Lots of Little Fixes


The boondocking in the desert has revealed a couple little problems with the RV, so I’ve spent the last few days doing maintenance and upgrades. I’ve also run out of fresh water in my holding tanks so it looks like I may be moving on tomorrow.

I’ve fixed two water leaks, swapped out my old house battery which wasn’t holding a charge any longer and added a new stand-alone house battery, inverter and battery charger to give me a bit more time without having to use the generator so often.

All of these problems weren’t apparent until I was operating in self-contained mode, so it was a good experience.

The Mysterious Box


Just above my campsite, in the middle of the high mountain desert, is this mysterious box. Yesterday, as I was hiking back down the hill from my morning meditation, I saw a man poking around inside it…

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Boondocking up in the Hills


Day 2 of the fast. Hunger comes and goes. Much easier than the water fast. I’ve moved camp to up in the hills outside of Carlsbad, NM. The “Location” link shows my exact spot (click the title above). Wide open spaces, privacy, and free. I haven’t seen that in years.

Searching and Synchronicity


I drove to the local BLM (Bureau of Land Management) to pick up some maps of the area. I’ve decided to do some boondocking and wanted to know where I could stay. They are closed Saturdays, but as luck would have it, a ranger pulled into the lot just as I was about to leave…

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The West

I’ve been getting a lot of flak lately that I’m not posting enough. One of my self imposed rules, was that I’d post a photo for each entry, but that has been restricting me from posting when I had something important (yeah right) to say.

So I’m going to start breaking that rule right now. No photo today.

Over the last two days, I’ve driven over 1200 miles. Last night, I camped out overnight in a Flying J parking lot on the border of Louisiana and Texas. Today, I drove clear across Texas and am now camped in an RV park in Carlsbad, NM.

I’m tired. I’m stinky and I have no clue what time it really is. But the West is where I’m supposed to be. Feels right. The light, the wide open places, the long empty roads.

I’m starting a juice fast come Sunday. Most of my adult life, I’ve been deeply spiritual but mostly from a mental / philosophical / meditative level. Part of this long jaunt across the country is to start living it physically too. I’ve been eating about 50 grams of fiber a day the last couple of days (Oroweat Double fiber bread – just add butter) to help clean out the pipes in preparation.

Tomorrow, I’m going to scout the area to try to find a place that is conducive to what I’m trying to do. Something about deserts inspires transformation.

Powell, Alabama


This is a photo by Doug Coone, whom I’ve been staying with for the last couple days. They got some snow up here in Alabama while I was down in Florida. You can see my RV experiencing her first snow.

Today I’m heading out for parts unknown. West, but unknown.

Heading North Again


The entire family got together yesterday at my folks place in Palm Bay, FL – a belated Thanksgiving. It was great to see everyone again. I’m already starting to receive some “Thank-You” donations for the Past Life Recall download I released the other day. The little “ding’s” from Paypal sending a notification to my inbox feels like the ringing of a bell when an angel gets their wings from “It’s a Wonderful Life.” It’s a nice reminder that people are really getting something out of my work.

Staying in Savannah, GA tonight. Will take some photos tomorrow morning and get them posted ASAP.

Past Life Recall Download Released


The final, and free, version of the Past Life Recall Download is now online. You can find it here. I’m taking a down day in Ormond Beach, FL after two long days of driving before heading down to see the folks in Palm Bay tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving!

Standing in the Rain


I stand at the end of the dock, listening to the rain hit the water. Except for a few ducks, I have the lake to myself. Smarter folks than I are sheltering in their cars and campers…

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