on the noise, it is impossible to hear Her whispers.

One of the benefits of living as a Soul is that you stop taking the noise of the mind so seriously.

A Waste of a Good Mind

Spanish Moss

STEPHEN FOSTER…STATE PARK, WHITE SPRINGS, FL–It’s funny how much the mind wants to control things. Why is control, why is knowing, why is being right so important to the mind?

Life is so much easier when you let go. When you stop trying to bend Her to fit into your plans.

As you let go and relax into Her–as you stop fighting what She’s trying to show you–it’s amazing how helpful She becomes.

It’s amazing how beautiful She is–how beautiful She’s always been.

Every photo I take, I take of Her.

New Meditation: Awakening To Enlightenment

Awakening To Enlightenment

PALM BAY, FL–I don’t know why I had such a hard time getting this meditation out–either I’d screw up the sound quality or I’d over explain the instructions–but I finally got it right. This is the meditation that I used to stabilize my “enlightenment consciousness” during those precarious three weeks of my awakening. I first mentioned it the September 21st entry, Waking Yourself Up. Part IV: The Practice.

You can download the meditation here.

New Video: The Three Enlightenments

The Three Enlightenments Video

SILVER RIVER STATE PARK, OUTSIDE OCALA, FL–I’ve made and uploaded a new video today. Shot from inside a canoe as I drifted down the Silver River outside Ocala, FL. Another example of the one-take-push-record-talk-push-stop technique complete with all the expected unexpected interruptions of real life. Sadly, I didn’t capsize or knock the camera into the water as that would have sent the video soaring up the YouTube viewer ratings. Oh well, maybe next time.

Enjoy and have a wonderful Holiday!

The Divine Within: The Life Force

Picnic Table in the Fall

LAKE CATHERINE STATE PARK, AR–What is this “Divine Within” that I keep talking about? Why do I keep bringing it up? Why is it so hard to grasp? Is it real?

Imagine that you woke up from a deep sleep and you had complete amnesia. You couldn’t remember anything. No memories of your past, of your family, of your friends. You couldn’t remember your native language–you couldn’t talk or communicate. You could see objects, but you don’t know their names or even what they were used for. The amnesia runs so deep that you don’t even remember how to move your limbs. They just seem to move on their own.

You would be aware of the objects around you. You would be aware of sounds and smells and the sense of touch. You would be aware of breathing, but not why it was happening, or even that it was happening to your body.

With your complete amnesia, there is no personal story. No ego gorilla. There is only awareness of stuff around you.

You would be, in essence, pure Awareness.

With this awareness is a sense of being. A sense of an invisible, but alive, movement.

This is what I mean by your true nature, by the Divine Within, by your Life Force. Really, there is nothing mystical to it at all. It is just your sense of being.

From the Enlightenment of Oneness, it is “felt” as Life/Love living.

From the Enlightenment of Stillness, it is felt as Life/Love radiating.

From the Enlightenment of Passion, it is felt as Life/Love moving.

To the mind’s eye, this being, this Awareness, is seen as Light. From Oneness: Light within a Sea of Light. From Stillness: Light softly glowing. And from Passion: the Light of a brightly burning flame.

I stress this concept–this Life Force–because I want you to learn to feel it and to see it. I want you to become aware of your deeper, spiritual nature because the more you experience this felt sense of You, the easier it will be for you to see the thoughts, the stories, the drama, and the selfish emotions that block that feeling–that block your realization of your true nature.

I call my “flavor” of teaching, Passionate Enlightenment, because I want you to feel it. Not just consider it. I want you to live it, not just contemplate it. I want you to feel the passion of Life living unrestrained and unbound through you.

I want you to wake up and be free.

Clarity from the Stillness

Bird On A Branch In A Lake

In my last post, I mentioned how “quiet” motivation now is. Yesterday, while sitting in Stillness, a direction–my next steps–became clear.

The desire to “make things happen” rarely appears anymore and, when it does, I feel clunky and disingenuous. Sometimes though, as I rest in Stillness, Life will softly whisper–like a lover murmuring a sweet secret–and my path will become crystal clear.

This whisper–this revelation–stimulates the Passion. A powerful welling of energy rises in my chest and I feel excited and alert and in harmony with my surroundings as Life starts to awaken and stir and live through me.

Wayne Wirs would have tried to control and bend and manipulate this power (as have countless spiritual seekers before him). But to control it is to kill it, for Life cannot flow through an ego.

If you want Life to live through you, you must surrender to it. You must stop swimming, stop struggling, stop trying. You must give up and allow yourself to drown in it. Give up and give in. It is by surrendering, by complete supplication to Life, that you will find joy, and bliss, and harmony as Life lives as Life was meant to live… unhindered.

The Three Enlightenments: The Enlightenment of Stillness

Dying Leaves

Stillness. Thoughts drop away. Movement ceases. Time no longer has meaning.

The eye rests on a flower–the colors, the textures, the subtle shape and softness. A raven caws in the distance and the sound, like music, rises then drops away into nothingness. A breath is drawn, held momentarily, and a faint lightness is felt as Life celebrates another moment in the body.

Stillness. This is the Eternal Now. The past is seen as a collection of ancient and dusty thoughts. The future as fantasies and imagination. In this moment, there can be no ego, not personal story. In the Moment, there is only Reality.

Stillness is a release. It is a letting go. It is surrender.

In Stillness there is no trying, no manipulating, no doing.

In Stillness, there is only being, only total acceptance.

Tomorrow: The Enlightenment of Oneness.