Homeless Again

The Ritz - Brunswick, GA

GREENVILLE, SC—My mother is all healed up and back on her feet. My sister is moved into her new condo and now, as of Monday, I’m back on the road once again. No RV, no stealth camper, just a battered old Ford Escort carrying my few meager possessions. More below the break (huh?).
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Two New Videos

I’ve just released a couple videos that I hope will stimulate interest in A Simple Explanation for Everything. Please go to YouTube and:

  • Watch them
  • Share them with your friends
  • Comment on them (on YouTube)

I hope that with your comments and sending the videos to others that your actions will generate enough interest that the videos will spread on their own. This will help me a great deal.

Here are the YouTube links:

Thanks, I know I’m asking for help here (and I hate asking for help), so I really appreciate it!

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I Think I’m Killing Celebrities

Wayne Wirs Is Killing Celebrities

Oh, no. They warned me about this. They said, “As you become more advanced in your spiritual practice, you may find you attain certain, mysterious powers. Don’t get attached to these!” They didn’t tell me I’d inadvertently start killing people with my mind!!! I’m not claiming responsibility for Michael Jackson or Farrah Fawcett, but apparently I did kill David Carradine and Billy Mays…

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Six Miles

Oregon Forest

Even though the I had read it was only a mile hike to a waterfall, because of two wrong turns, it turned into a six mile hike. What made it worse, is one of those wrong turns was very steep going up, and very steep coming back down (the kind of steep where you seriously consider scooching down on your butt like a bad dog on carpet). 🙂

The Struggle For Survival

Desert Flowers

I spent the day tying in a blog to the Missing Children component of CareCause. How that changed things! All of a sudden these photos become so much more than just background noise to my tired web-browsing eyes. Suddenly there are stories behind the children’s faces. Keeping the blog updated will be a lot of work for me – yet it is so vitally important.

If just one child is saved because of these efforts – it will make my entire life worthwhile.

My Bet on the next Antichrist

Fence Post

Don’t you love the way my photos never – well almost never – have anything to do with my posts? Anyway, I was watching President Obama’s speech last night and it got me thinking about Nostradamus…

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