Tracy Michelle Wirs

Stairs both Blurry and Clear

Stairs both Blurry and Clear

WICKHAM CP, FL—At 10:18pm on the night of 5/29/2013 my sister Tracy left her body and hung out in the hospital room until my mother and I could get there. Though my mother couldn’t see her, I pointed her out, hovering just in front of the ICU video camera. I said my goodbyes and stepped out of the room so Mom could have some private time with her.

I felt a deep mixture of both happiness and sadness, and I’ve continued to feel that odd mixture ever since. Glad that my sister is free from the difficult life she suffered, but deeply sad for my mother’s pain.

And so it goes.

Though I have no interest or desire in becoming a “soul whisperer,” just a few moments ago I checked in to see how Tracy was doing and was surprised that she is giddily happy, hanging out and playing with a whole group of children who are also awaiting their parents (though my sister had a genius level IQ and was physically 49 years old, she pretty much stopped growing emotionally at 7 years of age).

Be well Tracy, I love you and we’ll see you soon.


Toss Up

Barren Trees

Barren Trees

WICKHAM CP, FL—Sadly, my sister is still in critical condition and it’s anyone’s guess if she’ll survive. Thankfully she’s in a semi-comatose state, so she’s not suffering—though of course it’s tough on all of us.

Both my mother and I are firm believers in the Soul and that if things do take a turn for the worst, Tracy (my sister) will find herself in a much better state of being than where she is at the moment.

Still, this whole situation sucks.


Something Off



SHAWNEE, OK—Woke up this morning noticing something was “off” until I realized it was the humidity leaving my skin feeling sticky and dirty.

I didn’t expect Oklahoma to be so humid. Moisture in the air certainly makes things greener though, vast difference from NM and TX which I passed though yesterday.

I’m heading back to FL to look after things on the home front. She said “Go” so I’m going.

I took the above photo a couple days ago at Bluewater.


A Voice From The Past


Storrie Lake SP, NM—The above is a photo from Fading Toward Enlightenment of Leticia. Hadn’t heard from her in years until she commented on my birthday post yesterday. Hi Leticia!

Took me awhile to find the image in from my old blog. That was back when, if you blogged, you had to write your own website from scratch. No Facebook, no WordPress, no Blogger. It’s kind of a pain to navigate the site, but it was cool to see all the old photos and posts.

We’ve come a long way in 10 years.

Transparent Translucency


Steele Creek Park, COE Camp, Whitney, TX—As I read Seth Godin’s article, Transparent or translucent?, it immediately struck me that transparency is a prevalent problem with spiritual leaders: To their fans and followers, they are almost exclusively translucent (glowing, larger than life) while remaining almost completely un-transparent (not open or revealing about their personal lives).

More below the break (huh?).

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White Pelican in the Fog

Steele Creek Park, COE Camp, Whitney, TX—Fellow nomad Glenn has been camped out here for a few days and one of his readers, Debra stopped by today. Obviously I’m going to have to stop posting my exact coordinates. Kidding. 🙂 (???)

Debra is in the planning stages of “going nomad” and she’s very curious about the advantages of the different type rigs so the three of us spent some time on that.

Debra’s a fellow mystic, and interestingly enough, what I call “hearing Her,” Debra calls “God Nods” which is a very appropriate term. Debra’s got a very warm soul.

Glenn and I have been having some good conversations. The other day he was saying that while playing music, sometimes the music feels like it moves through you all on its own. That’s a pretty good description of what I mean by the Radiant Level—She/God moves through you.

Debra knows She (Her/God) is real, but surprisingly, I think I’ve almost got Glenn convinced. 🙂

The Pull West

The Swollen Lake

Foscue Creek Campground, Demopolis, AL

The rains have stopped. The weather forecast is clear.

I may start a run for the West tomorrow.

Free camping.

Dry air.

Open vistas…

And solitude.

I feel the Pull,

But I’m not sure why I feel the hurry.

Personal Status

Dark Forest, Bright Path

OK, the title of this post has nothing to do with ego stuff—just what has been happening in my life lately.

My parents have moved from a large, four bedroom home to a tiny, two bedroom condo, so pretty much all I’ve been doing the past two weeks is packing and moving and hauling boxes and boxes and boxes. The good news is that we are about done so that chapter will close and my folks can get some rest.

Mom is doing well, and her treatments only leave her feeling weak about two days out of the month. Since her CAT scans were clear during the last doctor’s visit, I’ve decided to hit the road on December 7th, my death day. I didn’t plan it that way, but that’s just when the campsite is paid up to.

I’ve been completely off-grid for the last two weeks. All my electric needs supplied by the sun, my water via holding tanks, and everything else by propane. The park is packed for the season, but I’ve got the overflow area—a large open space the size of a football field—practically all to myself.

Because of my family obligations, I’ve been neglecting my software consulting, and only doing the minimum with my students, but that will change soon.

I’m looking forward to a change of scenery and some much needed down time—a chance to recharge my spiritual batteries.

Stumbling Northward

The Pacific Coastline

ASHLAND, OR—Over the last few days I’ve checked out a number of California towns to see if they felt right—Lake Tahoe, Point Arena, Mendocino, Fort Bragg, Arcata, Mount Shasta. Each “called” to me on the map, but after driving through them and about them and talking with their people, none of them felt quite right.

I had been to Tahoe and Mount Shasta before (and loved them), but this time they felt “off.” I guess She’s got something else in mind.

What has become clear to me are the things that I’m drawn to: Nature and trails nearby, free-thinkers, coffee shops and bookstores, mild winters and summers. I like college towns because of their energy. Arcata is close (the town and people remind me of the Hawthorne district of Portland), but too isolated. Ashland’s close, but somehow too… civilized? Tomorrow I’m going to check out Jacksonville, OR, then head north to Eugene, Corvallis, etc. I’m open to (and appreciative of) suggestions.

I think if I don’t find a place to call home by the time I hit Canada, I’ll buy a used truck and travel trailer and return to my nomadic ways. Who knows?

Either way, I can’t lose.