The Siren

Isle on Lake Pleasant, AZ

I have been working. Working and working and working and it has felt good. It has felt right.

Living this life – the life of a solitary nomad – requires sacrificing much, but the rewards… I could have never imagined the rewards.

Solitude awakens creativity. She awakens passions. She reminds you of your life’s purpose and motivates you to pursue it.

The nomad lifestyle simplifies you. The lack of room, the transitory nature – it clarifies what is important. The lifestyle keeps you honest and whole and true.

It’s not a life for most, but for those to whom She calls – listen. Listen to Her urgings, to Her siren’s song. All sirens sit on deadly rocks, but to those who can put aside their fears – who can keep their heads when the doubts arise – those are the ones who will find their way around the dangers. Those are the ones who will find the rewards hidden in the mists.

Reincarnation as the Missing Spiritual Link

A Park in Phoenix, AZ

I had posted a comment on a Near Death Experience Yahoo Forum and got what read like a bit of attitude from one of the readers, probably due to a misunderstanding of my terminology. My clarification is below the break, but the point I was trying to make was that thinking of yourself as a Soul is not a hinderance to enlightenment, but rather a very important step

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