The Three Enlightenments: An Introduction

South Lake. Near Bishop, CA

Though there are many aspects to enlightenment, my “center” seems to shift and flow primarily through these three states:

  • Passion (Love)
  • Stillness (Presence)
  • Oneness (Clarity)

The Enlightenment of Passion is Yang (Active), the Enlightenment of Stillness is Yin (Passive), and beyond both–arising from the merging of the two–is the Enlightenment of Oneness.

Update November 17, 2009: Download a guided meditation to help you experience The Three Enlightenments.

Tomorrow: The Enlightenment of Passion.

The Map of Life. Part V: The Plateau of the Serene Witness


Unbeknownst to most, on the far side of the Pit of Doom, lies the Plateau of the Serene Witness. Most will only arrive here after their body has expired, the Darkness engulfs them, and the Light – a soothing and beckoning Presence – guides them to the other side.

Some though, a very rare few, will find their way here during this lifetime. From the Plateau, all the illusions of the Mind are seen through – evaporating like morning mist in the sunlight of day.

Having bodies, physical Pleasure and Pain are still felt, but having seen through the mental, artificial images of the mind, the roller-coaster of Joy and Sorrow gently comes to a halt.

For the residents of the Plateau – both the Living and the Dead – Bliss and Happiness prevail.

Waking Yourself Up. Part I: The Dreamer

Dream Bridge

What is enlightenment?

Enlightenment is when you no longer identify with your thoughts.

Since the story of your life, what you think about yourself, and positions you hold dear, are all thoughts, when you “wake up,” these thoughts stop feeling like you. They don’t necessarily go away, but they do lose their power over you – you stop identifying with them. You stop identifying with the ego story.
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