See You Soon

Wayne Wirs: 1961-2017

Wayne Wirs: 1961-2017


August 28, 2017 11:48 AM

Having accomplished in this incarnation all that I had set out to do (spiritual awakening in 2009 and writing Mystical Oneness last year), I left this planet on the morning of August 31, 2017 at one of my favorite camps along the Green River in Wyoming. … Read more…

Being Pulled From The Light

Photo from “Fading Toward Enlightenment”

June 29, 2017 9:24 AM

The message of nonduality is that all is One Thing and the implications of the siddhis is that this One Thing is intelligent.

In other words:

You are God.

(All is One. The One is intelligent. The One is God. You are One. You are God.)

Even though my conscious mind believes this, my thoughts and actions often say otherwise. My unconscious beliefs often pull me out of this state. And therein lies the issue. … Read more…

Attachments and the Quivering Me-Thing

Openings Closed Because of Attachments

Openings Closed Because of Attachments


March 8, 2017 10:22 AM

In The Mystic, the major plot line is (will probably be) discovering and achieving the purpose of the Apprentice’s life. Initially—when the Apprentice first meets the Mystic—it will be to overcome her sorrow, but later it will be to overcome any attachments that contract her into a quivering Me-thing (I may not use those exact terms). … Read more…

Discovering Your Life’s Purpose

Remember what you're fighting for. (Painting in the bathroom of Bookman's in Flagstaff, AZ)

Remember what you’re fighting for. (Painting in the bathroom of Bookman’s in Flagstaff, AZ)


April 19, 2016 1:52 PM

If you believe you are a Soul—and at this point, why wouldn’t you?—and if you believe you came back for a reason (and why wouldn’t you?), then how do you discover that reason? How do you discover your life’s purpose?

Over the last couple of days, I wrote the following for the book-in-progress under the chapter The Lessons of the Soul. Yeah, I know, earlier I had mentioned I was in “clean up the text” mode, but soon realized there was more to say. It’s a process.

Standard first-draft disclaimers apply… … Read more…

The Gift of Impermanence

The Impermanent Rock

The Impermanent Rock


January 28, 2016 4:38 PM

For the last week, I’ve been alternating my days between a day in the desert and a day in town—working on the book in the mornings, either in the van or in a coffeeshop, then taking the afternoons for myself. Now that I’m over the Writer’s Ennui I was experiencing with the Evidence of the Soul, the book is flowing along nicely.

Here’s something I wrote a few days ago, also for the chapter on Living as a Soul. I don’t expect any publisher will have a problem with me releasing these excerpts here, particularly since I’m writing them specifically for the book proposal, but who knows? One of the benefits of living as a Soul is you just don’t waste your time with doubts or concerns or second guessing yourself. … Read more…

Four Past Lives

A Small Cactus Living Large

A Small Cactus Living Large


January 4, 2016 11:08 AM

I wrote the following for the book this morning. Since I’m not sure it will make it to the final manuscript, I’m including it below. It’s a first draft, so forgive any grammar errors or general clunkiness. … Read more…

Why You Picked This Life

White Picket Fence and Flowers

White Picket Fence and Flowers

WICKHAM CP, FL—Each life has its challenges: Some are physical, some are emotional. Some are financial, some are spiritual.

You didn’t pick this life to be easy.

You picked this life to grow.

Lousy Segue Note: This is the first post (of what I expect to be the new norm) to include larger photos. To see the larger version, just click on the image.

Tracy Michelle Wirs

Stairs both Blurry and Clear

Stairs both Blurry and Clear

WICKHAM CP, FL—At 10:18pm on the night of 5/29/2013 my sister Tracy left her body and hung out in the hospital room until my mother and I could get there. Though my mother couldn’t see her, I pointed her out, hovering just in front of the ICU video camera. I said my goodbyes and stepped out of the room so Mom could have some private time with her.

I felt a deep mixture of both happiness and sadness, and I’ve continued to feel that odd mixture ever since. Glad that my sister is free from the difficult life she suffered, but deeply sad for my mother’s pain.

And so it goes.

Though I have no interest or desire in becoming a “soul whisperer,” just a few moments ago I checked in to see how Tracy was doing and was surprised that she is giddily happy, hanging out and playing with a whole group of children who are also awaiting their parents (though my sister had a genius level IQ and was physically 49 years old, she pretty much stopped growing emotionally at 7 years of age).

Be well Tracy, I love you and we’ll see you soon.


Do You Fear Death?

Unmarked Grave in the Wilderness


If so, please take the time to read this post from Nov, 2010.

There is overwhelming evidence that the Soul is as real as your body is.

There is zero evidence that we blink out at death.

Think about that. People often make the mistaken assumption that they are their thoughts, but if you’ve done the Frog Master Practice, then you know that you are separate from your mind and thoughts—and therefore the observer of your thoughts. If you do this simple 2-hour practice, it will negate the assumption that you are your thoughts.

Even with all the evidence of eternal life—even with believing you are a Soul—some people still feel sad that they will be leaving loved ones behind. I don’t believe this though. When you review accounts of past life recollections, many people (if not most), will tell you that loved ones from their current lives were also intimately involved with their past lives. So don’t sweat your fears, your loved ones aren’t going to desert you.

There is no reason to take this life seriously. Live it the way you want to, free of fear. You don’t die. There’s nothing to worry about. Life continues on and on and on. You came back to learn and grow, so stop letting fear rule your life and get on with growing and living.

When you lose the fear of death, you lose all mental fear.

And when you lose your mental fears, then you are free to truly live the life you want.

The Meaning of Life

Wagon Wheel

Coe Landing CP, Tallahassee, FL—Let us assume for a minute, that what I wrote previously—and what mystics for thousands of years have been saying—is true. What then would be the meaning of your life—this life? What is your purpose here?

Between your last life and this life, something ripped you apart from your Beloved—some attachment to this world. How do you determine what that was?

The trick to finding the meaning of your life is to remember that you intentionally chose this lifetime because it holds the very issue that you are attached to.

How do you figure out what that attachment is? Simple, just determine how your life sucks.

What recurring issues have followed you around your entire life?

Do you have a lifelong…

  • recurring or prevalent problem?
  • obsession or compulsion?
  • unfulfilled longing or dream?
  • physical or mental handicap?

If you keep in mind that you chose this life so that you (as a Soul) could grow, then your “problems” can be seen as a form of education and your lifetime as a form of Wisdom School.

The trick though, is not in trying to fix yourself—fixing the “mortal” problem is just a bandaid solution and won’t fix your core attachment—the trick is to transcend your issues.

The trick is to learn to live in harmony with them.

When you live in harmony with Life, you are in want of nothing.

When you are in want of nothing, there is nothing left to pull you apart from Her.

What is the meaning of life?

To find harmony with Life.

Happy New Year.