My Selfish Secret

The Mysterious Future

The Mysterious Future


February 20, 2017 1:16 PM

Besides helping others, I had a secret, 100% totally selfish reason for writing Mystical Oneness and the Nine Aspects of Being: I wrote it for my future self. … Read more…

DX Trump


Veterans will recognize the meaning of the title right away. DX stands for Direct Exchange. Think trading something in for a new model: This sleeping bag has a hole in it. I need to DX it.

So the title above roughly translates into:

This president is insane. We need to trade him in for a new one.

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A Simple, Practical Solution To Gun Violence in America


December 3, 2015 9:59 AM

Facts (Source):

  1. Approximately $2 billion in annual profit made by the gun and ammunition industry (retail store profits included).
  2. Approximately 300 million guns in America.
  3. Approximate cost of gun violence in America every year: $229 billion.


  1. Government to pay the gun industry (manufacturers and retail stores) a total of $22 billion every year to not make or sell firearms.
  2. Government to pay $20,000 for each handgun and $30,000 for each long gun voluntarily turned in by the public.
  3. Severe jail time for the possession of any unregistered firearm.

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An Im-PERR-fect Leaf

An Im-PERR-fect Leaf


October 18, 2015 7:57 AM

Sometimes I think the world isn’t ready for what I have to say. I often think about just giving up blogging and throwing in the towel. PURR spirituality (Puppies, Unicorns, Rainbows, and Ribbons) is so very popular, while AARG spirituality (Applied, Authentic, Real, and Genuine) is often received with contempt and criticism. … Read more…

Authenticity vs Authority (Explorer vs Expert)

Out My Windshield

Out My Windshield


September 27, 2015 8:32 AM

I’m back at one of my favorite camping spots—along the Columbia River just downstream of the John Day Dam in OR/WA. I’ll probably move up to Mt. Hood later today to visit with my Frog Master (if it isn’t too late in the year for him) so I may be offline for a bit.

The other day I came across this interview with Mike Row, the host of Somebody’s Got To Do It. Even though the interview is on LifeHacker and they’re all about gadgets and tech (I love the part where Mike gets all excited upon hearing about super sticky post-it notes), he soon turns the conversation to something I feel strongly about (particularly in spirituality): Authenticity versus Authority (the Explorer versus the Expert). … Read more…

Rebooting My OS

View From Camp

View From Camp


July 15, 2015 9:08 AM

I haven’t been doing much spiritual practice lately. No spiritual development. I feel like I’m going through a sort of reboot—you know, when your computer has loaded a new operating system and the restart process takes a bit longer than normal?

Kinda like that.

It’s not uncomfortable or anything. It’s just kind of a temporary and required nothing.

It feels kind of nice.

It’s Time

Hairy Wayne

Hairy Wayne


Though the mind could produce many reasons (and resistances), ultimately it was Her whisper…

“It’s time.”

Something is changing—some shift.

I just don’t know what it is.

Naked Wayne

Naked Wayne

Tracy Michelle Wirs

Stairs both Blurry and Clear

Stairs both Blurry and Clear

WICKHAM CP, FL—At 10:18pm on the night of 5/29/2013 my sister Tracy left her body and hung out in the hospital room until my mother and I could get there. Though my mother couldn’t see her, I pointed her out, hovering just in front of the ICU video camera. I said my goodbyes and stepped out of the room so Mom could have some private time with her.

I felt a deep mixture of both happiness and sadness, and I’ve continued to feel that odd mixture ever since. Glad that my sister is free from the difficult life she suffered, but deeply sad for my mother’s pain.

And so it goes.

Though I have no interest or desire in becoming a “soul whisperer,” just a few moments ago I checked in to see how Tracy was doing and was surprised that she is giddily happy, hanging out and playing with a whole group of children who are also awaiting their parents (though my sister had a genius level IQ and was physically 49 years old, she pretty much stopped growing emotionally at 7 years of age).

Be well Tracy, I love you and we’ll see you soon.


Toss Up

Barren Trees

Barren Trees

WICKHAM CP, FL—Sadly, my sister is still in critical condition and it’s anyone’s guess if she’ll survive. Thankfully she’s in a semi-comatose state, so she’s not suffering—though of course it’s tough on all of us.

Both my mother and I are firm believers in the Soul and that if things do take a turn for the worst, Tracy (my sister) will find herself in a much better state of being than where she is at the moment.

Still, this whole situation sucks.


Something Off



SHAWNEE, OK—Woke up this morning noticing something was “off” until I realized it was the humidity leaving my skin feeling sticky and dirty.

I didn’t expect Oklahoma to be so humid. Moisture in the air certainly makes things greener though, vast difference from NM and TX which I passed though yesterday.

I’m heading back to FL to look after things on the home front. She said “Go” so I’m going.

I took the above photo a couple days ago at Bluewater.